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  • April 25, 2018, 12:07 AM
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General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: January 27, 2018, 10:23 AM »
I have far too many licenses for similar programs that just aren't as usable as the multi-platform options: RightNote, TreeDBNotes, Ultra Recall and many others. I'm not entirely comfortable in switching to Microsoft, Google etc, but just working on everything is just so much easier and more efficient, though I will pay for Scrivener upgrades as they come along (hoping that the Android version will arrive some year or other).
I like multi-platform, Evernote does that, but it is not really (to me, so far) a Research Assistant, like I think  RightNote and Scrivener might be.

Can you explain a bit more of how you like the various products in multi-platform?  My multi is mostly Windows PC and iOS Tablet. Are they keeping your info in the cloud, Evernote style?  (Which does allow action when offline.) Is there a modest or large cost?  Which one do you like the most.

I might well return to RightNote for this element, its Windows implementation I always felt was crisp and solid. I find myself working on projects were some information is in my email correspondence, some is in Linkman bookmarks, and maybe a .doc or .rtf or .pdf file or two that can be  on disk or in the cloud, some may be in a Linkman or or Facebook conversation and other locales.  I need a master research and/or writing assistant.  (This is in addition to using Linoit as the visual traffic cop.)

(Then there are web programs.  Does Quip, Qippa, Clibu, Nimburs, the CMS WebAsyst or other online programs ever work effectively in this manner? This is another question.  I always think that the functionality will be reduced when you get to nitty-gritty stuff.)


General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: January 24, 2018, 10:14 AM »
Just a follow-up.   I have used LinoIt as a master note-taking facility.

First, I had to set my own Navigator system, with a special board that can go to all the other boards.  So I have about 50 boards set up, using my own pseudo-categories like Business, Bible, House Maintenance, Autos, General. So every board can be reached from my Navigator, and often I have a special sub-group (a Navigator Note)  of 5-10 items that have quick navigation capability.  The General stuff include a Today and a Calendar, which is two boards at this time.

Many strengths.

Pleasant to use
Quick Top-Down
You see related items quickly.
Markdown helps with hot urls.
Picture and Document capable.
Decent on iPad App, or simply go to web site on the iPad
No cost option is fine, Paid option is low $3 month.
Good interactivity between boards (copy over) and between users and groups (I have not used all that yet)

Here are the weaknesses that come to mind.

No Tabs or Folder Structure
Minimal RTF .. each note within a page is one size and color font.
Search  (not sure if much even exists in Professional)
Minimal Support  (but no glitches and no rumors)
Substantive Improvements Unlikely
Backup - no trivially simple way
Does not accept paste a picture from Clipboard (needs a file for pic).
No offline aspect.
Export is only to other Linoit boards

In Between
Pinning works well, but there could be more with grid snapping, stuff like that.

Still, I like it, Linoit helps my thinking to have related stuff all in front, rather than hidden on some other url somewhere. And it is pleasant to use.

To give an example, I might have a page with Active Forum discussions.  With links to various current notes, and short notes to myself about what is what, where.  Then various notes on the page for different types of discussions. The flexibility is good.  Sure I would like it better if there were more strengths and now weaknesses, but for now, it seems to be the best in town. 

Your thoughts welcome!


Thanks for the great suggestions.  It will likely be a few days before I try some implementations.

Here is a related idea. 

I use Linkman for keyword mass bookmarking, research, PIM, page-by-page book urls. The stuff above is to get easy access when on an iPad or on the road, without using remove access.

And Roomy Bookmarks on Firefox (non-Quantum) or Pale Moon for quick bookmark, quick action, hierarchical go-to bookmarking.  (I also have some uses for Xerpi, and others in this regard, but that is specialized and generally static, only changed modestly once it is set up. These can be good if I am setting up for a friend.)  Linoit is in the mix as a hybrid note-taking, navigator system, that uses markdown nicely for its hot bookmarks.

So I will want to export the (Roomy) Bookmarks Bar of Firefox to a my own (tabbed) web pages or, more simply to Raindrop or some other online bookmark manager.  Here we have only a few hundred.  That way, when I am using Chrome or Edge or another I have quick action available without going back to Firefox (Pale Moon seems to be a bit more stable than Firefox, but both have advantages. In the long run, Firefox security of the older vesions might be an issue.)

Then I would like, in the most elegant world, to be able to export-import in an automated way.  Will it work smoothly?  What should I use, or another?

Your thoughts welcome.


Maybe first I will try simply doing the HTML Export, followed by an automated backup to (or another backup spot in the cloud).  Would the github alternative above accomplish more, or is it the same thing?

And placing that url to the .html file in the cloud on my start pages (currently Linoit), which are accessible from any net connection, PC or iPad. Theoretically it should come up in a browser?  And allow a search.

Also possible to try will be the .tsv file and open with Google Sheets.

I was wondering if any of the official bookmark programs could take the 100K (I saw one said 20K), because then I would have their more formatted search.


online bookmark service to import 100K Linkmans for search on road - low $

Overall, I love Linkman, understanding that it is a Windows program, and a very effective cross-browser (they really do a superb job, I add and modify urls from about five or more different browsers).  Thus it is a continual research tool (often bookmarking many pages from a Google book, each one having its own keywords)  and pseudo-PIM.  And there are over 100K bookmarks in my database, which Linkman handles quickly, or quick enough, on search.

When on the road, say on my iPad, the only online mechanism I am using is remote access, especially Teamviwer or Google Chrome Remote. It works, if I have my PC up, but it is not elegant.

Thus, I would like a cloud access method if possible, to my 100K bookmarks. Allowing a search. Sync is not necessary, but I would like to delete and update occasionally, maybe once a week, or once a month.  The full file is 70 MB, which is relatively modest uploading these days.  And I do not expect any great speed in searching, it would only be occasional search usage.


FYI: Usually I do not use the Dropbox or any sync from one puter to another.  I simply switch by USB, however that does not really affect the question above.  I am always a little gun-shy about sync making my data jambalaya, as used to happen with my Firefox bookmarks. 

Btw, I do consider an older Firefox, or Pale Moon, with Roomy Bookmarks, my auxiliary method for quick finding and loading of the current hot and most important bookmarks.  When I want to keep and quickly find track of my recent posts online, it is easier to do that in the bookmark bar than in Linkman, even if I add the url to Linkman.


General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:09 AM »
Corkboard - there seems to be three goodies today. - (the pic)
padlet ==  (wallwasher) == (listhings, the main one I tried years back)

Spaaze, Memonic and and NoteApp and some others seem to be dormant or going out or not really up to this level. There are many in the Whiteboard and Collaboration realm.  Few show you really good pictures (like the Padlet Gallery) even on their front page.
Big advantage - very portable (like Google Keep, over Windows sticky programs, which struggle for cloud portability.)
You can pin pages to the taskbar, and get to them easily even if on a foreign puter or on an iPad/Android.

And you can get fancy. Here I try to show my puter note page that I did yesterday and this AM I played with pic and video.  Some notes are on that page, which you can increase to full size.

I think Padlet is the worthy alternative. They have a Gallery.

One of the two seems to be becoming my "Visual" note method (complementary to Evernote and Wunderlist.) is quite good on navigating and sharing boards. I would say that the biggest weakness is RTF, that for a single note-box on a corkboard page you have to choose one font color and size.

All three, Linoit, Evernote and Wunderlist are effectively portable, at most needing the url and password from the password manager wherever I am.  Granted, Wunderlist will change (maybe Toodledo?) in some months.  Evernote has two ways (url or Evernote Windows parameter pseudo-url) to go directly to a specific page, which is nice when a program like wants to allow quick access to detail info.

Anyone using Padlet?

In the past I have tried to capture this visual effect with Pnotes or Notezilla, however now I lean back to native Corkboard.

For auxiliary visual bookmarking, and Zeef are in the lead.  While Linkman is always the industrial bookmark program that doubles as a research assistant and PIM.

I’ll see about sharing this page so you can go to the url, where notes will be updated, and maybe make complementary pages available.  This note is a bit cryptic to my personal quirks, but nothing is private confidential.  This is all with the free, professional is $3 a month, maybe double with tablet professional which would be likely unneeded.

Ok, try this:



General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:20 AM »
I am working with Clibu now.  I brought it up in Chrome and then pin to desktop, pin to taskbar, so it is easy-access. I like the architecture. It starts off being a replacement for Google Keep, clearly though it can also contend into possible usages where Evernote (or others like Rightnote) is involved now. I see you have a forum, I suggest a thread here. Generally, impressed, clean architecture, good features.  You can paste right in, a place where many fail (so I do not need the Web Clilpper, simply Abbyy Screenshot Reader and go go go.

Once it locked up while I was playing, no biggie if it does not happen on regular good-speed usage.

Can I link externally directly to a page?

Like that you have a vibrant forum.

General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: December 13, 2017, 06:57 PM »
Yes, I deliberately do not have 57, I have a big five extensions on another thread and a few of them do not work.

Anyway, after my evening reboot, Clibu came up in Firefox 52.5.


General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: December 13, 2017, 11:29 AM »
Windows 10, Firefox 52.5 does not get it up even after a cache clear. However, now it is working in some other browsers, so I can test it out.

After some more use, I placed OneTab up there as very needful, and so far this works good.

One Tab on PaleMoon

So I have most everything working on:

Firefox 52.5esr and Palemoon 27.6

and use Chrome especially for auxiliary needs, trying to get those features in as in this discussion

better visibility for Chrome extensions - text on bar or special page

Other browsers so far are secondary, Edge was great for awhile with PDFs, however I think it crashed.
I like PDFs at least to be available in a browser for the ease of Linkman bookmark.

General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:15 PM »  just says "Clibu loading"

On the multi-row bookmarks on Firefox see:

How to get Multirow bookmarks back in Firefox 57 and newer

Any replacement for Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar? I like having a full row of icons with no text in my bookmark toolbar so I can fit 40 bookmarks instead of 12

However, Multi-row bookmarks without Linkman, and without TabMixPlus for multi-row tabs would not help me much anyway.

Linkman - essential for major use of any browser, well integrated into many

Now using  Firefox 52.5 esr (or maybe 56, but it might have lost some) in order to keep extension functionality.
Also concurrently using PaleMoon.

More or less, they both work fine with my Linkman and TabMix Plus and RoomyBookmarks and Lazarus

Who else does anything like "RoomyBookmarks" ? Is that feature only on Firefox and Firefox compatible browsers like PaleMoon?
Yes, I know about and use OneTab but is not the same.



Linkman - essential for major use of any browser, well integrated into many

Roomy Bookmarks - a nice plus but not needed on all browsers as I can always go back to Firefox 

Onetab - Clearing out tabs but keeping them nearby - best for quick closing, whether you go back to them or now

TabMixPlus - multi-row in one window browsing - close to essential for major use

Lazarus - a nice plus, but not essential


What other browser can give the features of multi-row browsing? 

Or do you have a preferred second-best way?

And .. what browsers can handle many of these features one way or another.


General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: December 12, 2017, 09:16 AM »
So almost purely OneNote, Evernote, Simplenote and Keep now. And Simplenote is fading out as I use OneNote more.
My key two are multi-platform (iPad and Windows is my mainstay.

Evernote Free (2 concurrent puters-tabs) 

Wunderlist, (any number of concurrent puters-tabs)
(yes, Microsoft is ending Wunderlist, which it bought, but at that time I will export, everybody will offer ways, and the MS product might be good). 


Occasionally I do use Keep, and I am always looking for a "better than Keep" that I really like.

When it becomes a document, it goes to Atlantis or Google Docs. I hope to try Scrivener for projects. 

From the notes below Rightnote and OneNote might be a good alternative team, but that would be a clash with using Evernote, and OneNote always confused me with its various editions, methods, pricings and platforms.


This idea intrigues me:
"local WordPress install acting as a notes database, using Keep and Pimlical for online and sync."

As does this note:
"multi-platform options: RightNote, TreeDBNotes, Ultra Recall"

And Clibu - which I am checking right now.

Thanks! neat thread.


Advanced Task Scheduler is on Bits Du Jour

I checked my notes about serial #s and saw I have a purchase from 2012 with a logon on their site.  Which worked fine.

The logon tells me all about the purchase, and even makes available the last download that matches the version and also the needed activation code.  I have one activation left (probably used 2).  Still not bad for a program purchased for about $15 on Bits Du Jour, 5 years later.

Only a few companies have it together in that manner.


Maybe a Pinterest or Flipboard page?  Hmmmm..  That might be a reasonable try.  I am looking for something the other people will enjoy using.

On the ipad you can quickly make a visual friendly topical page, with your own description with 20 variable, and any of those can group many inside, and you got the bottom six (these numbers may vary by iOS OS#).

You go into Safari and add pages to Home Screen, (also you can intermix Apps). You are limited about 13 pages total, and there is no index, and this is only on the one ipad, there is no way to share, or have a url.

Still, I don't know anything as nice in Protopages, NetVibes, Symbaloo. 
Actually Symbaloo might get close, no groupings and a bit small.

What do you like to make up a quick page on a topic.
e.g. This might be a health topic, Bible, conspiracy and social, tech, anything.

You want to be done in 5-10 minutes, maybe have a note or two if possible on mouse-over or finger-over, look nice so your friends will use, and a sub-grouping feature like on iPad would be nice, and there must be a public url direct possibility.  Also you should be able to modify (a problem on iPad, you have to do a do-over for an individual rather than text, although you can move around the page.)



One special feature.

Right now only on a Mac ($50 and you need a Mac) not yet on the $10 + $7 likely needed upgrade on the iPad version. I am writing this on a 12.9 iPad Pro.

Sort of like flexible overlays, well implemented. 

Note that you can also be in sync with the google calendar (and other) which can help a lot. Of course, google won't know the sets.

Who in Windows or iOS has stuff comparable to these sets? 

This can be a calendar or pim/calendar.

Needed: a power users and help to newbie forum for major app/programs like Fantastical and Wunderlist and miscellaneous.



The popularity of Firefox today is connected to extensions like TabMixPlus and RoomyBookmarks.  Apparently the API of other browsers makes these kind of multi-row features more difficult.  And other flexibilities, as above.  Excepting Pale Moon, which is an earlier Firefox fork, enhanced.

Firefox is making some exrension compatibility more difficult lately.  Those two are working fine, Lazarus (runs also on Chrome) is not working for me on the current release.

Discussing price, Winstep Xtreme is on sale at Bits Du Jour.

Thus, under $20, in the "well, maybe, give it a whirl" area.

I'm thinking it would be more useful on the 19" monitors I use than the 23" (the taskbar being more obstrusive on a smaller monitor.)
Haven't downloaded it yet, I wonder if it is compatible with my maxmax, which I use to keep a little section on the right free for some programs,
like kill my Firefox, my Linkman dropbasket, and sometimes some notes or volume things.

May download it for trial.



Let's say I have 100 active passwords.  90 of them are DonationCoder, BitsDuJour, various Bible and Business forums.  The only ones that are actively sensitive are financial (banks, credit cards, Amazon, Paypal). Maybe two or three social could be considered a bit sensitive (Facebook, Linkedin).

To what extent do you think that the following group of techniques would allow LastPass web browser continuing:

a) safe browsing techniques (no gambling, porn, etc)

b) Avast or another decent web shield

c) make all important sites have unique user-password combinations

d) 2FA on all sites with financial capabilities

LastPass is in fact very convenient.  And most of what it is used for is non-essential stuff (there used to be discussions about having two "last" passwords, one for critical, one for general, for awhile I tried two LP accounts).   

The goal I see is to make it so that if passwords are stolen,  damage is limited, essentially zero.

I think of 2FA as only affecting the first time signing in from a locale (not sure what is the definition of a locale with a moving laptop).   A cell phone buzz is a very minor extra step in those cases. And a google email is not much trouble. I prefer the buzz because it is more accessible and less hackable.

Switching to a personal Dropbox style alternative is in fact an attractive alternative, e.g. using Keepass, one has to weight the utility lost.

Switching to an alternative web browser alternative (Dashlane?, 1Password?) likely means similar vulnerabilities, although perhaps less likely to be exploited simply because the size of LastPass makes them an attractive target. 

The big help with browser integration is automatic adding and updating of passwords.  You could enter by hand from a vault, but the real-time web browser update help saves time, and helps make sure the passwords are accurate.

Why is not a review of 2FA and password practices on those big 10 (or 20) accounts sufficient?


Let's ask the same 5+ years later.  (Same Bits urls.)

Does it make sense to use such a builder?
Compared to WordPress, maybe uploading .doc files.  Dunno. Maybe in some cases.
I'll plan on moving the discussion over to our discussions section.


Roomy Bookmarks makes Firefox dynamite for quick holding of recent and regular groups of information.

e.g. A group of biz links
A group of forums on a topic that is current (e.g. the Tetragram, or Sinaiticus)
Items I am liking in Craigslist

Also Firefox bookmarks sync very nicely (although it does not hurt to do a backup when you go from one puter to another .. good safety move).

What is a good way that I might capture some selected folders on the iPad.

I could open up all the urls in one folder at a time. There are tools like onetab, or maybe some web link tool, that could pick up a page with a custom url
Or a quick export to my own page.

Is this a Mozilla question?  Is this a bit too quirky?

Your thoughts!


So far, I do find ( ) very fine for this purpose, even without any auto-synch.

I give access in one of two ways:

signon and password ... they can add docs and such

Make up an Index Doc.  Give the partners that one share link.  And in there is all the other shares. And any instructions.

Even though does not have a major pizazz profile, I think they may be simplest, cleanest for this.


I am printing from either a second computer in the house, and an iPad capability would be good.
These are generally going to consumer grade printer, like an HP Officejet 4500 Wireless.

The Network share idea is interestion, using  'Credential Manager' or Vault. I will look at it.  WSD stuff does look flaky.


Although I might try a "print to Evernote" idea like with Foxit, since my Evernote synch works ok.  The problem is that the free one allows only two devices at a time, which I normally keep for one active PC and an iPad.  I would have to jump to a paid program for ease-of-use.


I'm gonna do some checking with Priprinter, Fineprint or, more simply, PDF. I like the Priprinter idea because of the ultra-flexibility in choosing pages and jobs to actually print. I might even buy and register if it becomes a go-to way.  The good printer programs don't do much with Bits Du Jour.  Let's see if they have a forum or discussion.  Maybe spring for their server edition rather than shunting files by Teamviewer, although that might not help due to requiring Windows network connectivity.


Teamviewer is another possibility


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