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  • May 24, 2018, 01:28 AM
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Okay, I went for the Pro version. Converted to 50.83 euros (CC conversion -- I notice Paypal always tries to charge a couple of euros more when converting, so I dont allow it).

We'll see how things go -- will report how my experience is, and try to write a mini-review. Dont hold your breath though ;-)

"Save up to 43% on our top products," until 23d May at noon PT.
that's another five hours as of this posting :-\

General Software Discussion / Re: desktop sharing tool
« on: May 22, 2018, 06:07 PM »
AnyDesk seems to show a minimum of $80 a year.
-Steven Avery (May 22, 2018, 05:19 PM)
was looking at it the other day, but (disclaimer) haven't tried it:
down at the bottom of the home page, above the download link, it says:
"AnyDesk is free for evaluation and private use. Try today!"

Seems the script should be stored in some folder that 'my' Directory Opus does not have. I have no 'script' folder, nor Dopusdata, nor something that even looks like that.
hi dcwul62, I was hoping to try installing this and was wondering what version of dopus are you using? (I have 11 on this machine and 12 on my desktop -- I will try it anyways, but will probably only get to it later in the week.)

the script didn't work, at least not with me. Reason why I am posting here...
I had the toolbar button alright (meanwhile removed), but got a Windows error.
Seems the script should be stored in some folder that 'my' Directory Opus does not have. I have no 'script' folder, nor Dopusdata, nor something that even looks like that. After trying over and over and vainly checking on Internet and reading long texts, well, I gave up.
(Felt I shouldn't keep on nagging there in the Opus forum)
I only see one reply in the thread 4wd links to (?) FWIW I'm not trying to give you a hard time -- just trying to understand.

Living Room / Re: More good web comics you've discovered
« on: May 21, 2018, 02:08 PM »
Stand Still, Stay Silent

A comic about a post apocalyptic world in which the only known civilization left being in the nordic countries. It has some great and very vivid psychedelic art some times.
ah yes,
Edvard recommended that a while back, your post got me actually reading it though :up:
Script, colouring, and some of the illustrations remind me of Tolkien's illustrations:
lovely drawing  :-*
page 1 reminds me of some of Tolkien's drawings

[ Invalid Attachment ]

Thanks rj :up:
I'm considering this...

Trying to figure out the different options -- found a comparison page:
3 x main versions of their photo management software:
  • Ultimate
  • Pro
  • Standard
seems to me most people would want at least the Pro version.
The following is what you get in the Ultimate version only (there may be a couple of other things I missed)
what you only get in Ultimate
Ideal for parametric photo manipulation using layers (see below)
Smooth out flaws without losing texture with Frequency Separation
Layered Editor for graphic design, move layers non-destructively, delete selected pixels
Make masks from selections, feather, invert, and keep track of your masks with overlay options
.acdc file format for reopening images in Edit mode in the future
Blending modes and opacity adjustments for combined layers

RE parametric: "When you edit an image by creating instructions for adjustment – rather than adjusting the actual pixels – you are working parametrically. This is the way that camera raw images are edited, and is now used with other file types." (from http://www.dpbestflo...metric-image-editing)

Found this review of the 2018 version which was more helpful.
Re the different versions:
Ultimate is obviously the most powerful version, but Professional is still a capable RAW workflow editor and library manager. It doesn't offer the ability to use layer-based editing, or the ability to make Photoshop-style edits to the actual pixel layout of your images.
I guess if I'm not sure what the Ultimate-only stuff actually means, I probably dont need it...
Re management
The Manage module covers your general library interaction, where you do all your tagging, flagging and keyword entry. You can also do a range of batch editing tasks, upload your images to a series of online services, including Flickr, Smugmug and Zenfolio, and create slideshows. I found this module extremely useful and comprehensive, and many other RAW editors could take notes, with the exception of the fact that you can't review items at 100% zoom without switching to the 'View' module.
which sounds good:
I'm particularly interested in ease of use when tagging.
I bought Photo Supreme (formerly idimager) a few years ago, it's a solid programme but doesnt make it particularly easy to build a system of tags, and to really easily tag photos (when you have a huge collection that needs to get organised, you want something that's really efficient there). So I didnt upgrade when the time came.

xplorer² <> has offered this handy facility (compare CONTENT of two folders or filter panes) for ages. I use it quite often, and it works a treat. All the files matching the compare criteria are automatically selected so that they can be operated on easily.
I'm not clear from your description:
does it recognise that files are the same even if named differently?

Xyplorer does not appear to do this (but it not my default file manager, so I not 100% sure)

Dopus claims to do a byte comparison when syncing -- I've never used that, but just tried it:
Copied a file to a new folder and renamed
the sync is not recognising them as the same, and is prompting to copy over the original (again).

Living Room / "How to keep going"
« on: May 18, 2018, 06:08 PM »
"How to keep going"

This is a video from the perspective of
a) an artist / a creative person making a living from that work
b) someone who thinks things aren't getting any better (and probably are getting worse)

I dont necessarily share these perspectives, yet I found the video had some very helpful advice. A lot of which (but not all) I relate to, and agree with. When he uses the word 'Art', I substitute 'Life'. Works mostly...

Most important, he made me think, and rethink things a bit, quite a bit at times.

Re Creativity:
I see creativity as being relevant to business, of all kinds; to relationships (of all kinds) -- creativity is really the business of life. Artists forget this, and think it just belongs to them. Keep that in mind when watching the video.

It's a long video, by my standards anyways -- so, below the video, I include notes I made re highlights

  • 1:00 'if the CIA did Haiku...' Black-out poems -- I enjoyed this work
  • 5:40 Groundhog Day: "What would you do if you were stuck in one place, and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?" 'How you answer this question is your art' (as suggested above, substitute 'life' for 'art').
  • 9:17 "Forget about being a writer, follow the impulse to write" [Ann Packer]
  • 10:40 'we're trained to heap praise on our loved ones in market terminology. We used to have hobbies, now they're called side-hustles.' Touches on the dangers of turning what you love into a career.
  • 11:30 leads nicely into inspirational robot drawings by five-year-olds :-)
  • 14:06 'she thought "the uncommon" was a better phrase than "art"' -- nice example of an artist getting us to look at the 'common' as if with eyes that haven't seen it before.
  • 17:45 'you are allowed change your mind'
  • 19:38 'when in doubt, tidy up' (but not otherwise!)
  • 22:16 looking closer at slogans, e.g. "make your mark on the world!" [I think this from Steve Jobs, but not 100% clear from video]. This especially interesting to me -- there's a lot of what I consider BS being traded on the internet as wisdom, and being simply taken for granted by a huge number of people out there. (FWIW I find the conclusion here a little weak.)
  • 23:00 'Demons hate fresh air' -- walking, getting out there, as opposed to being 'plugged-in'. Might seem a little twee, but true in my experience.

via incredible doom email-newsletter

^ that is very disturbing. I wonder was activation not agreed in the software purchase license/agreement.

I'm shocked that they would even go so far.

Living Room / Re: The quest for a completely silent PC
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:36 AM »
Took him a lot longer than necessary, Zalman had a silent computer case years ago, so long ago it's been discontinued (about 12 years): TNN 500AF
I wonder why they replaced it with a liquid cooled case though...
Replaced by the Zalman LQ1000 Z-Machine Hybrid Liquid Cooled Case (w/WB5+)

ha ha, very good :Thumbsup:

I always loved the idea of editors/word processors that just, or mainly, use the keyboard. But my work never involved working in an editor long enough to really learn that whole aspect. FWIW in my old Freehand vector software, I would estimate I knew, and regularly used, a few dozen shortcuts (not even including basic universal ones).

This is really great Dormouse! Thanks for the input, looking forward to further updates.

Still getting used to writing BBCode.
for tables especially I find it can get confusing.

For longer posts I sometimes use BBCeditor from fenixproductions here on dc. It does have some drawbacks compared to writing directly in-forum, but has the advantage of saving content offline, and editing at your leisure. Note I havent used it for tables.

Someone here made a script years back that converted a csv file to a bbcode table, but I think for smaller tables it's probably easier to work directly with bbc.

Living Room / Re: Photography and Camera Related
« on: May 15, 2018, 07:46 AM »
belated response wraith,
re smartphone camera accessories:

So, I'm not a photographer, though my wife is.  And she made me realize the effects of light on your photographs, no matter what they are.  And so I purchased a light box for taking my keyboard photos.  And it's made such a difference!

I purchased an OrangeMonkie Foldio2, and wanted to recommend it.
Thanks for the tip :up:

for me the shutter control is of interest:
plus having a separate shutter control (a Just Mobile ShutterGrip - https://just-mobile....ariant=9787265220650) has changed the quality of even my pictures.

Re using smartphone for video:
One commenter in the dpreview article about smartphone cameras uses a DJI Osmo Phone Camera gimbal (amazon link) which, if you're not familiar with, is a camera stabiliser used for video. The results look pretty good -- there is a 'bounce' as he walks (he's got to learn to walk without a spring in his step):

Again I'm impressed with the image quality.
Taken with a Samsung S8 according to his comment:
I have completely switched to my Samsung s8 in combination with a DJI Osmo Mobile when shooting video. The files are less robust compared to the files from my Sony a6300 with noticeably less DR [dynamic range] but the easy of use has won me over. I stick my Samsung s8 on my camera [I'm presuming he means on the DJI gimbal] and activate the DJI app and all works really well.
My needs are those of a amateur. I never get paid, my hobby costs me money and so expenditure and ease of use are important factors.

Just after getting an email about her giving a ted talk (still watching)

EDIT// that was really great fun. Have to admit I only watched the videos above after. Lots of genuine laugh out loud moments. Wishing her all the best.

Living Room / Re: Photography and Camera Related
« on: May 11, 2018, 04:17 PM »
-- it is very nice to have someone focus on an area and share with us what they find interesting.
thanks mouser, nice to get the feedback.
Plan to continue as time permits, and as i find stuff of interest. The last post didn't take particularly long to write, but I wasn't happy with the first draft and let it sit a week, then it clicked on the second attempt.

Living Room / Re: Photography and Camera Related
« on: May 11, 2018, 02:45 PM »
^ thanks Deo, I'm happy about that :up:

Smartphones are starting to really challenge dedicated cameras:

Huawei P20 Pro vs Canon 5DS R: I’m Stunned… (
Why smartphone cameras are blowing our minds (

Screenshot - 2018-05-11 , 11_51_42.png

see the blue there -- that's the size of the Huawei sensor. It's bigger than the iPhoneX sensor (shown with red outline), but still miniscule compared to the full frame sensor shown in orange. Yet it get's favourably compared with a 50MP full frame Canon 5DS. Does even better in low light: where the Canon is unable to focus there's so little light, the Huawei has no problem getting a picture.

Part of the reason for this is that the smartphone actually has three sensors with individual lenses: 40MP, a 20MP monochrome sensor, and an 8MP one with zoom lens. So the final image is a composite of images from (at least two of) those sensors. While it does involve better hardware, a lot of the magic is in the 'jpeg engine', the software that produces the final jpeg -- which corrects unwanted lens effects and combines the images from the various sensors. This is nothing new, but in smartphones it's being taken to a new level of efficiency.

The Google Pixel 2 XL has a different trick
It's constantly keeping the last 9 frames it shot in memory, so when you press the shutter it can grab them, break each into many square 'tiles', align them all, and then average them. Breaking each image into small tiles allows for alignment despite photographer or subject movement by ignoring moving elements, discarding blurred elements in some shots, or re-aligning subjects that have moved from frame to frame. Averaging simulates the effects of shooting with a larger sensor by 'evening out' noise.
(my emphasis)

Screenshot - 2018-05-04 , 17_10_50.png

Sunrise at Banff, with Mt. Rundle in the background. Shot on Pixel 2 with one button press. I also shot this with my Sony a7R II full-frame camera, but that required a 4-stop reverse graduated neutral density ('Daryl Benson') filter, and a dynamic range compensation mode (DRO Lv5) to get a usable image. While the resulting image from the Sony was head-and-shoulders above this one at 100%, I got this image from a device in my pocket by just pointing and shooting.
(my emphasis)
That's a stunning picture with really good exposure under difficult conditions.
Have to admit I dont even know what the "4-stop reverse graduated neutral density ('Daryl Benson') filter" required for the 'real' camera is, never mind the "dynamic range compensation mode", but it all sounds very complicated.

Another aspect of 'traditional' photography that is now being very succesfully done via the software engine is creating bokeh (background blur), using the ability to recognise depth in the image. Bokeh happens a lot more with larger sensors, especially when using lenses with wide-open aperatures. Can be a PITA though to manage: if you're very close to your subject, or are using a long zoom, the area in focus (depth of field) can be so small as to be problematic. The nose is in focus but the eyes aren't :-/ Smartphone software is now starting to successfully create an artifical bokeh -- the smaller sensor of the smartphone has a very large (deep?) depth of field (area in focus), the software can then choose to blur what it wants, or better, what you want, keeping the rest in focus.

the beauty of computational approaches: while F1.2 lenses can usually only keep one eye in focus—much less the nose or the ear—computational approaches allow you to choose how much you wish to keep in focus even if you wish to blur the rest of the scene to a degree where traditional optics wouldn't allow for much of your subject to remain in focus.

Screenshot - 2018-05-04 , 17_31_48.png

disclaimer: I'm not an expert, but tried here to distill two recent articles about smartphone cameras, if you notice any mistakes, do let me know,
thanks, Tom

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Formatting Presets SNAFU
« on: May 10, 2018, 01:23 PM »
^ Naturally. Im not trying to minimise the significance of anything here. rather trying to confirm the problem.

Living Room / Re: Interesting "stuff"
« on: May 10, 2018, 01:32 AM »
20 Unusual Toothpaste Flavors
Has anyone here wanted something other than mint-flavored toothpaste?
-Arizona Hot (May 09, 2018, 07:03 PM)
Some very amusing ones there (pork! holy mother...)

I don't particularly like mint myself (not even as tea). Over the years, my favourite toothpastes have been:
  • Salt
  • Calendula (marigold) - from waleda, I could eat this one
  • Fennel (from kingfisher) probably my favourite for a clean aftertaste

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Formatting Presets SNAFU
« on: May 09, 2018, 03:03 PM »
I dont have Notepad++ installed here, and am unable to reproduce the problems you're having in Notepad or in browser.

Are you sure the clip was copied? -- did it show on the Quick-paste menu?
(In Options, (if not already) enable 'Play sound on capture' under 'Interface Options'.
That way you'll be sure the clip got copied without having to check.)

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Formatting Presets SNAFU
« on: May 09, 2018, 01:08 PM »
See my post in the other thread you started on the topic -- you've got to copy the clip first. It formats the last clip you copied and pastes that.

Not sure what's happening above as you have blurred the last copied clip.

if I went in there to reformat the text, I probably want to do something with it right away, like oh, I don't know... paste it?  ;)
if you use the Quick-Paste menu you can paste it straight away, multiple times if you want.
e.g. I just copied You can still use bulletin board from this page and want to paste it in title case:
Ctrl+Alt+Q [default customisable hotkey for quick-paste menu] > T [shows formatting sub-menu] > 4 [for 'Title Case']
will paste the last copied clip as:
You Can Still Use Bulletin Board

  • It is not re-saved to the CHS clipboard with the new formatting, so if I paste something else and want to then paste the formatted clip again, I will have to reapply the formatting. Seems more logical to me that it would be saved with new formatting as a new clip in the CHS clipboard.
  • Using the Quick-Paste menu, I'm not sure how to apply the formatting to any clips other than the most recently copied.

Living Room / Re: Looking for smartphone
« on: May 06, 2018, 04:31 PM »
A little over your budget but maybe the Motorola G6 or G6+ (not the G6 Play unless it floats your boat)?

Dedicated uSD slot, available in single or dual SIM config, dual back cameras, reasonably vanilla Android experience (the Moto Actions/Display are actually useful compared to the usual "extras" you get), etc, etc.

Relatively new release, this month I think, so you might need to search for reviews a bit.
somehow I had missed this post 4wd, only seen it today -- complete with .de links, thanks :Thmbsup:
Did find a goodish review of the G6 (German language) via one of the reviews. It's very positive.

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