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ProcessTamer / Re: prosess tamer and A Squared
« on: August 02, 2009, 10:01 AM »
Thanks for the replies and clarification in this matter. As an aspiring novice user with a "right click" affliction,and just enough knowledge to be a danger to myself and my PC,I'd like to pose one more question.Could anyone address the wide disparity in memory usage between two PC's running the same OS in respect to A Squared's a2service.exe process as outlined in my first post? If I understand correctly,the memory usage "number"(fx. 107MB) represents a more or less "actual" consumption as opposed to a relationship between a processor and available Ram,correct? In other words,a process using say 50MB of memory on one machine should use the same on another if the OS is identical,even if the processor and available Ram are different,correct? Memory consumed is memory consumed regardless. Or maybe identical on two PC's with one running Vista and the other XP? Sorry to hi-jack my own thread,but this is a tough question to Google.Thanks for reading me.

ProcessTamer / Re: prosess tamer and A Squared
« on: August 01, 2009, 08:26 AM »
Close-No announcement and no reduction in memory usage.A check of the priority verifies that it (a2service,exe) is "forced low" by the explicit rule,but it continues to use @ 107MB.A check in Task Manager also shows a priority setting of low for a2service.So it would seem that the explicit rule has been followed in terms of lowering the priority,but no decrease in memory is incurred.I see PT reacting to a2guard at log on,as well as Avira,which uses only 8MB!! Also reactions to firefox.exe and a couple of Windows processes during regular usage.Is it possible that A Squared's "service" process is immune to manipulation? I don't know what else to think because PT appears to be doing its job just fine in respect to other processes.So,in short,its as if PT doesn't "think" that 107MB is out of line and makes no attempt to lower that number (memory usage).Perhaps I'm  under the wrong impression of PT's function.I thought when it adjusted the priority,I'd see a reduction in memory usage as well.Sorry if I wasn't clear the first time-just trying to provide as much information as possible.Thanks very much for your response.

ProcessTamer / prosess tamer and A Squared
« on: July 31, 2009, 10:29 AM »
Hi all-new guy here.Trying out PT to see if it can get a handle on the process a2service.exe-This thing opens and stays at @107MB as shown in Task Manager.I see that PT appears to be working as it notifies me of other processes being throttled such as Firefox,and goes right after a2guard.exe at log on.I've created the explicit rules for the trio of A Squared processes,choosing low priority for all three.Yet a2service.exe remains unchanged.I've also played with the Tame Applications...CPU settings (could use some tips here) and no change or even notification that a2service.exe is being adjusted.I have confirmed that it is operating at low priority as per my setting.I've read the help file entirely and I'm quite sure I understand most of the settings.It does appear PT is working just fine with this one exception-any ideas anyone? One other note-I run A Squared Anti Malware on another PC with the exact same OS,and the number is far lower at @ 65MB. A Squared is set up the same for both PC's as well. Thanks for reading

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