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  • October 18, 2019, 08:55 PM
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In my experience System Restore is far from perfect. I have used it to get me out of scrapes but as other respondents have observed it doesn't undo everything you've done so bits of files are still left on the hard drive making removal or reinstallation problematic. And yes, the respondent who said that program links still exist in the Start menu is quite correct and it's a real pain in the ass to deal with. Use Ystem restore as a last resort indeed, because as far as XP is concerned that's really all it's good for in my honest opinion.

Clive, thank you for reminding me of Erunt, I must reinstall it. ;D

Yes, of course, my apologies for erm, threadjacking. Thank you for your responses nonetheless and as for faulty body clocks, oh man, that's why I'm still in here at 4.40 in the morning lol.  :'(

So, I'll just sum this up by saying that at least you get a certain enjoyment and satisfaction out of DC and you've found a way to make it work for you as well as fitting your other commitments around it.

Thanks again for your time in writing to me and answering my questions and aplogies to other members for wobbling on so much.  ;D

How lovely to get a response from you so quickly, thank you. It's about 4 am here so I've no idea where you stand time zone wise in the general scheme of things, it's probably early where you are. ;D

Thank you for the link as well to your article about DC. I must definitely have a look at that tomorrow, or as it is for me, later today  ;) Yes, you confirmed what I had suspected that the income from DC wouldn't be nearly enough for you to live on but reelance programming is very lucrative isn't it? So I suppose DC is more of a hobby than anything, would that be a realistic assumption? It's probably a bit more than that actually given the time you have to spend with it. The failing economy has presumably had a big impact on your freelancing has it? I would suspect that some smaller companies who might have availed themselves of your services have cut back on things and made do with what they currently have. This is probably wild speculation on my part but everyone of course is having to cut back wherever they can and that is no less the case in IT.

No problem at all Mouser and thank you for your welcome. Actually, I've just checked my profile not a minute ago and discovered that I've actually been a member since May. :o I had no idea it had been that long yet this is the first post I have made.  :P Looks like I like your software so much I didn't need to post anything  :-[

In view of the somewhat negative responses you have so far received in this thread it appears to me that you are largely unfazed by it and your understanding of the motions needed to generate a licence are commendable at the very least. I think I would have "gone into one" if I were in your place so maybe it's a good thing I'm not.  ;D I would also dare to suggest that I would suspect that the number of donations you receive are probably fairly minimal in proportion to the time and resources you spend on all your software, not just writing brand new software of course but re-writing and updating existing applications. Presumably you do this as well as hold down a full time job since I would imagine you wouldn't be able to exist on any monies you receive for DC.

FARR is certainly worthy of a donation and I'm only sorry that I cannot provide one just now. I have used several program launchers in recent years but this is one of the easiest to use, not requiring one to add the program links manually, instead, scanning the system and putting them in place automatically. Ok, so there are several launchers that approach things in a similar way but for one reason or another when another one comes on to the scene I will try it to see if it's any better than the one I used before. I don't think I've seen anything yet to persuade me to use it instead of FARR so thank you for making it available to the masses and thank you indeed for all the effort you put in, probably at a cost to yourself which is possible I suppose you don't always get back.

Anyway, I've waffled on enough I think ;D but thank you again for your welcoming message and I must make sure I come in here a bit more often lol.

PS Actually, one small question if I might be permitted. I don't know if it was just me being incompetent and pathetic ;D or whether it is an "issue", but when I tried to copy and paste the product key for FARR I got an error saying it was a key for different program. At the time I was using Chrome so I wondered whether it was a compatibility issue. In order to get the key I had to revert to an IE based browser, is this something you're aware of or am I being a total idiot?


I do feel that many of the posters on this page, and presumably other pages in this thread are missing the point. Even if they're not, they could certainly use a few lessons in politeness and courtesy. I know you spend a hell of a lot of your time writing these applications and I think the vast majority of us, (including me), are extremely grateful that you allow your software to be available at no cost whatsoever. For that I'm more than willing to jump through a couple of hoops in order for me to be able to use software which for now I can ill afford to pay for. I would quite understand it after seeing some of the replies here if you were to just stop doing this and either charge for your products or just make them unavailable, full stop. Find And Run Robot and Process Tamer I have found to be very useful and to be able to add them to my arsenal of programs at no cost is certainly worth jumping a couple of hoops for, to which end, I am now jumping to the licence key page. :)

Just for anyone who is still thinking of giving this generous individual (namely Mouser), a hard time, don't. He has made it quite clear in various locations around the website that a donation is voluntary. Voluntary means it isn't mandatory to make a donation, it is entirely up to you whether you do so or not, so I'm sure it would be very much appreciated by Mouser, and every other reasonable member of this forum, that the verbal abuse and stupidity ends right now. Some common courtesy doesn't cost anything either yet despite the authors of these programs making their software available for nothing, that doesn't mean they can be yelled at and have demands made of them. If you can't say anything pleasant then don't say anything at all. Keep it shut!  >:(

Finally, thank you Mouser for everything you do as it must be a pretty thankless task sometimes and I'm sure there are some instances where you wonder why you ever bothered.

Ok, I'm off to the licence page now  :D

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