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  • November 20, 2018, 09:11 AM
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Looks great! can't wait to hear the response from the person who requested this.

That would be me :)
I am going to test this out at work.  I have a feeling Citrix windows are going to be a royal PITA, but this will be very useful. Expect feedback in hopefully less than a week.

PS: mouser-- so I ripped every video from alejandra's youtube channel (  and watched all of them at 2x speed.  I find myself to represent the pinnacle of humankind when it comes to organization so I am a critic.  She definitely is organized and I learned a few minor things here and there, but overall I don't like her system as much.  She organized for sure, but definitely cluttered.  She organizes just to be organized.  I think her system wouldn't work as well in a small apt.  Roughly 70% of the stuff she did I have digitalized in my computer.  Anyways thanks again for the recommendation. Was fun watching her. She seems a little neurotic, but at 2x she sounds batshit insane . haha!

omg skwire, please do! I love your apps! I am still using sPlaylistmaker and splat daily!

I will give FULL feedback anytime!

There have been requests from all over web, but I could not find one decent tool to do this. (Closest was MLHotKey but dev stopped in 2008 and it reverts @ startup).  We need a small, lightweight and portable tool to do this!
Here's a description from reddit: https://www.reddit.c...ool_to_hotkey_mouse/

The requirements:
1. User should be able to assign a hotkey to a specific window.
2. Give us at least 10 entries (windows) to assign hotkeys to.
3. 100% Portable

Let me know if you guys know of any software that does this.  Otherwise, someone has to make this and fulfill netizen's requests :D

Donation-mod-gods, please forgive me. This is a duplicate from an OLD thread here: http://www.donationc...ex.php?topic=36870.0

I felt it was worth starting a new thread as I am hoping for a new app.

Here is my part of my decision tree I use:

I have used FARR for a long time, but have replaced it with Listary as of last year. I still use FARR though for some uses.

I want a program that does this:

Allows me to enter all of the links with specialized %s or {query} or whatever and lets me create "group " those individual search entries. That way if I want to search for tools, all I hav e to do is type "tools" and it will launch chrome (default) for tools. 

Ideally, be able to integrate logo images in some way.

I have wanted something like this for a long time and the only one that does it perfectly is Alfred for Mac, but nothing for PC.  FARR can do it, but it's a bit messy. Listary Pro author promises in 6.0, but it's unverified and will take years more.

This can't be that hard can it?  skrommer? skwire? mouser?

You guys got any ideas for me?

Confirmed it works now. TY!!

Hi guys,

I've downloaded the latest Chime and had some issues.  Here's a picture with my settings:
The big problem has to do with the volume feature on Chime.  I use this program on my HTPC where we watch movies frequently or listen to music on.  I have Chime to play a special clock tone hourly to replicate a grandfather type atmosphere, but what ends up happening is the volume of the movie is affected drastically during the playing of the music.
This can get really disconcerting during the night when the volume increases by 50% or more because of the Chime app for a period of a few seconds in our apartment and the movie or music volume increases with it drastically.

In the old version this wasn't an issue because it was tied to the system volume.  In the new version, there seems to be no way to disable the volume option or prevent this from happening.

Please help! We're so close to achieving grandfather-clock nirvana :(

:) Added a master volume control, orbis, I'll see if I can add a more targeted volume solution. Also, I found the error in the hourly files code, nogojoe, and I added a checkbox to choose between the play options.

LOL guys.

I just came back to this thread to ask for independent volume control...someone already requested it and skrommel already implemented it.

This site is so awesome

Damn, you're so awesome. Thank you very much!

It's surprising that I couldn't find a portable lightweight utility that does this (and OSX does have it).

I'll re-download it and test it out asap!  My living room has an hourly chime again.  Now to find a decent sounding grandfather clock chime.

Confirmed it works now. No idea what the problem was.   It just went off on the hour at midnight.  THANK YOU Skrommel!! <3 <3 <3

I'm going to use this to run on the HTPC in living room to replicate grandfather clock :)

I am hoping to skwire's solution working too.

In this case, I assume you mean Skrommel, right?

lol! yes... man.. I was using sPlayistmaker you made for me for the past 24 hours keep thinking your name :D

If you're a Chrome user, there is also the Cool Clock extension in the Chrome Web Store that can do this.

It would have to be on a windows computer without Chrome, but also the problem with Chrome is that its extensions are notoriously non-portable (by google design).  Thanks for the suggestion.  I am hoping to Skrommel's solution working too.

After a quick peek in the code, the sound is played on the hour (the interval for that function starts from 00:00)
Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. next:=A_YYYY A_MM A_DD A_Hour 00 00
  2. ...
  3. nexthour:=next
  4. nexthour+=1,Hour
The above should make that clear.

Is Winamp configured as the default player? Or not? Do you have different audio-devices installed in your computer? I ask, because there can be some (unintended) configuration confusion going on, when this is the case. And could explain the silence.

1. Yes Winamp is default player.
2. Yes I have audio-devices but only one actually processes sound. Volumouse screeny:     I use only USB DAC.   Shouldn't it, uh, use the default player like most apps?

Just to confirm: I've tested it here on Win10, and it worked just fine, right out of the box.

Thank you! That means it's probably my system. I will do some more testing  + in VM and report back. Thanks for the help guys. <3 <3 <3

skrommer to the rescue as usual. Was this coded for me or was it done before? Never seen this app from you before.

Some comments/questions
1) Play button doesn't seem to do anything with "C:\Windows\InfusedApps\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection_3.14.1181.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Arkadium.Win10.DailyChallenges\Assets\Audio\badgeEarned.wav"
It says "playing soundfile" but nothing happens.  I've confirmed the directory has that sound file as winamp plays it just fine.

EDIT: I tried this file too but nothing happens when I hit play:

2) Browse button does nothing

3) You mentioned that Chime can play a sound "on the hour" - is this really true? I  see options for Chime every 60 minutes, but that's not the same as on the hour right?

I searched Google for 60 min + /r/software + Donation coder but couldn't find anything useful.
I want something like Cuckoo for Mac.
1) Simple.
2) MUST be portable (this is the reason I don't want to use Windows Task Scheduler as the settings are tied to Windows).
3) Must be able to choose mp3, wav, or m4a file for sound.
4) Decent interfaceknow if such an app exists?

Understood.  It's a matter of finding time to get to these requests.

Of course skwire.  I didn't mean it in a negative tone. It's a wonderfully useful app already. I (and  you!) see so much potential for its future.

We appreciate everything you've done. You and mouser are coding gods in my book :)

Just a follow-up, I wish this app's dev would be continued. It's one of the Top 3 on skwire's codings (along with sPlayerlistmaker.. a godsend!)

Thank you! I am world-class for organization and I DO have OCD.  I am using 3d YouTube Downloader to download all 167 videos for viewing in PotPlayer


Heh, it's ok skwire.   I also posted to your Splat post linked from your app. I fell in love with this app!

I really need to find time to update Splat a bit.  Lot of potential in that app.

You're not kidding. I left you a few suggestions too. Didn't know if this was the right place to put it, but...

I managed to crash it :D

In all seriousness, this app will save me some serious time for managing my startup folder.


Heh, it's ok skwire.   I also posted to your Splat post linked from your app. I fell in love with this app!

Thanks for the reply ham. nice to see you :)

I was JUST about to post that I believe I figured out my issue and Open++ works for my needs for now.  I would absolutely love if skwire would create something like Open++ because it's discontinued, outdated, and buggy. It's sort of like a "Splat for right click context menu" :D

Here's a picture of the final result I just finished with!

I wish I could move the Open++ menu a lot higher :(

I scoured the web for a long time and the only software even remotely close to what I want here is Open++, as I mentioned.

Portable download link:

I cannot figure out how to use this to "Send" apps to it.  If anyone can figure this out, let me know.

As simple as it sounds, I have not found anything (yes I tried Open++).  I want a Splat-like program for the SendTo menu.

Essentially, the app runs 100% portable in the folder, with the exception that it registers its DLL (with a cute icon) to the Right click menu (as high on the menu as you can possibly get it. NOT at the bottom).  You add the shortcuts you want in the SendTo list and it shows up in the context menu with the app's native icons and all.  The list of shortcuts, again, should be stored locally in the app's folder and NOT tied with the system at all. The only link is the right click DLL menu association.

The whole rationale is:
1. SendTo main is a PITA to move mouse to when you have a lot of context menus taking up screen. Those seconds count when working with a lot of files
2. I constantly lose my rapidly rotating SendTo entries whenever I reinstall windows. This happened for startup entries too, but skwire's awesome app "Splat" fixed it.
3. Further 'portabilizes' windows to reduce relying on stupid system folders.

Picture: IMAGE:

Help me skwire! You're my only hope. lol!

So my final solution to this is to dump my current video player and just use PotPlayer (the best!). It auto-rotates videos

you somehow have a knack of finding that little niche that I desire and programming an awesome app for it.

Splat is now my #1 go-to startup launcher solution. Where have you been all my life? :D :D I reinstall windows frequently and having to keep up with constantly changing startup entries is a royal PITA. I want to run splat at startup and have it be my pipeline to run all of my startup apps. I don't really need it running in the backgrond either. Once it does its business at startup, it can quit..  I toyed around with the app and I think it's doing everything I wanted.

Side note: I have UAC completely turned off (Enable LUA=0) so admin rights not an issue.

Some suggestions:
1. Create right menu context entry > "Duplicate" function (For entries, not profiles)
2. Allow us to manually choose display name or have another column for NAME           |      TARGET        | Arguments.
3. It's not the worse thing in the world but I would remove the options tab - remove the profiles tab and just create a text label called "Profiles". Then I would put "options" or "preferences" under menu, unless there's some design considered I haven't thought of.  PIC of area I'm saying to remove:
4. PLEASE allow us to customize the columns. I don't need working directory or notes...
5. Give us the ability to keep entries in the list, but "disable" them. Disabling them puts a red X over their name or dims their entry dramatically.

Bugs (#2-critical bug)
1. EDIT: I think this may a bug, but I keep having to resize the columns (specifically working directory) but closing the app and reopening splat doesn't remember it.

 I know the role of profile shortcuts (for startup) but i was messing around and....
I have also discovered a infinite loop crash in splat. Create a new entry for splat  with following:     

Action: Profile
Launch this profile: startup
Put it at the top of the list.

Now, right click / run selected entries.  Infinite loop, crash. Proof:


EDIT: removed report about breevyportable.exe problem since it's not splat's fault. I created a workaround in the profile to kill breevy.exe before running breevyportable.exe again :)

Thanks mouser. That worked :)

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