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  • June 15, 2019, 05:30 PM
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Thank you all very much... I allways enjoy to read your NL...

I was 'close' to switch to a mac just because i work as a webdesigner with adobe products (photoshop, bridge, indesign, illustrator, dreamweaver...).
Also as far as I recall 64 bit Photoshop/Creative Suite was unavailable on the Mac until Snow Leopard, while it was available from day 1 on the PC. So it's really just a very, very outdated myth that Macs are better than PCs for graphic design work and/or Adobe apps.
it was 4 or 5 years ago i was seriously think about 'switching' to a mac... i had never a problem with the creative suite but in some issue's (till CS3) it was a little better on a mac.

I was 'close' to switch to a mac just because i work as a webdesigner with adobe products (photoshop, bridge, indesign, illustrator, dreamweaver...).
on the other hand, i was quiet happy with my windows computers, i had even no problems with windows vista ultimate (x64) and i used it from the first days. okay, you had to read a lot but if you used your brain before installing a program, you should not have these big problems you could read in the computer magazins (at least in the german speaking region of europe).
but why i should change... just that i can tell that i'm using a mac?
i think the pc or os-system you run is just as good as the man behind the keyboard... maybe i'm wrong ;)
i have no problems with mac's or their users, everybody can choose what he thinks is the best for him... and when the 'big battle' between windows vs. mac even start's - i visit such sites like, or (where i spend normaly every day some minutes) a bit less.

on xp, 32 or 64 bit i had never a problem with the registry.
with vista (64 bit) i had 4...
first and that was the best... i installed the prog 'registry system wizard' first on virtual pc, everything fine, also i installed the programm on the 'real' pc. reboot... nothing happens, black screen
second, after installing nero 8 (original dvd), the same, on virtual pc no problem... in the middle of the installation... boing and the pc crashed!
third was a reinstall of newsbin pro, installed the prog, started it the first time, my name and serial number etc... ALT+F4... started the programm again and the pc crashed!
the last was probably my fault... had to install a new device (external blueray player/burner)

but now with windows 7 64 bit i have no problems... but i make at least once a week a backup of the registry.
as one of my pc is working 24h/7days, and a backup from my server (local webserver, xampp) and gfx files are made every night on a nas and a external hd.

I've never once had to backup my registry, minus individual keys for program settings that I want saved before I format. I too wonder what types of programs you are installing that cause such a hassle upon uninstall.

hmm, it was a joke - maybe you can hear the bells now...

and, if you had never a problem with the registry... good for you. as such a windows pro you should know that a) microsoft never tells everything about windows... b) the 'real secrets' are in the registry... c) that just a little error or fault entry in the registry and windows don't even boot!
what can 'destroy' the registry? as i life in greece - the land of the powercuts ;) - and that's enough. even before i was 'backing up' my pc's - i organized a ups!
and that's just one of tousend possiblilities to 'destroy' the registry.

hmm  8) this thread will never end  ;D

but, as a 'old boy' wich started his computer life on a spectrum zx1, c64, atari, amiga to dos 3.11 till windows 7 now... there is just one thing you have to learn with microsoft - MAKE FROM YOUR RUNNING SYSTEM A BACKUP and put all your important data on a second hd, dvd and/or nas.
try new software not at home, go with a usb-stick to a friend, maybe not to your best one *LOL*, and try it there or go in a internet cafe... or try it on a virtual pc - and you have no problems at all!
ohh, and of course... don't forget to save your registry... at least once a day...
and if you deinstall a programm... see in the drawer 'common files' to... and in the appdata drawer under local and... and clean the registry at least twice...
did i say that you should make a backup before you deinstall a programm?
hmm... is there anything else or did i forgot something?
oh yea, as i'm swiss-german (Grüezi zäme!), my english is not ferry goot, sorrz

have a nice day!

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