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  • April 21, 2019, 01:11 PM
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Regarding PowerMarks, I tried it and at first sight I see three big limitations with it:
 - All imported bookmarks end up in the tree root. A choice to select where do you want the imported bookmarks to be put would be nice.
 - I didnt find any way to reorganize folders: drag and drop doesnt work in the folder tree frame, and only bookmark items show up in the right frame.

That's just the beauty of Powermarks: it does not use folders at all!  :)  It uses keywords and an incredibly efficient and lightning-fast search engine. As you start to type a keyword, bookmarks start dropping off the list if they don't have those characters in their keywords.

You can also tag keywords and use those as "folders" if you wish, because they show up on the left pane, and if you clic on a tagged keyword, all bookmarks labeled with it will show on the screen.

If you've ever used Gmail with its tags instead of folders, you'll understand the Powermarks system -- one huge difference is that the PM search is much better than Gmail's, since it's instant and incremental.

Powermarks also does not allow duplicate URLs, so you don't have to worry about weeding them out. If you bookmark something that's already there, it'll pop up the existing bookmark window so you can add keywords or comments, etc.

Once you've used Powermarks for a while, going back to organizing in folders seems like a huge step back into the age of dinosaurs.  :D

I've implemented the feature of importing bookmarks from Powermarks. The search speed is OK while testing with about 7,000 bookmarks.

A measly 7K bookmarks? Add another 40K and you'll come close to what I've got...

The Powermarks features I loved (yes, past tense, since it's dead now) were:
- Being able to color-code bookmarks, so I could easily tell which were the best sites for that particular search
- Being able to annotate the bookmarks separately from where the keywords were kept
- The different options for exporting selected bookmarks
- Being able to bookmark files on my hard drive
- Being able to keep separate bookmark files (i.e., one for URLs on the Web, another one for files on my hard drive, although sometimes I mixed them)
- Never having to worry about duplicate URLs, because if it was already there, PM would simply pop open the window to edit what was already there
- Automatic checking of pages at an interval chosen by me from the standard choices given
- The awesome, greased-lightning-fast search feature, which was letter by letter and could accomodate separate words (e.g., lib vid when looking for "library" and "video")

Lots more, but those are the main ones. A truly awesome program, and I wish someone would copy it or buy it and continue development.

TexasT - still in deep mourning  :'(  and frustrated at not finding anything that comes close

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