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It took a lot of tinkering because I had no idea what I was doing BUT I did manage to make a playlist for Windows Media Player and this is in XML, one version is at

I learned how to take a playlist file that Windows Media Player authored, opened it with Notepad and saw how it was formatted, and it was easy to edit it to put in the TV news segments I wanted.

Beautiful thing is, the XML file is no different from a list of books a teacher might have a student read on Summer vacation, along with the catalog numbers by which to find them on the bookstore shelf. The teacher is not infringing any copyright. The copyright videos are on the TV stations' servers.

BIG PROBLEM: It seems the vast majority of TV stations that put their TV news video content on their websites, put in in Flash format, raising the question of whether there's a way to make a playlist for Flash. Remember, I have no idea what I'm doing and only last week downloaded Adobe Media Player.

Tom Alciere
Webmaster, Underage Drinkers Against Drunk Driving

General Software Discussion / Re: How do I get the URL to this?
« on: July 04, 2008, 09:08 AM »
rtmp://|krgv|/media/krgv_video/2007/9/3/dwi fatal at 10||


That's a limitation to my "WITHOUT FURTHER COMMENT" anti-DWI video. Windows Media Player won't run the .flv files. Since the design is to stream the videos legally, direct from the TV stations' websites to the end user, the videos need to be in .wmv or .asx etc. on the remote server.

However, such a video, available for downloading and pirating, could still be incorporated into a bootleg or pirate product. When college students distribute the pirate product and the DWI fatality rate plunges, there's not one TV station in the United States of America wicked enough to pursue court action, and the pirates would know it.


Wanna see something FUNNY?

Go to and you will see the site for the hate-mongering MADD bigots' chapter for the State of Georgia.

Now go to and see it redirect to for the Arizona chapter.

At you see the Michigan chapter.

Something of a pattern, isn't it?

Well, what would you think would be the domain for MADD California?

Type it in and see what I have there.

@ TomAlciere
I would very much like to velcome you at DonationCoder - the forum for software connoisseurs. However, I must first state that I find your ideas lacking wisdom. Very much, indeed. The truth is that your attitude is the very same attitude that brought Denmark to be the first country in the world to legalize porn, "let us allow booze for the youngsters, then they will get accustomed to alcohol and don't abuse it when (if) they grow up and get a driver's license". But the truth is also that most Danes have learned their lesson since then, and now regrets this foolish law. And so they will again if youngsters were allowed to drink.

My point is that I understand your opinion on this, but life has taught me and millions of other people that it is lack of wisdom. It is like shooting your kid in the foot. Nothing less!


edited for clarifying

You are entitled to your wrong opinion, but you cannot, by holding that opinion, acquire the right to wield your police force as a weapon of unprovoked violence against innocent people, to intimidate them into giving up their right to drink. Enemies of liberty get away with this only because the victims are not yet ready to take your weapon away from you.

General Software Discussion / How do I get the URL to this?
« on: July 03, 2008, 07:52 PM »
URL Snooper helped me get some URLs but I still need the URL to the video on


any hints?

If the courts strike down the underage drinking laws, legislators would scramble to pass some serious DWI laws, which would save a lot more lives.

You have got to be kidding me!  Encouraging or trying to lift laws to allow underage drinking has got to be one of the most irresponsible ideas I have ever heard of.

However, the people who support the laws do not own the victims of the laws, and do not have a right to wield their police force as a weapon of unprovoked violence against innocent outvoted discrimination victims who are not violating anybody's rights, simply drinking responsibly, the beverage of their choice.

Furthermore, an outvoted discrimination victim, offered a chance to drink, is likely to accept the offer, because these offers don't happen every day, you know. Kind of like adults on licensed premises at last call might not want another drink, but will order one anyway, because it is their last chance. The outvoted discrimination victims get into the habit of drinking every chance they get, and as they get older, the chances happen more often.

They can buy coffee at any age, and 24 hours a day, at the convenience store on the corner. Therefore, there is no pressure to drink too much coffee.

Furthermore, the ones who don't drink, or who drink and don't drive, are not much safer for the drinking age,  The point of the site is that the government imposes the drinking age on innocent people INSTEAD OF punishing the criminals...leading to many of these double-victim cases.

Well, FWIW the name of the group is Underage Drinkers Against Drunk Driving, so apparently they're all for the drinking part, just not the drunk driving part.

The organization wants teens to be able to drink but is against drunk driving.  They state over and over again on the webpage that sober teens are more responsible than drunk adults.  Big shocker there.  It also seems that they believe that drunk teens will be more reasonable than drunk adults and refrain from driving if the underage drinking laws were lifted.  I would think that drunk teenagers would be just as unreasonable, if not more, than drunk adults.  But that might just be because I work with teenagers at my job, so who I am I to claim any knowledge of how teenagers act?


Here's a novel idea: Punish the criminals that drive drunk instead of punishing the innocent ones who drink responsibly.

If the courts strike down the underage drinking laws, legislators would scramble to pass some serious DWI laws, which would save a lot more lives.

Oh, BTW it isn't an organization, it's just a website.  That's why I'm the webmaster of it, not the director or president or anything like that.

Actually, I was introducing a technique which involves URL catching. I have learned to use URL Snooper now, to catch embedded videos I could not have obtained otherwise.

Anyway, whatever your cause is, fire safety, don't get scammed, firearms safety, workplace safety or whatever, news stories from around the USA can be put in a sequence calculated to foster better decisions on the part of the audience. That's the technique.

Fancy yourself a high school senior at a student assembly the day before the prom, and they're showing this playlist:

It consists of a Windows Media Player playlist linking to TV news videos which stream to the end-user from the TV stations' websites. Therefore, I'm not infringing their copyright.

No way the students will drink and drive after watching these TV news clips. Trouble is, I'm still learning how to capture some of the more challenging video URL's and I don't even know why the TV stations wouldn't want their TV news clips to be put to this proper use.

Tom Alciere
Underage Drinkers Against Drunk Driving

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