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  • October 20, 2019, 09:37 PM
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Living Room / Re: Buying a 2TB SSD to replace my 2TB HDD
« on: September 17, 2019, 01:51 PM »
Hmmm..  Okay, now I'm actually considering upgrading to Win10.  I am also considering putting an M.2 NVME chip for the main disk.  I would put at least a 500GB chip because I like to install a lot of different software and hate trying to fanaggle programs into a partition other than C drive.

I've looked at that buying guide, but am totally bewildered.
What would y'all recommend for a 500GB or 1Tb M.2 NVME drive?

if you like treedbnotes, you should look at rightnote.  rightnote is the best currently for the old school way of doing things.
I've tried Rightnote, and all kinds of other ones, too.  In fact, I try every one I can find.  I don't use KeyNote anymore.  But I can't find anything I like better than TreeDBNotes.  I wish I could get the code for it myself - then I would make my own fixes to it.

Ah - OneNote - I tried that and hated it.  I began using KeyNote and loved it, but developement wasn't enough to make it entirely stable.  I ended up with TreeDBNotes which is totally wonderful, but it needs some fixes and the developer must have died or moved to Mars.  I'm still using that, but wish there was something like it.  If you are really bored, that could solve your OneNote problem!

Mouser,  I loooove the "ragged edges" effect, and wish there was a button for that - or a standalone application (commandline?) to apply it.
It would be nice to have a button just for that effect.
Or maybe a "repeat last effect" menu item?

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: Systemus
« on: September 09, 2019, 11:21 PM »
Mouser - haha - users can change ALL the menus however they want.  It will come prebuilt with defaults, but you can change *everything* and even add your own entire menus and as many custom items as you like.  The idea is that the program can become what YOU want it to be.  Systemus is supposed to be a central command center.

But it will provide easy ways to launch the system things.  Custom things are all up to the user, of course, but there's no limit to that.

There's all kinds of system launchers out there - I wanted to try my hand at one in my own style, and I think I've created something unique and quite adaptable.

Shades mentioned a hope for simplicity - well, you can't get much simpler than good 'ole Windows menus, I think.

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Systemus
« on: September 08, 2019, 04:35 PM »
NANY 2020 Entry Information

Application Name Systemus
Version 0.00
Short Description A Handy Dandy System Admin Tool
Supported OSes Windows 7, Windows 10 to some degree
Web Page Coming up...
Download Link Coming up...
System Requirements
  • Windows 7
Version History
  • Working on first version...
Author bgmCoder

A Handy Dandy System Admin Tool
To do all those things you *want* to do when managing a new system.

  • Portable
  • Tiny interface
  • Completely customizable menus and commands
  • Advanced RUN box with memory
  • Instant Computer Info in main panel
  • Access the default Windows system menus, control panels and commands
  • Add your own commands
  • All of the program menus also appear as a menu for the system tray icon

Planned Features
Probably a lot as I prepare this to publish...

I wrote this program because I often have to set up computers for other people, or I have to do maintenance or fixes.  It seems I always end up using a whole bunch of programs to do things - a folder full of tools, and I can't remember or find the ones I want, sometimes.  With Systemus, I have a single program that I can use as a launcher.  It also tells me the most basic system information that I want, such as ipaddress and mac address, Windows version and what model of computer I'm working on.


Simply extract the contents to whereever you like.

Using the Application
Using this program, you get a one-stop program that can give you quick links to all the Windows control panels, built-in applications, and system menus.  You can customize the menus to contain just the ones you like, and you can add links to your own programs, portable or non-portable.  You can run scripts, batch files - anything you want.  You can even add your own menus and submenus.

Delete the folder containing the application and its settings.

Known Issues
Well, I am writing it to work for Windows 7.  Most of the commands should work for Windows 10, too, but I don't have any way to test this.  When I finally migrate my computer to Windows 10, then I'll update the program with Windows 10 features, but I don't know when this will happen, and it will probably be awhile.  In the meantime, I am willing to accept suggestions.

No, the problem is that the userscripts, doesn't matter what "monkey" you use, don't support affecting extensions - they say it's a security risk.

So I'm looking for another way short of modifying the extension itself.

Is there any way to run a userscript on a chrome-extension:// url?

I want to make some tweaks to the Feedbro extension, but Tampermonkey won't run on chrome extension pages.

Is there a way to do it?  I don't have to use Tampermonkey.

Yah, I got it too in the rss feed.  Same guy sending all of them.

What's the Best? / Re: Newsreader programs
« on: August 22, 2019, 09:19 AM »
free/open source XanaNews is more than enough for me.
Here is the installer download for this:

What's the Best? / Re: Newsreader programs
« on: August 22, 2019, 09:14 AM »
What is a newsgroup?  I see that option in Thunderbird's create accounts window.  It's not the same as rss news?

If we are talking about feedreaders, I rather like QuiteRSS, although it has issues if you try to load webpages.  But loading feeds works perfectly.

General Software Discussion / Re: Gmail to SMS
« on: August 22, 2019, 09:05 AM »
We already have Google Voice which you get for free with your google account.  You can adjust the settings so that SMS messages arrive in your email, and you can even use email to reply to them.  I do this all the time.

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: August 21, 2019, 01:44 PM »
Has anyone tried the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility?

Yes! rss feed is clean now!  Thanks!

What about FileHippo?  You can bang it with DuckDuckGo: 
Code: Text [Select]
  1. !fh whateverappyoulike

I use this site quite often to download full-installers for mainstream programs so I don't have to go find their dumb download links.  It's the easiest way, IMHO to get Firefox or any M$ application.  You can also choose what version you want!  You do have to use an ad-blocker on it, however, or it's really annoying.

Here's the page to download different versions of Vivaldi.

One thing that places a black eye on in my regard is the practice of wrapping installers in their own installer.
Yeah, I really hate wrappers like this, and I immediately abandon all such sites.

Alternative To offers alternative solutions to a lot of mainstream apps
The problem with this site is that the data is often stale, and the alternatives are usually not available anymore or the links are dead.  Sometimes the "alternatives" aren't matched so well.  That's my opinion, anyway.  I've not had great success with it.

Living Room / Re: Buying a 2TB SSD to replace my 2TB HDD
« on: August 17, 2019, 09:13 AM »
It's usually a good idea to try to separate your OS drive from any other files, that way if Windows ever has a hissy fit and decides to die, it doesn't really matter - a quick reinstall of Windows later and you're back in business.  System clones (on a different SSD/HDD) make this even easier because if you keep on top of it (maybe do it weekly or before any major changes) then if Windows dies, you can just plug in your clone drive and get back to what you were doing...wipe the one that Windows crapped out on, then use that one as your new clone drive. 
I've tried putting Windows OS on one partition and program files on another - but this is a PITA to keep separated.  There are so many programs that WANT to be on the C drive no matter what, even if you manage to keep some on another drive, there are always others that won't go there.  So, long ago I gave up on that idea and don't split the OS.

I'm thinking of getting a 2TB SSD (if I can get permission for it :) ) and simply clone my HDD to it and swap it out.
@tomos - I only use the D drive to store files for Virtualbox VMs.  I use I and K for files, and C for everything.  I really only partition to make it easier for me to be organized; there's no computing reason behind it at all.

Living Room / Re: UPS and NAS
« on: August 17, 2019, 09:04 AM »
I've bought two CyberPower 1500VAs.  They stand vertically and have a digital readout, and I've been pleased with them.  They are a bit pricy, though.  I use it on one of our subnet's fiber switch to keep the internet up - it will last a good 45 minutes.

I also use the smaller Cyberpower UPSs for workstations, but they are only good for 10 minutes or so.  You have to install the software that comes with them so you can disable the annoying PSU beeper when the power is lost for more than the battery can hold out.  These PSUs in myexperience will last a year, maybe two before you have to replace the battery.  But replacing the battery is about 60% of the cost of a new PSU.

Living Room / Re: Buying a 2TB SSD to replace my 2TB HDD
« on: August 16, 2019, 10:46 PM »
Shades, what is MLC for an SSD?
Samsung, eh?  I always thought Western Digital was the best.  All my HDDs are WD Black.

Living Room / Buying a 2TB SSD to replace my 2TB HDD
« on: August 16, 2019, 02:44 PM »
For some time now I have been considering to replace my workstation's HDD with an SSD.

  • 2TB HDD with partitions for C and D
  • 2TB HDD with partitions for K and I
  • 128GB SSD used for IRST acceleration and also for system's paging file
  • 250GB nvMe SSD where I keep Waterfox, FreeCommander and Thunderbird (the disk was unstable when I got it, but haven't had any trouble since; but didn't want to trust an OS to it)

And my questions for y'all are these:
  • When SSDs first became popular, everyone warned how heavy usage would run them down, but that's a long time ago now.  I'm sure they are more viable now.
  • What SSD should I buy?

To be fair, we catch most spam within a few minutes of it being posted and it gets zapped.
This is true - the spam does not appear on the forums, usually.  But it does crowd my rss feed...  I see *all* of them, I think.  Probably 1/3 of my DC rss feed is spam.

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:06 PM »
I too dislike W10.. and purposefully haven't bought new hardware (using intel gen 6 processor). That being said,  5 months down the road.. you won't have a choice.
Is it worth the stress and headaches trying to make your hardware run an OS that isn't  "properly" supported anymore? I am not trying to discourage you, just food for thought.
Either upgrade to W10 or Linux (Mac is another expensive option), assuming you want your OS to be security patched and vendor supported (drivers and such).

I have to use Windows and not linux, because I am a global administrator for our office365 platform.
Yeah, I know Windows 7 "expires" in 2020, but I'm thinking of continuing to use it anyway.  We have a good firewall and I'm not worried about assaults on an old OS.
However, I do understand that as software advances, sooner or later, I won't be able to get software that will work on Win7 - just like it is happening now for WinXP.
But this is a different discussion.
Right now I don't want to discuss Win10, because it diverts from my current objectives of getting Win7 to work flawlessly on this partiuclar board.
B&H suggested this board to me for Win7, and they led me astray, and now I have to deal with it (Win10 aside).

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: August 14, 2019, 04:32 PM »
I called MSI tech support, and they say they've only gotten Windows 7 to work on this board in 25% of their tests.  The tech says the lag probably comes from the Win7 OS not playing well with the motherboard.  Of course, he has to say something like that since Microsoft doesn't want to support Win7 and have paid the manufacturers to not support Win7 on their hardware.

I'm kind of stuck.  I hate Win10 and don't want to upgrade, and don't want to rebuild the system.

Living Room / Re: Windows 7 always slow after idle
« on: August 14, 2019, 04:20 PM »
@4wd - yes, I was reading that page.

Okay, so, I tried updating the bios past v10, but any other bios says my RAID configuration is invalid and won't boot Windows.
Does it matter if I'm running IRST?  I don't have any RAID configuration set up beyond that.  IRST uses an SSD to accelarate my C drive HDD.  Maybe I have to disable that first, before I update the bios?

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