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  • January 20, 2019, 07:42 PM
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similar to .

I want to work on some art projects with friends as ideas occur to us, and we need a forum or something with instant access to posting, and a decent way of organizing it.  Also, it shouldn't need a lot of permissions to post, as little a threshold to get to writing our thoughts down as possible.  Any ideas?  I'd use the besigner engine, but the author seems very hard to reach (no replies to my emails)

I have all of my mp3s on a server, and I have tried to have FARR search for my mp3s, but the fact that it's on a not-cutting-edge wireless network means that the search is a bit slow as it works its way through the files.  (There's a lot of them). 

What I'd like to do is sync folders (I realize there are tons of apps that do this),
BUT only sync the files as SHORTCUTS.  That way, when I'm looking for a song (or any file) that's elsewhere, I can find it in shortcut form locally, and deal with the network after the fact.

I know there might be apps that do this already, but a quick look around didn't turn any up.


Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Limit Taskbar Autohide
« on: June 20, 2006, 03:39 AM »
Thanks to FARR and TicTocTitle, I rarely need to access my taskbar, so it stays autohidden, and I gain the extra bit of space for full screen apps. 

There are two problems keeping me from a super-slick, full-screen world of wonder:

1 (a little annoying).  Autohide still makes space for the taskbar when an app opens.  This is annoying, but I could live with it.

2 (the painful, evil part).  I don't want to lose access to the taskbar completely, but I also don't want it being triggered when I go to use some of the controls that are located at the bottom/top/side of the apps I use.  When I maximize the app after problem #1, it puts some controls very close to the triggering point for the autohide to unhide.


What I'd love is similar to CloseFence, but basically reversed.  It would make a very small (or configurable-sized?) spot on the autohidden taskbar available for triggering.  Otherwise, it would ignore the mouse.  For me, if it only popped up when I moused into the very corner, it would be ideal.

The other issue, that of the taskbar getting space made for it, I have no idea about.  It's just annoying.

Thank you very much for considering this.

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