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  • August 18, 2017, 07:05 PM
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My first thought jokingly of course...is that it takes them longer to enter spaces verses tabs and if they get paid by the hour...then more time was spent with spaces... :P

Aaaaand the problem has returned.  :(

I don't see that you've uninstalled and reinstalled the application?  Or tried it in a different directory?

I haven't. Since win32pad doesn't have an option to export its settings and since I don't want to lose them, that's kind of a 'last resort' thing to do. And the problem coming and going without my input seems to point in some other direction, no?

@MilesAhead: I don't have a multi-monitor setup.

Quote from: Gena01 @ http://www.gena01.com/forum/win32pad/win32pad-ini-file/msg1486/#msg1486
It doesn't store anything in the registry (unless you using setup.exe and select some choices for integration with IE or with Windows Explorer).

The "other place" is according to Windows spec which is your profile directory.

Look in c:\documents and settings\<userid>\Application Data\Gena01\Win32Pad\win32pad.ini

Thank you,


That said...

1) Either you enabled it accidentally from the view menu.
2) It sound's like it's not saving the always on top setting right each time from the view menu as far as I can tell was implemented from the version history.

Along with the read me claims it stores ini in app folder, but note that I found the settings in the app data folder as was said from the quoted post I copied from the support form for it linked to above.

Hope that helps.

Hi there .o/

I found some sort of "bug", which is actually something I've seen in several applications so far.

Here are the steps to reproduce:
- have the program's window opened, but not maximized
- reduce it to the task bar
- close the program by right-clicking its button in the taskbar and selecting "Close this window"

When you run the program again, its window doesn't show, even if you click the button on the taskbar (which would normally restore the window).

From what another developer told me a while back, that is related to how Windows treats window reduction: it just moves the window to coordinates "far, far away" outside of the desktop's resolution. Thus when you close the program, it saves those coordinates... and when it runs again, its window is always at a position outside of the desktop.

You still can make it visible again by maximizing the window (using the system menu which you can bring up with Alt + spacebar), but it's kinda not cool having to do so.
You could also edit the coordinates in the user.config file somewhere under "%localappdata%\TextManipulationUtility" to have it back into the visible area of the desktop… but it would be much better if the program checked whether or not the coordinates specified in there are visible or not according to the current desktop's resolution, and if not, reset the window's position.

Not the author but in .net (CSharp) anyway developers can check for minimized programs and account for that...Here is an example if it will help anyone.  As noted not complete code, but might get coders a start with it.

Example Save Settings (Not Complete Code) CSharp
Code: C# [Select]
  1. if (this.WindowState == FormWindowState.Maximized || this.WindowState == FormWindowState.Minimized)
  2. {
  3.     SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.Left = this.RestoreBounds.Left;
  4.     SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.Top = this.RestoreBounds.Top;
  5.     SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.Width = this.RestoreBounds.Width;
  6.     SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.Height = this.RestoreBounds.Height;
  8.     if (this.WindowState == FormWindowState.Minimized)
  9.     {
  10.         SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.wasMaximized = false;
  11.     }
  12.     else
  13.     {
  14.         SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.wasMaximized = true;
  15.     }
  16. }
  17. else
  18. {
  19.     SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.Left = this.Left;
  20.     SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.Top = this.Top;
  21.     SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.Width = this.Width;
  22.     SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.Height = this.Height;
  23.     SaveSettingsData.ClosedState.wasMaximized = false;
  24. }

Example Load Settings (Not Complete Code) CSharp
Code: C# [Select]
  1. this.Left = LoadSettingsData.ClosedState.Left;
  2. this.Top = LoadSettingsData.ClosedState.Top;
  3. this.Width = LoadSettingsData.ClosedState.Width;
  4. this.Height = LoadSettingsData.ClosedState.Height;
  6. if (LoadSettingsData.ClosedState.wasMaximized == true)
  7. {
  8.     this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;
  9. }
  10. else if (LoadSettingsData.ClosedState.wasMaximized == false)
  11. {
  12.     this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Normal;
  13. }

Note: It will even restore back down correctly after an application restart if it was maximized too with my example I believe.

Did you know you can add the "Portable Extension Warlock - Launcher (PEW_Launch.exe by default) as an icon when it is displayed as a toolbar (not a menu) and have it function has a drop zone for files without needing to use my PEW_DropZone.exe?

Sample of the LaunchBar Commander setup tab

Portable Extension Warlock can be found here.

Before/After adding the launcher remember to configure it with the PortableExtensionWarlock.exe configuration editor to point to your portable programs. Then you can drag and drop to the icon in LaunchBar Commander for portable file extensions skipping the one's used by the system if the extension is found in my program.

Disclaimer: I am the author of Portable Extension Warlock which was did as part of NANY 2012 and can also be found here.

The one thing that puzzles me is they claim it's all "at the price of one cappuccino a month" but the pricing plans page says it's $20/mo. That sounds like one expensive cappuccino to me!

It still says that if you view the source and look at the description in 2 spots.


Vivaldi in the Settings only allows you switch between Alt + Enter and Shift + Enter at the moment the way it appears. One workaround at the moment for Vivaldi is to press F2 (Default for Quick Commands.) and type it in that.

You might need to take a look at Automatic Screenshotter.  Sound's like what you may be wanting.

Also welcome to the forums. :)

N.A.N.Y. 2008 / Re: Coin Jar Calculator
« on: April 28, 2017, 06:04 PM »
Hamradio's CoincCalc has been going strong for 10 years.
It's fun to read the comments:

Thanks mouser and indeed it is. :)

Thanks for the reply ham. nice to see you :)

I was JUST about to post that I believe I figured out my issue and Open++ works for my needs for now.  I would absolutely love if skwire would create something like Open++ because it's discontinued, outdated, and buggy. It's sort of like a "Splat for right click context menu" :D

Here's a picture of the final result I just finished with!
PIC: http://i.imgur.com/fZ36ERr.png

I wish I could move the Open++ menu a lot higher :(

You're very welcome. Glad you figured out what you was wanting. Great to see you on the forums as well. :)

Are you just wanting it to open file extensions through the send to menu or executable files?

If file extensions (other than executable files) you could try my program that I made called Portable Extension Warlock at: http://www.donationc...ndex.php?topic=27928

After you set it up you can setup a send to menu shortcut to the launcher that will launch the extension in the program you specify and if more than one program can handle that extension it can popup a dialog asking which program you would like to open it with.  No dll in right click menu just a shortcut that will pass the filename to the launcher after you setup your extensions.

N.A.N.Y. 2017 / NANY 2017 Release: Command Blocks Warlock
« on: December 12, 2016, 07:41 AM »
NANY 2017 Entry Information

Application Name Command Blocks Warlock
Version 1.0.0 build 1
Short Description Store commonly used minecraft command block commands for easy find/replace of certain fields.
Supported OSes Tested on Windows 10 64 bit.
Web Page None currently.
Download Link Command Blocks Warlock - (from carrolld.dcmembers.com) Approx 638 KB download.
License USE/MISUSE AT YOUR OWN RISK! NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND! Do not distribute. Instead link to this topic please!
System Requirements
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Obviously a computer...
Version History
"Version 1.x.x build x"
  • 1.0.0 build 1 initial public version

Author hamradio

Allows you to quickly store commonly used minecraft command block commands for easy find/replace of certain certain fields when you need to create a new command.

Portable enabled.
Add variables and inputs.
Different types of variables.
Inputs have categories.
Load/Save filled out values.


The main window when its just been launched...


Extract to an application folder outside of the normal program files folder making sure to extract it with folder structure intact.

Using the Application
Extract as noted in the installation instructions, run, and get to creating your list of useful command block commands.

Help File
No help file created at this time.

Just delete the application files.

Known Issues
Currently do not know of any.

Nice find and not to hijack topic but it appears also goes for C++Builder as I tried replacing delphi with cbuilder and it works...


General Software Discussion / Re: win10 whats new
« on: November 14, 2016, 05:28 PM »
Thanks for the "Feedback Hub"

It does not solve my problem but guides to post the problem to MS.

Yes, you can give Microsoft feedback with the Feedback Hub. But they also post announcements of new & upcoming features/changes in the app:

[ Invalid Attachment ]

Is that just for "Window Insiders"? As I see just the hamburger bar, home, person with chat bubble, and then just the gear icon.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: [free] Paste As File giveaway
« on: September 30, 2016, 01:11 PM »
For years I have been accustomed to what (for me) seems to be an ergonomic no-brainer - being able to paste from the Clipboard directly into a folder, and a file is automatically created to hold the contents, either as a .txt (text) file and extension or as a .png (image) file and extension - depending on the contents of the Clipboard being pasted at the time.
I only very occasionally have need to use this functionality.

Same with XYplorer for me. As shown below from the toolbar button for it in the right click menu.

Maybe some ideas in that screenshot for your program as well.


Note: Only a paid licensed user of XYplorer and no other affiliation.

Living Room / ReviewMeta.com - Analyzing reviews from Amazon...
« on: September 22, 2016, 03:13 PM »
ReviewMeta.com analyzes millions of reviews and helps you decide which ones to trust

Click thumbnail for bigger screenshot.

Just a site I found that attempts to weed out bad reviews at: Amazon.com and BodyBuilding.com

I haven't used it for any purchases yet or played with the fine tuning controls they offer...Anyone else have thoughts?

Maybe you can help me with one other thing?  I decided to install only for myself rather than USB.  No matter what I do I cannot get more than 5 dials across in Speed Dial.  I even tried the Download Chrome Extensions extension to put in Fast Dial as I have that in both FF and SlimJet chrome.  It doesn't work(meaning the chrome extensions hang on install.)  I bump the max columns to 11, whatever in the Speed Dial that comes as default.  Five dial columns is it.  Pretty strange.  :)

If you have changed it in Opera advanced settings in browser sidebar and it is still doing that then perhaps it is something messing with it, as when I change it there it seems to rework it for the new selection.

The stable 40.x release has the VPN now:


I am waiting for the Portable version before trying it.  Mainly because I have legacy Opera 12.18 64 bit installed.  With the portable if I don't like it I can just delete the folder(most likely.)

If you go into the options of the download I believe it has a "Stand-alone installation (USB)" option as seen below...

[ Invalid Attachment ]

I hate it when they fake me out like that.  :)
Thanks.   :Thmbsup:

You're welcome and no problem glad I could help. :)

Note: Also I believe the developer installer also has that option if I remember correctly for those who want to try the latest builds.

The stable 40.x release has the VPN now:


I am waiting for the Portable version before trying it.  Mainly because I have legacy Opera 12.18 64 bit installed.  With the portable if I don't like it I can just delete the folder(most likely.)

If you go into the options of the download I believe it has a "Stand-alone installation (USB)" option as seen below...


I thought of this being able to handle it perhaps...

The Form Letter Machine

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Drag and drop iOS icon maker
« on: June 26, 2016, 02:38 PM »
Wow, how did u find it? It seems perfect to me, although it squezes nonsquared images.

I just searched for: ios icon maker :)

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Drag and drop iOS icon maker
« on: June 24, 2016, 11:14 AM »
Found in a search at google that may be close to the one you mentioned in first post and uses flash: http://www.gieson.co...ilities/icon_slayer/

Living Room / Re: Goodbye to my father
« on: May 23, 2016, 11:03 PM »
My sincere and heartfelt condolences as well. :(

just wanted to say thanks for pop up wisdom. always makes me smile even on crummy days.took a bit to figure out how to use the license key, but all is fine. love the site and all the work you  all do


Welcome to the forum! I'm not the author of the program, but I did see where it was your first post and mouser will be happy to hear that about his program...anyways welcome to the forum hope to see you around more. :)

ai4fu, that is a nice story as well and welcome back after so long being away. :)

Living Room / Re: Twist Tie alternative?
« on: April 21, 2016, 11:28 AM »
Something I just saw in the local $2 shop, (for $2.49 :) ):

Soft coated wire tie, cut it to length, ~4mm in diameter:

Just a note with a different kind I got that looks like the same...Be careful with it as if it is like some I purchased the metal wire from the inside part can start showing from each side occasionally.

Does any of this apply to wireless keyboards?

Given the state of the industry, I'd guess that there's a decent chance that many (non-bluetooth) wireless keyboards have similar design to these mice and are also unencrypted.  If that's the case then your passwords are probably readily readable if you use one of them.

*That* would be cause for some alarm.

According to a certain 2009 pdf by logitech: Advanced_24_Unifying_FINAL070709.pdf

Not sure how much still applies today or if it has advanced further...

Part of Section 4
Computer keyboards process very private or sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, or personal messages. Since the range of an Advanced 2.4 GHz device may reach several tens of meters in an open environment, it is critical to take adequate measures to prevent eavesdropping. Advanced 2.4 GHz applies state-of-the-art encryption to the keyboard reports. Since the displacements of a mouse would not give any useful information to a hacker, the mouse reports are not encrypted.

My ... So to all the ones who buy a cheaper wireless keyboard is it worth investing in a better keyboard instead of a cheaper alternative if you do not know if it encrypts the data...
(I am not affiliated with any keyboard/mice company just my observation.)

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