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We modified the latest psybnc (2.3.2-5) to support mircryption (and fish/blow), including the new cbc encryption keys. Just prefix keys with 'mcps;' or 'cbc;'. You can download it here. Run this on your local pc to make any client compatible with mircryption.

SUPER IMPORTANT: running psybnc on a remote pc and using encryption is a SEVERE security risk(!), and you will be exposing your encryption keys to anyone who can sniff traffic or access the computer running the psybnc if you do not use this properly!!!!!

You should only be using psybnc encryption if you are running psybnc on the same computer as your client or on a lan computer (which will allow you to use it to mircryption-enable any irc client), or if you are using SSL to connect to your psybnc.




























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