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Want to make your existing eggdrop script be able to send and receive encrypted text?

McEggdrop (tcleggdrop_mcpsfuncs) is a complete script which automatically makes your other eggdrop scripts mircryption compatible (able to read and speak encrypted text for mircryption and +OK blowcrypt).

Please remember that giving your eggdrop bot the key used on a channel can be a huge security risk if you don't run your own shell, because it means the shell owner will be able to examine your eggdrop files and determine your channel key.

Download Now:
Current verion: 1.00.30 (March 19,2014)

Special thanks to those that helped with McEggdrop (heidel, bounty, slask, stdragon, and #egghelp channel, esp. Pixelz and slim).

Latest changes with version 1.00.30:

# updated 07/19/05 by bounty - added new cbc encryption code to mceggdrop, using existing tcl cbc libraries. [bounty's cbc_functions integrated into to mcegdrop by mouser]
# updated 11/27/05 by heidel - fixed trigger count for mc binds table (visible through .mcbinds partyline command)
# updated 02/20/06 by mouser - improved (but not tested yet) ability to prevent text from being encrypted if prefixed with ' or NOCRYPT
# updated 08/27/06 by heidel - fixed esay and emsg for eggdrop 1.6.18
# updated 11/17/07 by heidel - fixed putmsg/putnotc
# - no longer suppressing error messages from triggered bind procs and invalid put commands
# - correctly handling options in put commands (e.g. putserv "test" -next)
# updated 3/19/14 by WtF - fixed tcl functions of the form "set x y" to correctly be "set x $y"






















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