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MircryptionBoard provides a mircryption-compatible news/message board for use in your irc channels. It consists of a small helper script for mirc clients, and separate code for handling the newsboard administration, which would typically be run using an eggdrop robot on an irc shell, but can also be run as a script from a user's local mirc.

Some features of the MircryptionBoard news/message board..

  • The newsboard stores blowfish encoded text only. It has no decryption code, it simply serves as a repository for transfering mircryption(blowfish) messages between users. No keys are ever kept on the eggdrop shell, which means no assumptions are made about the integrity of the shell hosting the news bot.
  • Supports unlimited number of user-defined sections for organizing posts, with independent permissions for setting who can add/delete posts and create new sections, etc.
  • Can record topic histories in a given section.
  • News administration program can run on an eggdrop through a tcl script or as a local mirc script run by a user who is consistently connected to the server.
  • Source code is standard C++, tiny tcl wrapper for eggdrop, 60k mirc script for client.
  • News server runs on any shell eggdrop; client runs on MS Windows only.

This addon can be found in the Suite Download of mircryption, and works with the the mirc version of the mircryption addon only.



















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