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*Recently (Jan 2005) recompiled and brought up to date to work with the latest PGP 8.x (and previous versions). [MPgp is possible due to the great open source pgp components for delphi coded by Michael in der Wiesche].

MircryptionPgp is a public-key cryptographic add-on for mIRC version 5.9x and 6.x, for use with the Mircryption addon.

The goal of this free cryptographic add-on to mirc is to provide easy and secure generation and exchange of mircryption channel keys (plus some other public key encryption features).

  • Two levels of safety: choose between maximum convenience and maximum security.
  • Invulnerable to man-in-the-middle attack when used with trusted independent pgp keys (level two).
  • Automatically authenticate your pgp identy over irc, or send small files through irc.
  • All transmissions occur through the irc server and irc proxies/bnc - ips are never revealed.
  • Uses standard pgp keyrings - compatible with your existing pgp keys and you can use all pgp features, keyservers, etc.
  • Requires an installation of Pgp 6.5x or greater (note: PGP source code is avail. on the net).
  • Employs Counterpane Lab's Yarrow PRNG.
  • Source code is Borland C++ Builder, and 18k mirc script.
  • For MS Windows only (not available for xchat/unix).
  • People mostly prefer to use the FishDH addon to exchange keys, but Mpgp is still available for the security conscious.
  • MPgp seems to suffer from occassional crashing, and is being phased-out in favor of a new key exchange system to be implemented in the next version of mircryption.

This addon can be found in the Suite Download of mircryption, and works with the the mirc version of the mircryption addon only.










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