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Mircryption Encrypted Log Viewer is a stand-alone utility that works with Mircryption's encrypted logging function to provide comprehensive management, viewing, and searching of your log files.

  • Works with both encrypted logs and normal non-encrypted logs.
  • Search all log files for multiple strings at the same time - get a summary of # of occurences in each file.
  • Keywords are highlighted in the current log being viewed; easy search within the current log file.
  • Re-encrypt plaintext logs or remove encryption from encrypted logs; commandline use for batch operations.
  • Url highlighting and double-click to launch.
  • Quick-launch from within mircryption.
  • Sort by date, name, size, search hits.
  • Source code is Borland C++ Builder.
  • For MS Windows only (not available for xchat/unix).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to use the new CBC style keys for your encrypted logs (see this page for more information about the chosen/known plaintext attack vulnerability with ECB mode).

This addon can be found in the Suite Download of mircryption, and works with the the mirc version of the mircryption addon only.















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