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Mircryption is an Open Source project, consisting of a variety of interrelated addons, programs, and scripts, that provide secure encryption for internet relay chat (irc).

The center piece of mircryption is an addon for the mirc irc client, but mircryption now supports several other clients (including xchat), as well as the psybnc irc bouncer and the eggdrop irc bot program.


March 7, 2011

Mircryption 1.20.01 - Democracy Revolution Edition

This is just a zip repackaging of the previous version of mircryption, suitable for install in the new Mirc 7 and on Windows Vista/7 machines; we are moving away from using setup installers from here on out.

August 08 2008

irssi plugin released

At long last an irssi script/plugin has been released which can do mircryption (and fish) compatible encryption/decryption, and even supports the more secure mircryption CBC mode. Written by John Sennesael (Gothi[c]). Discuss on the dc forum here

November 17 2007

Heidel fixes for tcleggdrop_mcpsfuncs have been posted:
Fixes: fixed putmsg/putnotc - no longer suppressing error messages from triggered bind procs and invalid put commands. Correctly handling options in put commands (e.g. putserv "test" -next)

For more info and download visit the mircryption eggdrop page.

August 20 2007

Mircryption/XChat Unofficial Early Release Page

Gregor Jehle has been doing great working tweaking the XChat port of mircryption, and he's created a nice page where he will now be maintaining the latest unofficial Mircryption/XChat version.

April 09 2007

Mircryption 1.19.01 Released


Mirc Win32 - added variable to disable space-to-160 conversions (set %mc_multispacefix to no)
Mirc Win32 - fixed minor bug on line 2654 referencing $ename should have been %ename - thanks Cham
Mirc Win32 - now %mc_uniqueserverkeys = yes will ADD network prefixes to ensure uniqueness between servers when using mirc multiserve
Mirc Win32 - added ability to explicitly alias or dealias channel names, just set %mc_cnamealias_#CHANNAME #CHANNAMEALIAS
Mirc Win32 - nick tracking is now disabled by default
Mirc XChat - updated the xchat source version with some major improvements by gjehle to fix action bug, color highlighting bug, and other stuff(Gregor Jehle) (see this thread)

September 30 2006

McEggdrop Eggdrop Functions Updated


# updated 07/19/05 by bounty - added new cbc encryption code to mceggdrop, using existing tcl cbc libraries. [bounty's cbc_functions integrated into to mcegdrop by mouser]
# updated 11/27/05 by heidel - fixed trigger count for mc binds table (visible through .mcbinds partyline command)
# updated 02/20/06 by mouser - improved (but not tested yet) ability to prevent text from being encrypted if prefixed with ' or NOCRYPT
# updated 08/27/06 by heidel - fixed esay and emsg for eggdrop 1.6.18

January 27 2006

Serious Security Bug - All Users Should Update

This is the first time in 4+ years that we've had reason to release a security update for mircryption..

Today (1/27/06) we were alerted by the people at RainbowCrack-Online that they had discovered a buffer overflow risk in the mircryption dll, which could be demonstrated by a program called ircfuzz by Ilja van Sprundel. Ircfuzz generates and floods a mirc client with huge amounts of random data, and it turns out that mircryption does not sufficiently protect itself from the possibility of abnormally long channel names or nick names(>255 characters).

While it is not possible for a normal user to trigger such an attack, it is still possible that a malicious server owner could send commands that could crash your irc client while running mircryption, or possibly exploit the buffer overflow in order to execute malicious code.

While we know of no existing exploit of this bug in the wild, this should be considerd a SERIOUS risk, and all mircryption users should update immediately.

Both the mircryption.mrc script and mircryption.dll files as of version 1.15.00 have been redundantly fixed to protect against flaw.

You can update using the online updater, or by installing the new version over your old version, or by manually downloading and replaceing the new mircryption.dll and mircryption.mrc files on the download page.

Thank you to rainbow-crack-online for alerting us to this bug.

January 23 2005

More Code for Other Languages

New submissions of code to perform fish+mircryption compatible encryption+decryption from Delphi and Ruby.

January 09 2005

Update of Java Mircryption Script

Minor update of k2r's micryption compatible blowfish routines.

August 15 2005

New Symbian/Uiq Phone(Pda) Irc Client

The first mircryption/fish compatible handheld phone/pda irc implementation is now available for symbian/uiq smartphones: Quirc (donate!).

July 18 2005

tcleggdrop_mcpsfuncs (mceggdrop) Updated to v1.00.26

Heidel has brought us fixes and new functions, including the long-asked-for esay+emsg commands from the telnet partyline to make your eggdrop speak encrypted.

He also brings us a huge new version of the mckey.tcl bonus script (originally coded by slask and now extensively improved and documented by heidel) for setting mceggdrop eggdrop keys from the partyline and using a botnet. While still considered in beta testing, this script may be invaluable for you botnet and partyline people.

June 27 2005

Mircryption Packages Updated to v1.11.27

The Full Suite and Lite version setup pacakges available on the main download page have now been updated to the latest versions; see the online help or update file on the beta download page for full information.

No major features or security risks have been added since the last package, but tons of little fixes.


mircryption is a SourceForge Certified open source project

NOTE: This is the new official page of mircryption, maintained by same author, under same license. mircryption always has been and will always remain open source software. the new site is part of a larger project and let's us give mircryption a home where we have more control over the server and a better forum, etc. The actual downloads are still hosted on the sourceforge site. The main releases remain pgp signed with the same key I've been using for many years.


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