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The various mircryption programs and scripts include substantial work by various authors.

The main coder for mircryption is mouser ( This code is all licensed as open source under the zlib open source lincense, which basically says you can use it for whatever you want as long as you give clear credit. Some other code (including the actual crypto algorithms) may be licensed differently; see below for more information.

The Blowfish algorithm (standard blowfish-448) is used to encrypt all traffic and to encrypt the master keyfile. Blowfish uses a single (symmetric) encryption decription key which must be shared between the parties who are talking.

The blowfish encryption/decryption routines and some dll support functions were orginally taken from Gustavo Picon's mirc blowfish dll source code; there is not much of Gustavo's original dll code left here, but it was Gustavo's dll project that started this project ( The dll itself actually just wraps blowfish routines written by Bruce Schneier (author of the famous Applied Cryptography book) and Jim Conger. It is jim conger's actual unmodified c++ source code from the counterpane website that is used in mircryption.

As of version 1.11.02 (January 10, 2005), a new implementation of Blowfish and Base64 encoding has been added to mircryption for use with cbc mode keys (the original implementation is still used for ecb mode). The implementation of Blowfish for CBC mode is from by George Anescu; the base64 code used is from 'The Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++', By John Viega, Matt Messier.

The MircryptionPgp component uses phil zimmerman's pgp libraries and public-key encryption to securely exchange keys, and the Yarrow pseudo-random-number generator (Bruce Schneier and John Kelsey) to generate random channel keys.

Most of the hard work done by the MircryptionPgp component is done by the free PGP DLL libraries. PGP was originally developed by Phil Zimmerman (, and later distributed by Network Associates ( Although Network Associates stopped development of PGP, in August of 2002 the newly formed PGP Corporation announced that development of PGP would continue under new management. PGP is also maintained at mit ( which is a good place to look for more information. Additional downloads can be found at the international pgp home page ( Source code and binaries for pgp is available on these sites.

The MircryptionPgp addon was written using Borland C++ Builder 5; Michael in der Wiesche's excellent and comprehensive delphi wrappers for the pgp dlls were essential ( Source code for the delphi wrappers is available on that site.

To generate cryptographically secure random channel keys with the MircryptionPgp component, Counterpane Lab's Yarrow was used ( This is a well-respected prng developed by Bruce Schneier and John Kelsey. Source code and binaries for yarrow are available on that site.

The mircryption script includes encrypted logging functions which are based on '(advanced logging) v1.0' by ash ( The original dll skeleton code was based on work by tabo ( some c++ coding in xchat port by xro and hadez. Some mirc code for the mcupdater script was adapted from 'Downloader v1.0' by |nsane ( A small function was adapted from 'Multi-Kreate Directory' by zack^ ( Koncool has provided much help mircryptifying other mirc scripts.

The eggdrop scripts were possible with generous help from several pro tcl scripters, most notably stdragon from and from the #egghelp channel on efnet, Pixelz and slim.

We have made use of the wonderful Diffie-Hellman key exchange dll written by the author of the Fish addon.

Many people in #mircryption have contributed substantially to this project, but in providing addon utilities and porting mircryption to other languages, but also just by provided useful suggestions and invaluable testing, including but not limited to housetier, kd, n2u, PyRoZ, ciro, tretnrez, Yun, M|P, Zinc, champi, TU, louv, and many more. Thanks to those who have helped with the graphics for the site and contributed to the humour page, especially anshar and flowpass for his wonderful squirrel mp3s.

I've probably left people off this list uninentionally - please contact me and let me know or let me know on #mircryption on efnet. Special thanks to Gregor Jehle for lots of work improving the xchat version of mircryption.


Please do not use this software for immoral activities; use it because you're irrationally paranoid about things no one cares about.

We believe in karma.


Mircryption isn't a single application, it consists of many related tools; visit the various pages to learn about all of the different mircryption components. Please support work on this Open Source project by making a small donation. | About Us