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Occasionally we also make available the very latest builds of individual components, which are generally considered stable. These downloads do not come with instructions or installers and they are not pgp signed (this is just to let us update these frequently and easily).

NOTE: these files are only for updating an existing installation - you must first install mircryption using one of the main packages before upgrading with these files.

Instructions for installing these latest files:

  1. Use the web updater /mcupdate to check for and install the lastest mircryption .mrc + .dll.
  2. download these files and replace your existing files in your mirc/mircryption with these (these files are only for upgrading an existing installation).
  3. either restart your mirc OR for each .mrc file you downloaded do /reload -rs1 mircryption/xxxx.mrc from within mirc.




















Mircryption isn't a single application, it consists of many related tools; visit the various pages to learn about all of the different mircryption components. Please support work on this Open Source project by making a small donation. | About Us