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JrDebugLogger is a C++ Programmer's Toolkit. It consists of a set of Open Source, Cross Platform header files for C++ that you can add to your applications in order to support advanced debug-logging, and an optional Microsoft Windows application for capturing debug messages in real time and allowing you to view/sort/search them in an efficient manner.

What is Debug-Logging?
Debug-Logging (sometimes known as printf-debugging) is when you add print statements to your code so that you can see the values of certains variables and where the program is at certain times. It also supports unit testing support functions.

This is the right tool for you if..


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Super Easy to Use:

// Sample JrDebugLogger Program. First include the Debugging Library file
#include "jrdebug_main.cpp"
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  // C++ iostreams style logging:
  debugout << "Main started with argc = "<<argc;
  // printf style logging:
  dbprintf("Main started with argc=%d",argc);
  // return success
  return 0;

Lots of Output Options:


  • A variety of flexible output formats including html, xml,csv, etc. (see example).
  • Completely redesigned system for interfacing with output formatters.
  • Even smaller (totally insignificant) footprint when debug compiling is turned off.
  • More Unit Testing support structures.
  • Better handling of nested activities.
  • More powerful commandline parsing and option setting.


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