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ABOUT US: What exactly is this site all about?

Click to read more about the philosophy and motivation behind this site.

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Select from tons of short video tours of various features of our website. Learn about secret areas on our website, and how to donate, give out and receive credits, enter the drawings, and much more..

Where's the software to download - and is it free?

There are over 50 programs available on this site - all free for use without restriction.  Many are profressional-quality, award winning programs that have been featured in magazines around the world. But you do need to sign up to grab a freeware license key.

How/Where do I download a freeware license key?

In order to encourage donations, some of our programs require non-members to sign up at our forum and download a freeware license key to remove a nag screen.

Is there a Forum where can I get support for the programs and talk with other users?

We have an extremely active user forum where you can get support for any of our programs and discuss a wide variety of issues surrounding software, both commercial and free.

I've made a donation, now what?

Create an account on our forum and then sign in and go to your forum profile page. Enter the upgrade code sent to you via email when you donated.

Do you have a list of other sites on the web that you recommend?

Yes, we keep a constantly updated list of links to what we consider the best sites on the web.

How do I get my free Member Kit?

All donating and honorary members of the site may request a silly Member Kit free via post as a sign of our appreciation.

Where's the last Newsletter and what's the latest news about the site?

To catch up with past news and the most interesting forum posts, you can read all of our past newsletters online in our forum.

Where are your famous software reviews?

You can visit our unique review archive and browse through all of our past reviews - you're unlikely to find more comprehensive recommendations anywhere else on the web.

What current software discounts and giveaways are available?

Each month we arrange new discounts for our members and give away software that is donated to us by companies. Click to read about the latest discounts and to enter the latest free software drawing.

How do I join the site - and how much should I donate?

You can currently become a lifetime supporting member of our site by making a one-time donation of any amount you choose.  We hope that you'll be generous and help us to grow.

DonationCredits? Micro-donations? is one of only a handfull of sites on the internet boasting our own micro-donation system, where members can easily support work they like by giving out credits that can be redeemed for cash.

Do you have a list of past donators and current supporters of the site?

Of course! We depend on the generosity of our members to fund this site - you can see a list of supporting (donating) members on our Supporter Yearbook page.

What do others think about

Read what others have said about our site and our software.

What's the new Radio Show Podcast?

We've just started a new feature, a monthly audio radio show podcast on software and computers, and featuring guest spots by various people on the forum. Give it a listen or submit a segment for the next show!

Who should I contact if I have a question that isn't addressed here?

If you don't feel comfortable posting your question on the forum, visit our contact page and send us an email or snail mail letter.

We have tried hard to figure out a way to make a small amount of money from our software, without having to resort to the traditional approach of restricted and time-limited shareware. We are not doing this to get rich, we are doing it because we think it's a cool idea and we hope it will eventually manage to at least pay for itself. | About Us