30 Days of DC
In August 2009 I pledged to record one screencast per day for the entire month, demonstrating an aspect of one of my software programs. After the first 30 screencasts I decided to continue the experiment through September 2009 with 30 more days of screencasting. This page collects all of the these screencasts.  -mouser

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Saturday August 22, 2009

cabinet Screenshot - 8_22_2009 , 12_45_11 AM_thumb.png

30 Days of DonationCoder Screencasts - Day 22 - The External Tools Tab in FARR

DAY 22:

Today's video takes a look at the External Tools Tab in FARR:


Sorry today's video is so lame.. they get better soon.

The entire screencast video series can be seen here:

posted by mouser donate to mouser - August 22, 2009, 12:46 AM
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