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Version 2.239.01 - Jan 22, 2020

[BugFix] Incorrect icons were showing for 64bit apps on some computers (Win10?)
[Feature] Added some built in environment variables that can be passed to aliases, etc.: %FARRWINWIDTH%, %FARRWINHEIGHT%, %FARRWINLEFT%, %FARRWINTOP%. See here for complete list.
[BugFix] Improved handling of double quotes in alias results.
[BugFix] Improved display of some alias results with arguments.
[Improvement] When specifying the /ICON= parameter for alias results, FARR will now look in the default icons/ directory if a custom icon is not found relative to the current alias directory.
[Improvement] Settings file location shown in about box.
[BugFix] The advanced AliasDirs user variable was not expanding environment strings.


Version 2.234.01 - Feb 11, 2019

[BugFix] The htmlviewurl command used to display a web page in the FARR window was not urlencoding some urls, so that the + sign in urls was not being encoded properly.
[Feature] New virtual launch string (command) to run a script/executable and grab output as a list of results to display: appcapresults.
[Feature] New virtual launch string (command) to read a text file and display as a list of results (very similar to the special #filecontents alias results, but can be chained with other commands): fileresults.


Version 2.233.01 - Feb 10, 2018

[BugFix] Titlebar with date and time in it (Advanced Visuals options tab) was being overwritten with fixed date/time.
[Improvement] Variable replacements (like %APPDRIVE%) are now performed on external tools paths, making them more suitable for portable use.
[Improvement] Added context-menu item to copy all result paths to clipboard.
[Feature] Added an advanced-user feature for customizing the htmlview mode using a custom css style sheet.  See the Html View Mode help page for more info.


Version 2.232.01 - May 24, 2017

[Feature] New ability to specify custom directories to load additional alias files from (could be used to point to a shared dropbox folder for example, to aid synchronizing accross pcs).
[Feature] New ability to specify custom search folder paths  (could be used to point to a shared dropbox folder for example, to aid synchronizing accross pcs).


Version 2.229.01 - March 24, 2017

[MajorFeature] First High-dpi compatible version beta.
[BugFix] Commandline arguments could be truncated at only 255 character length.
[BugFix] Custom titlebar was sometimes being blank after installing an update over a running instance.
[Feature] You can now choose any icon image file as your tray icon.
[Improvement] Improved the way some custom font override settings look.


Version 2.226.01 - June 26, 2015

[BugFix] Network folders in history or recent file/folder list could cause hang during searching.


Version 2.224.01 Beta - May 6, 2015

[BugFix] Fixed issue where double quotes in alias results were causing failure to launch result and bad icons.
[BugFix] On the "Search Behavior" tab, if you enabled the option to "Remove duplicate links to same target", but disabled the option to "Resolve shortcuts when adding items to results", it would not actually remove duplicate links.
[Improvement] The environment resolution testing field on the Tweaks tab now does not require % to be specified for simple environmental variable testing.
[BugFix] Fixed some spelling errors on options dialog.


Version 2.223.01 - Apr 28, 2015

[Feature] A new "Quick Search Words" tab in options allows you to specify quick search word replacements; here you can quickly specify words that have alternate meanings when typed into the search box.  Start each line with a search word, followed by = and then the replacement text.  For example, if you would like to be able to type "ff" to search for "firefox" you can specify that here as "ff = firefox".  This just makes it much easier to do certain simple things without using aliases.  Note that replacements will only be made on word boundaries ("ff" will not match "eff").
[Feature] On History Options you can now choose to have FARR automatically add all applications that you launch outside of FARR (that have foreground windows), automatically added to FARR launch history; this makes them visible in main window on display, and makes them faster to find.
[Feature] New option to require search words to match on left hand boundaries of words (whether contiguous enabled or not) -- can be useful in reducing spurious matches.
[Feature] Added field where you can test how FARR will resolve a path with environment or other special % replacements, on Tweaks and Debugging tab.
[Change] If only one result is being shown in directory browsing mode, FARR won't autoswitch into small report display mode; this is nicer to look at when using an absolute path to a file and makes clearer when there is a unique result in directory browsing mode, and makes it more convenient to use the Quick Search Words to specify an explicit file path.
[Bugfix] Non-contiguous scoring had a bug which might allow some results to list which should not (though it would give them a very low score).
[Bugfix] Using spacebar to toggle checkboxes in the hotkey, searchfolder, pattern lists was not saving changes.
[Bugfix] Launched *folders* were no longer opening on Windows XP.
[Bugfix] Using Ctrl+# or Ctrl+Enter to launch apps should keep FARR window open AND focused, regardless of FARR window behavior configured on Window options tab.
[Bugfix] Some users on Windows 8 were not seeing large icons in results.


Version 2.218.01 - Mar 25, 2015

[Bugfix] Fixed issue with some alias icons and some launching of aliases related to a path resolution problem.


Version 2.217.01 - Mar 18, 2015

[Feature] FARR now understands how to search certain windows registry keys to find lists of recently saved documents and recently run applications; if configured in search folder paths it will search these lists quickly.  You can also view them explicitly by typing: "historyr".  See the "History" option tab for more information and options.
[Feature] You can now customize the fixed font used when memo display is showing fixed font output (such as when displaying result of console output, appcap output, etc.).
[Feature] You can now drop files onto the search edit box and it will append them to existing search comments.
[Feature] Alias results can now contain % environmental variables.
[BugFix] Reset to defaults option on custom font settings tab was not resetting all options.
[BugFix] Hint for "Use generic icons for folders" option was wrong.
[BugFix] Option for "Do not add network drive paths to lauch history (they can slow search)" under Settings/Search Behavior was not being saved.
[BugFix] Right-click menu items for custom alias entries with custom /ICON values were not triggering correctly.
[Change] Changed the way shortcut (.lnk) icons are resolved for display --  waiting for reports if this helps or hurts.


Version 2.215.01 - May 11, 2013

[MinorFeature] Added special search modifier +launchone that will launch the matching alias as soon as there is only one result in display.


Version 2.213.01 - Nov 29, 2013

[Tweak] Option to use generic filetype icons for network drives listed in options to avoid slowdowns.
[Tweak] Improved icon lookup times (but still some improvements remain to be done, stay tuned).
[Tweak] Added tweaks+debugging tab in options.


Version 2.211.01 - August 26, 2013

[BugFix] In previous versions an english language keyboard layout could be loaded at startup and not unloaded in some cases.
[Change] FARR used to have a setting for periodic update checking; periodic update checking is no longer supported.  Starting with this version there is a new setting on the initial General Options tab that says whether an update check should be performed at program startup.  If user wants to check for updates more frequently they can trigger an update check explicitly from the options dialog or tray menu.
[BugFix] FARR will not minimize on loss of focus when options form is visible.


Version 2.207.01 - Feb 16, 2013

[BugFix] Autocomplete of directories on network mapped drives was not adding trailing \ character (thanks josh).


Version 2.206.01 - Jan 7, 2013

[MinorFeature] Added option to not differentially score different results within a single alias when using regex filtering option for the alias.
[MinorFeature] Added some plugin settable/getable values to bypass % variable replacement: showhtmlraw, rawuservar, launchmeta
[BugFix] Plugins were not being given a chance to act on explicit directory browsing (e.g. no custom statusbar icons)
[BugFix] querynokeywords being passed to plugins was not correct, it was including keywords.
[BugFix] AppCapAppendMemo functions were starting out with "Hello" in memo.
[BugFix] AppCap function could hang FARR if it was repeatedly invoked many times per second.
[Kludge] You can now use ;;, to separate multiple launch strings when specifying farr:// links inside html pages.
Thanks to DC member ewemoa for all the help with this release.


Version 2.203.01 - Oct 22, 2012

[BugFix] FARR would not launch files with hidden spaces at the END of the filename.
[BugFix] FARR was not showing proper icons for shortcuts that use custom icons.
[Change] Changed default heuristic score of folder as % of file score from 90 to 50, because folders were showing up above files in some cases.
[Documentation] Added info about using CapsLock to trigger FARR.
[MinorFeature] Added option to not launch results via function keys.


Version 2.200.01 - Sep 25, 2012

[Feature] Built in replacement vars (e.g. %WINDIR%) now accept lowercase version as well (%windir%)
[Feature] Environmental replacement now performed in search box text.
[Feature] New option to use generic icons for folders when directory browsing -- speeds up win8 browsing and in cases where custom dynamic folder icons are used.
[Feature] Added auto-completing environmental variable listing feature/alias; type % to see list of all environmental variables.
[BugFix] Last selected alias file was not always remembered between runs.
[MinorChange] Right-clicking on a result to bring up context menu now stops any running search.
[Improvement] Small improvement in caching item icons for faster display of updating search results.
[BugFix] Fixed crash when displaying dates on files whose file timestamp is after year 9999.
[Feature] You can now tell FARR what to do when you hit enter and there are no results showing, by setting the new option on the Launching Files tab (this used to require creating a special noresults alias); FARR will remind you of this the first time you hit enter when there are no results.
[Feature] Added shellexec special virtual launch string command that simulates typing a line into a dos command console (e.g. supports arguments and will launch executables on the system path); changed default run alias to use.
[Feature] First experimental attempt to have CapsLock trigger for FARR preserve caps lock state.
[Feature] New experimental tweak option on Display Options tab, labeled "Speed up display by avoiding lookup of some icons"; disabled by default (enable if some search results cause a pause in your FARR when displaying them).
[Change] Removed Ctrl+Alt+O shortcut, as it could conflict with some diacriticals.
[Feature] In directory browsing mode, left arrow and ctrl+backspaces and ctrl+arrows now back up by \ characters not spaces.
[Improvement] Improved speed of large directory listings.
[Change] Default options are now to show 100 (previously was 30) entries in directory browsing mode; and not show more by default (previous was to do +sall) on directory browsing.
[Feature] New alias options to show certain aliases only on certain versions of windows (used in control panel alias).
[Feature] Brand new Windows-8 updated control panel alias (cpanel) and windows admin control center (mmc), created by DC member Josh.
[Feature] Added new "Add Alias" button to alias tab, which automatically brings user to the myaliases.alias file if the currently selected alias file is read-only.
[Improvement] Miscellaneous improvements to working with aliases and other options lists; now remembers your position in the list as you edit/add/delete items.
[Major Improvement] Huge speedup in displaying results in some cases, Huge speedup in directory browsing speeds.
[Improvement] Ctrl+Shift+Enter launches item as administrator (elevated privileges) and works with shellexec; use /runasadmin to create an alias that does this without ctrl+shift.


Version 2.106.01 - July 6, 2012

[BugFix] When configured to launch with a WIN+key modifier, and set to capture the text under the keyboard, FARR was triggering WIN+CTRL+C instead of just CTRL+C.


Version 2.105.01 - April 1, 2012

[Feature] New option to position FARR window centered on current monitor when triggered.
[Feature] For portable users, program now checks for ConfigDir_Default.ini if ConfigDir.ini not found; prevents your custom ConfigDir.ini file from being overwritten when unpacking portable distribution zip.
[Feature] For portable users, StartWithWindows option now starts unchecked on first use, if running in portable mode.
[Feature] ConfigDir.ini directory now supports environmental variable replacement, including %COMPUTERNAME%.
[Feature] Pressing Ctrl while you hit Enter will now launch the selected (or first if in search box) item AND keep the FARR window open.
[Doc] Added note about excluding FARR from Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus for better performance.


Version 2.104.01 - Feb 14, 2012

[MajorFeature] Executable and setup are now digitally signed for extra security; instead of a zip-compatible installer, there are now 2 separate downloads for installer and portable version.
[BugFix] When using the -launch commandline call, and several other unusual places where files were launched, custom plugins were not being given a chance to take over launching.
[BugFix] Some windows 7 start menu items were failing to launch (for example the Snipping tool)
[MinorFeature] Added context menu item to run the selected result "as admin"
[MinorFeature] New option in custom font overides to set statusbar font size same as small text fontsize.


Version 2.102.03 - Oct 4, 2011

[BugFix] Restores previous custom myaliases.alias.bak file automatically if it was erased by previous installer bug.
[MinorFeature] Better backing up of alias files after editing.


Version 2.102.02 - Oct 3, 2011

[BugFix] Alias contents that used % variables were not showing their application icons if a default icon was specified for alias -- thanks Ulf.
[BugFix] The new advanced option to block saving of settings was enabled by default (STUPID).
[BugFix] The updater dialog was not showing program name.


Version 2.102.01 - Oct 1, 2011

[BugFix]  Document files that started with . were not being launched properly.
[Feature] New option for specifying a custom portable document opener which will be used to launch documents (works well with Portable Extension Warlock).
[Feature] Added command sendkeys to allow alias results to simulate keypresses (alternative to paste); for syntax see here.
[MinorFeature] You can now use % variables and environmental variables in \ICON entries for alias results.
[MinorFeature] Version # now shown in tray icon hint.
[MinorFeature] Added option to prevent FARR from saving settings except when closing Options dialog -- useful ONLY for users on network share or similar scenario.
[MinorFeature] Added option to close after toolbar button launch.
[MinorFeature] Added new value plugins can retrieve, "userdatadir", which points to writeable directory where plugins should store any (uniquely named) configuration files.


Version 2.101.01 - June 7, 2011

[BugFix] The %MYRECENTDOCS% macro was not being expanded.


Version 2.99.01 - June 7, 2011

[MinorFeature] You can now drag files onto custom toolbar button to open them with the toolbar command; as always you can still just select a result and click the toolbar button.
[MinorFeature] You can now use Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete to delete previous and next words from search edit cursor position, and ctrl+left/right arrows to move cursor by words; i still don't know why people use this feature but users demanded it.
[MinorChange] Changed wording of result context menu items for adding scoring rules.
[BugFix] Fixed problem where FARR window would sometimes slightly change size after multiple executions.


Version 2.98.01 - Mar 22, 2011

[MinorFeature] Added ability to set caret position when triggering search via hotkey (put $caret; where you want caret).
[MinorFeature] Eliminated inefficiency when triggering search via hotkey.
[MinorFeature] Added option to do early replacing of %environmental% and user variables in the search text (useful for directory browsing).
[BugFix] Hotkey option to not clear search text was not being obeyed.


Version 2.96.01 - Feb 5, 2011

[BugFix] No more "No Disk in Drive" errors on shortcuts that link to unmounted drives (yay! thanks to all testers)
[MinorFeature] New options on Search Behavior tab to disable shortcut resolving (can speed up search of start menu but prevents search matching real linked filenames)


Version 2.95.01 - Jan 16, 2011

[BugFix] New updater code was popping up options dialog on checking, could result in random display of options dialog every 12 hours for no reason.
[BugFix] The ++arguments method of passing commandline arguements now does not lowercase options
[MinorFeature] Added some commandline options.
[MinorFeature] Added some plugins to list of installable plugins (farrwindowssearch,farrwebmetasearch,farrmilk)


Version 2.93.01 - Nov 21, 2010

[MinorFeature] New minimal built-in update checking (optional) even for users with the DcUpdater tool installed.
[BugFix] Properties dialog now shows on Windows 7.


Version 2.92.01 - Oct 2, 2010

[MinorFeature] Added "balloon" launch command for showing a balloon message


Version 2.91.01 - Aug 28, 2010

[BugFix] Better default icons for web urls (could be blank in previous version)
[MinorFeature] You can now (manually) add urls and "restartsearch ..." entries to the history list


Version 2.90.01 - Aug 18, 2010

[MajorFeature] Faster wakeup display from minimized state (see also the StayInMemoryLonger option on General Options tab)
[Feature] Alias matches now show instantly even when keypress delay option is enabled.
[BugFix] When you do not have "stop on exact alias match" checked and an alias was matched, it could show large numbers of results.
[Feature] New install of farr now adds the search directory %PROGRAMFILES64% which will search in the win64 specific program files directory (not just the Program Files (x86) directory); older users should add this directory manually.
[BugFix] When launch results had an argument that ended in \ it could mess up launching of them
[BugFix] When the option to show FARR in taskbar when active was set, there was an additional delay before FARR could start accepting characters after unminimizing.
[MinorFeature] Added text in options tabs reminding people to right-click to add/edit/delete items.
[MinorFeature] Added version of appcapappendmemo that doesn't scroll to bottom of memo.


Version 2.87.03 - May 4, 2010

[MinorFeature] appcapappendmemo now auto scrolls to bottom of memo.
[MinorFeature] new alias launch string to explicitly go to end of memo  (gomemobottom)
[MinorFeature] modified text in alias dialog to make clear alias name was also trigger text
[MinorFeature] attempt to remove some blinking from memo mode when text doesn't change.
[BugFix] attempt to extend max length of environmental variable replacement in things like search directories
[Feature] you can now refer to the currently selected result (or first result) using a variable replacement (%CURRENTRESULTNB%); especially useful for triggering actions via hotkey.
[Feature] you can now recursively include file contents with the #filecontents alias string.
[Feature] improved and documented the use of * for alias pattern to always match search against contents.
[Feature] added -exitifnotrunning commandline option and clarified help on others.
[Feature] added error on commandline args that aren't understood.
[Feature] now checks the return value from plugin Initialize function; if false is returned, the plugin is not loaded.  This could break plugins that have been returning false from the Initialization function in the past with no effect.
[Feature] you can now ask FARR to recache the search folder directories and re-resolve any user variable or environment variables, using the recachedirpaths launch string.
[Feature] added ewemoa's "fhelp" alias file that provides direct links into farr chm help file based on matching
[Feature] errors parsing xml files are now reported (and saved to troubleshooting log)


Version 2.86.01 - February 28, 2010

[BugFix] - Non-contiguous matching was not happening within alias results.
[BugFix] - PgDn during searching was retriggering search even if it was already in showall mode.


Version 2.84.01 - February 15, 2010

[BugFix] - Search directories were not expanding environmental variables.
[Feature] - Added /hideifnoexist (hide the result if the file specified does not exist)
[BugFix] - Result labels for items with /options could be messed up (hopefully i haven't broken anything while fixing this)
[Feature] - Added new ability to specify search text to simulate on blank search box.  By setting text here you are asking FARR to simulate a specific search when there is nothing in the search edit box.  Useful if for example you want to specify the contents of an alias result on blank search.
[BugFix] - An alias result that starts with %uservar.% will be replaced prior to being listed -- useful for using user variables for paths, etc.; in the past the resolution happened only at launch time.
[Feature] - Typing just +modifierkeyword to restrict search to certain directories will now list those directories.
[MinorFeature] - Search text is added to search history when FARR is minimized or enter is pressed in search window.
[Feature] - You can now hit PgDn from search box to tell FARR to find *ALL* results, not just the few that normally fit in the window; You can continue to hit PgDn and PgUp to page through results after that.  When more results available the statusbar now hints about PgDn.
[MinorFeature] - New option to disable non-contiguous matching when doing a show all search.
[MinorFeature] - A few tweaks that may speed up search a tiny bit.
[BugFix] - Option to show on taskbar was not working.
[BugFix] - Attempting to improve a black flicker on win7 (or slow pcs) when auto-resizing window.
[MinorImprovement] - Improved search directory keyword modifier instructions.
[Feature] - New option to disable non-contiguous searching when in Show All (+sall or PgDn) mode, to help weed out extraneous matches and speed up search (set by default).
[BugFix] - Hopefully fixed bug that could cause crash if exiting while searching.
[Feature] - Added ability for plugins to add items to launch and search history (addlaunchhistory,addsearchhistory).



Version 2.81.01 - November 22nd, 2009

[BugFix] - The myaliases.alias file (where custom user aliases are stored) was not being created on the first run for a new user (only on second run).


Version 2.80.01 - November 20th, 2009

[Feature] - Ability to customize titlebar, including ability to put date and time in it.
[BugFix] - Users can no longer delete built-in hotkeys (but they can be disabled).
[MinorFeature] - Added option to disable troubleshooting log.
[Feature] - You can launch an item as an administrator by holding Ctrl+Shift as you launch it (or adding /runasadmin to the result in alias list)
[Feature] - The launch history and search history are now saved to independent files (in config dir) instead of the ini file; allows faster save of bigger lists, and means less paranoia when moving and sharing normal ini settings file.
[MinorFeature] - Improved text of options dialog for history options.
[MinorFeature] - When reducing the number of items to keep in history, it now truncates the current list.
[BugFix] - When launch history reached max, new items were not being added.


Version 2.77.02 - August 27th, 2009

[BugFix] - When option to use numpad keys to launch was set, numpad keys could not be used for memo/html mode typing of numbers (which hindered their use in calculator plugins for example).
[BugFix] - Changing skins preview while options dialog was open sometimes showed larger window than it should.
[BugFix] - Triggering toolbar button with .lnk file argument was not resolving the lnk.
[BugFix] - Farr was showing more results than it should if an alias used the dosearch action.
[BugFix] - Alias action modifier launching was not working.
[BugFix] - When launching alias results that were .lnk files, the /showmax type alias arguements were not obeyed.
[MinorFeature] - some options moved to new tabs in options.
[BugFix] - Moving and deleting items in one of the option lists could on rare occasions lead to an error when loading the ini file on next run (would report bad ini file and reset to defaults).
[MinorFeature] - Using the paste special alias command now pastes \r\n when the \n constant is found in the paste text.
[Feature] - You can now customize the result background color for the main results window and search edit box.


Version 2.75.01 - July 21st, 2009

[Minor Feature] Attempt to speed up first display by pre-checking file existence in history.


Version 2.72.01 - July 17th, 2009

[Minor Feature] You can now use the dolaunch alias command (which launches a result without user having to hit enter), to restart the search, and simulate them pressing enter using \n.
[BugFix] The dolaunch alias that was used to show an html page was clearing the page before it could be seen.


Version 2.71.01 - July 12th, 2009

[BugFix] Icons for shortcut links with custom icon settings were not being shown properly due to change in v2.70.01; hopefully now this is fixed and the previous x64 shortcut/icon fixup stuff is still working.


Version 2.70.01 - July 7th, 2009

[BugFix] Using the igo alias multiple times could result in an error about "Resource In Use" for users with old versions of Internet Explorer 6 installed.
[BugFix] Attempt to fix icon display and launching for some .LNK shortcuts (especially x64 programs on x64 OS); let's see if this breaks anything for other users.
[BugFix] Clarified the statusbar display during initial searching.
[MinorFeature] Program now checks file existence of previous launch history on startup which should avoid the delay on first search.


Version 2.68.02 - June 29th, 2009

[BugFix] The myalias.alias user alias file was not always being created.


Version 2.68.01 - June 29th, 2009

[BugFix] Using the new "dolaunch" feature when your hotkey is set to not-clear text resulted in FARR launching the item every time it was displayed.
[BugFix] The visit alias and explore here right-context menus were not being shown appropriately for all result items.
[MinorFeature] Added values that plugin can get to help center pop-up forms on the current monitor displaying the FARR main form.


Version 2.67.01 - June 26th, 2009

[BugFix] Pressing * on numpad was ignored if you had the "launch with numpad option set"
[MinorFeature] Plugins can now call resolve:filename to have FARR fixup the location of a file if the drive letter has changed.
[MinorFeature] Toolbar buttons that try to perform a restartsearch by invoking the FindAndRunRobot.exe are now simply passed along directly to the running process.'
[MinorFeature] Toolbar button links are now resolved if they refer to files whose drive letters have changed (portable use).
[BugFix] Calling setsearch and from a plugin was causing hidden window to appear but search text to be ignored.  Hopefully the fix won't break anything -- let me know if it does.


Version 2.66.01 - June 21st, 2009

[BugFix] Fixed bug where plugin functions OnProcessTriggerV2 were not being called if OnProcessTrigger didnt exist in the plugin dll (even though it was never used).
[MinorFeature] Added pscommand which works just like pcommand except you can specific dll to send a pscommand to by specifying the dllname first.
[BugFix] Fixed bug with alert messages moving the main form on multimon systems.
[MinorFeature] Added print command that aliases or plugins can call to send some simple text to the printer.
[BugFix] Visit this alias context menu item was not showing right caption sometimes.
[Feature] Added help page on troubleshooting.
[Feature] Added clearmenus command that plugins can call to clear statusbar icon menus.
[Feature] Upgraded to latest version of EmbeddedWb web browser component (
[Feature] Added function "score:" that plugins can call to have farr score a string based on current search terms.
[BugFix] On IE6 and earlier, repeated plugin calls that use html view (jscalc,czbpack plugins) could hang.  Thanks JoTo!


Version 2.63.01 - June 5th, 2009

[Feature] Added option to always reset search string when hotkey triggered (default is old behavior which is to just refocus farr window if already on screen).
[Feature] Added new alias action called "dolaunch" which is like dosearch except it triggers an immediate launch of the specified line as soon as a match is made with search string (i.e. user does not have to hit enter or otherwise trigger result).


Version 2.62.01 - May 30th, 2009

[Feature] Added runcap built in alias to shell a commandline tool and show its output in FARR window (see this forum post).
[Feature] Improved seed of changing/interrupting search of plugin -- should speed up some plugin searches that return lots of results.
[BugFix] Variables weren't being replaced in the #filecontents command.


Version 2.61.01 - May 25th, 2009

[BugFix] Autofixing of missing paths was changing root drive letters to a valid drive; now only more specific search paths which are found on moved drives are fixed.
[BugFix] A blank showmemo which would be useful to clear memo before running appcapappendmemo was not working, now it does.


Version 2.60.02 - May 20, 2009

[Feature] - Added "appcapnowait" launch command to launch an app to capture its output, but continue running launch strings without waiting for it to finish.
[Feature] - Added "appwait" launch command to launch an app, NOT capture its output, and wait for completion before continuing.
[Feature] - Apps run through "appcapappendmemo" and associated functions that write into memo live are now terminated if user starts a new search.
[Feature] - Added display of extra info in statusbar as appcap and related functions are running.
[BugFix] - Hiding slide numbers was messing up display [fixed in v2.60.02]
[Feature] - Added keyword -history to temporarly disable, on the current search, the use of and scoring modifications from the launch history list.


Version 2.59.01 - May 15, 2009

[Feature] - Added launch command "appcapappendmemo" to show console tool output as it runs instead of at end.
[Feature] - Added launch command "tempmemofont" to temporarily switch memo font to fixed font (useful for some console tools which use spacing/tabs).


Version 2.58.01 - May 13, 2009

[MinorFeature] - Added $$h1 available in aliases like $$u1, for useful encoding for curl commandline.
[BugFix] - Folder icons were not being displayed properly since v. 2.57.01.
[Feature] - Added troubleshooting log in options dialog -- can be used to log debug/troubleshooting info.
[Feature] - Plugins that crash the program on load are now auto-detected and temporarily disabled.
[BugFix] - Large icon results sometimes resulted in too small window during autosizing.


Version 2.57.01 - May 2, 2009

[MinorFeature] - You can now choose how to handle large 48x48 icons when the windows system is configured to use Large Icons, and these will display properly.


Version 2.56.02 - April 24, 2009

[BugFix] - Replacement of variables was happening prematurely in alias launch strings; hopefully this bugfix doesn't cause unintended changes in behavior.
[Feature] - You can now pass commandline arguments to any launched program by typing "++ any args here" at the end of your search string.
[Feature] - New Search Behavior Option that lets you enable or disable(default) scoring of files in explicit directory browsing mode.
[BugFix] - #filecontents and other references to %aliasdir% results stopped working in v2.56.01


Version 2.55.01 - April 19, 2009

[MinorFeature] - Added variables accessible by aliases: %SEARCHBOX% (contents of current search box as shown) and %SEARCHSTRING% (current search string; may differ from search box based on alias dosearch manipulations).
[MinorFeature] - Updated to be compatible with new VclSkin Builder version 5.
[MinorFeature] - Added modal messagebox function DisplayMsgBox that plugins can call.
[BugFix] - DeleteAll from launch history wasn't working.
[MinorFeature] - Added commandline option -launch.
[Feature] - Added delayed search initiation option.


Version 2.54.01 - March 28, 2009

[BugFix] - the new setuservar alias launch string wasn't working right.


Version 2.53.01 - March 24, 2009

[BugFix] - Web browser errors were being shown as popups when they shouldn't be.
[Feature] - Added variables available to aliases and plugins for querying %LASTURL%, %LASTURLSET%, %CUSTOMFILEBROWSER%, %CUSTOMWEBBROWSER%, %MAXRESULTS% and more.
[Feature] - Added ability to set uservars from an alias launch string.
[Modification] - Changed the way non-regex plugins are passed the nonlcsearchstring: the alias keyword trigger is now removed from the string passed to the plugin.


Version 2.52.01 - March 16, 2009

[BugFix] - Fixed a very rare bug that was causing crashed on some pcs (thank you David A. for the help tracking this down)


Version 2.51.01 - March 15, 2009

[BugFix] - Some plugin alias results were being shown even in directory browse mode.


Version 2.50.01 - March 12, 2009

[BugFix] - the #grabfile alias results trick wasn't working if you didn't precede it with a "label |" prefix


Version 2.49.01 - March 10, 2009

[Feature] - Web browser mode now handles javascript commands to close the window without crashing with OLE error.
[Feature] - Some dynamically created javascript ajax scripts in test plugins were failing to run.


Version 2.48.01 - February 24, 2009

[Feature] - added variable %APPDRIVE% for portable use.
[Feature] - added new launch virtual command "waitforhtml" that attempts to wait until the web browser contents are loaded.
[Update] - updated to latest version of EmbeddedWebBrowser control.
[Feature] - added "appcap" launch command which will shell a commandline program, capture its output into %lastappcap% and wait for it to finish; useful for running a program and displaying its output in memo or html mode.
[Feature] - added ability to put in a separator in a custom menu.
[Feature] - Ctl+R and Ctrl+P in edit box now work as if you had selected first item and then hit those keys (shows context menu or custom menu)
[Feature] - Ctrl+T will show any custom statusbar buttons as a menu.
[Feature] - Plugins are now sent Tab Key (#8) to takeover if they want (but plugin must return TRUE to receivekey call to take it over; other more general keys may be added)
[Feature] - Type "goareload" to reload all aliases (but not plugins)
[BugFix] - File extension restrictions in search directory configuration no longer affect folder name searching
[BugFix] - Typeing + or - at end of search string yielded unusual results
[Feature] - Tweaked Leftmost bonus scoring heuristic to try to improve points added for matching on left side of words.
[Feature] - Attempting to improve automatic url encoding of web urls -- still not perfect but hopefully improved.
[Feature] - Added new ability to use $$u1 and $$uc to explicitly ask farr to urlencode a search string arguement.
[Feature] - Added new option to hide system tray completely (when farr is minimized).
[eFeature] - EXPERIMENTAL - tried new code to show history on blank search which gives plugins a chance to trigger.  Needs testing.
[Feature] - Directory entries can now contain multiple directories, separated by ; which is useful if you want to use an environmental path like %PATH%.
[Feature] - Added %ALLDESKTOP% and %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch to preconfigured default search directories.
[Feature] - In an alias contents you can now specify #filecontents fullfilenamewithpathhere (can use %ALIASDIR%), to have the contents of the file dumped into the alias results when searching.


Version 2.45.01 - January 4, 2009

[Feature] - added "appwait" launch command which will shell a commandline program, display its output in normal commandline window (not capture it), and wait for it to finish before continuing.
[BugFix] - character constants \n were not always being replaced properly in memo display mode.


Version 2.43.01 - December 31st, 2008

[MinorFeature] - Added postpluginlaunch call for plugins.
[BugFix] - Using \n when doing restartsearch wasn't always working (with special buildin aliases like preload)
[BugFix] - Trying to allow launch modifiers (like /winmin) on each launch of a multilaunch ;;; separated line
[BugFix] - Icons in custom context menus were not being shown correctly.
[BugFix] - Custom icons in statusbar were not all being shown.


Version 2.38.01 - December 18th, 2008

[Change] - Plugins that wish to receive special/function key presses in memo/html mode now need to call set_strvalue("receivekeys","") explicitly when switching into those modes; previously this was not necessary. This change was needed to handle cases where FARR was guessing incorrectly about which plugin should receive the keypresses (only one plugin can).
[BugFix] - Selecting an item in aplugins list sometimes caused error.
[MinorFeature] - Added new "preload" search string which can be used to list and then reload a specific plugin.
[MinorFeature] - Getting a uservar now resolves any %replacements% in it.
[MajorFeature] - Plugins can now create custom statusbar icons/buttons/menus.
[MajorFeature] - Plugins can now create custom right-click context menu items for results.
[BugFix] - Changing size of window was sometimes being forgotten on restart.


Version 2.34.01 - November 30th, 2008

[BugFix] - Directory browsing wasn't working if you had the "show folder matches by default" option unchecked.


Version 2.33.01 - November 3rd, 2008

[BugFix] - Fixed problems with new UserVariables feature.


Version 2.31.01 - October 8th, 2008

[MinorFeature] - Added Portable mode support (edit the configdir.ini file and add line PORTABLE=TRUE); when enabled no system files or any files outside of the program directory will be written.
[MajorFeature] - New UserVariables tab in options, allows aliases and plugins to read custom values set by user in this area.  This is an easy way to provide options that are independent from the plugin and alias files, such as user logins, etc.  Aliases and plugins can also create default values which will be initialized in the UserVariables tab on first use.


Version 2.30.01 - August 5th, 2008

[MinorFeature] - Added some new values plugins can get to tell the current (overriden) alias string, etc.


Version 2.29.01 - August 4th, 2008

[MinorFeature] - Removed option to hide statusbar.. was causing trouble with skinning system and on reflection seemed to be a bad idea to hide info that might need to be displayed by plugins, etc.
[MinorFeature] - Improve the right-click context menu for Explore Here, added "Visit this alias" for both partial alias matches and full alias results.
[BugFix] - using \ during plugin searches didn't work for plugins using non-regex search matches.


Version 2.28.01 - July 29th, 2008

[MinorFeature] - Added option to show file extensions only when doing explicit directory listings.


Version 2.27.01 - July 28th, 2008

[MinorFeature] - Changed default memory use to "Average" (was Use More Memory When Minimized).


Version 2.26.01 - July 27th, 2008

[BugFix] - Improved autosizing of window, especially with custom font overrides and skins.
[MajorFeature] - You can now specify a list of extensions to restrict search to or exclude from searching in each search folder (when combined with search folder keyword modifiers this can be an efficient way of restricting search).
[MajorFeature] - You can now specify an optional prefix to trigger alias/plugin matches (and wont match against them if not found).


Version 2.25.01 - July 26th, 2008

[BugFix] - Some plugins were being called even when an initial explicit directory path was preceding the plugin alias.
[MajorFeature] - Non-contiguous search option (enabled by default, searching for "ffox" will match "fire fox")


Version 2.24.01 - July 21st, 2008

[MinorFeature] - Added alert alias launch string to help debugging aliases.
[MinorFeature] - The %LASTHWND% replacement string is now available to aliases and plugins.
[BugFix] - Using an action modifier alias on drive letters like C: will now replace with C:\ (slash at end)
[BugFix] - Some plugin aliases were being listed if the search edit box contained only explicit path and modifiers.
[BugFix] - The addnote alias was incorrectly referring to the helper addnote.exe file.
[BugFix] - Pressing enter when a partial alias with one result should launch the alias but was autocompleting it instead; fixed.
[MinorFeature] - You can add \n at the end of a search string in an alias or hotkey configuration to launch the result immediately.


Version 2.22.01 - July 11th, 2008

[MinorFeature] - Plugin can get current viewmode.
[MinorFeature] - Added commands to show a please wait display (useful for plugins).
[Bugfix] - FARR was refusing to launch farr:// links in html mode if they were triggered by some javascript tricks.
[Bugfix] - FARR was not calling plugin DocumentComplete function for showhtml commands.
[Bugfix] - The embedded webbrowser OnDocumentComplete callback was triggering before web page text was available.


Version 2.20.01 - July 6th, 2008

[MinorFeature] - A plugin can now ask FARR to resolve virtual folder paths.


Version 2.19.01 - July 6th, 2008

[MajorFeature] - A plugin can now embed (dock) their own window INSIDE the farr window, in a user view mode.  This lets a plugin generate any kind of output which is shown seamlessly inside farr and resized just like the normal farr contents.
[BugFix] - Statusbar message sometimes got stuck saying "Searching plugins.."


Version 2.18.01 - July 5th, 2008

[BugFix] - Mousewheel scrolling of html view from edit box was not always working; new method seems to be more reliable.


Version 2.17.01 - July 5th, 2008

[Feature] - FARR now remembers the size of the window independently for each of the different view modes (list results, memo, html).
[Feature] Added setsize command to set the window size of current display mode.
[Feature] You can now right-click and choose to duplicate an alias item in a read-only alias file, and it will be duplicated in the myaliases alias file.
[BugFix] Creating duplicate alias entries could sometimes cause access violation fault.


Version 2.16.01 - July 4th, 2008

[Feature] - New launch command (pcommand) that aliases and plugins can call to ask another plugin to perform a function.
[BugFix] - The ReceiveKey command was not being triggered in plugins in htmlview mode.
[Feature] - You can now use Ctrl (or Alt) +(PgDn,PgUp,Home,End,Up,Dn) from the search edit in html mode to scroll the html window.
[Feature] - You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll memo and html views without leaving search edit box.


Version 2.15.01 - July 3rd, 2008

[BugFix] - Plugin customization options were not being saved.
[Feature] - FARR now keeps focus in search edit box when showing html contents if that was prior focus state (painful).
[Feature] - New launch commands (setfocus,setviewmode) that aliases and plugins can call to control focus and display mode.


Version 2.14.01 - July 2nd, 2008

[BugFix] - But the remove-duplicates option back in Search Behavior tab -- used to be checked by default.
[Feature] - All built-in "lists" are now filterable (agroups, aplugins, historys, historyl)


Version 2.13.03 - June 29th, 2008

[BugFix] - The showfile launch command was not properly identifying html files as such.
[BugFix] - FARR was sometimes refusing to follow far:// links in a file url fetched by file://
[BugFix] - Create duplicate alias command was not working.
[BugFix] - Disabled items on result pop-up menu were sometimes not shown as disabled; they are now hidden.
[Feature] - Hitting tab with an alias result as first item now always puts alias group name in search box.
[BugFix] - FARR was not shutting down smoothly with windows shutdown when certain plugins were loaded
[BugFix] - Plugin reloading speed should be improved, as well as program exit speed.
[Plugin] - Added multi-monitor-centering farr plugin to list of installable plugins
[Change] - When an alias has only one result, that result is shown on a partial match, but only if its a non-regex alias and only if the result refers to a real file (otherwise the partial alias is shown).
[BugFix] - Tab autocomplete behavior has been improved.


Version 2.12.01 - June 25th, 2008

[Feature] - Redesigned the Options dialog to use an OptionTree.
[Feature] - Settings file now uses buffered read+write which should dramatically speed up saving and loading of settings file.
[Feature] - Added option to choose whether to use the old or new launch method.


Version 2.11.01 - June 21st, 2008

[MinorFeature] - New aliases are now always added at the END of the list (makes it easier to find new ones; you can still drag+drop to re-order).
[Feature] - Changed the way partial alias matches are displayed and launched.  If there is only one result in an alias, then its single result contents is displayed in results (icon and launch file), and it is treated exactly like a match on that contents item.  If there are multiple results, the alias name is shown along with a hint about contents, but now the icon from the first result is used for the alias display.  This also allows you to simply hit enter to launch a single-result alias is matched partially.


Version 2.10.01 - June 18th, 2008

[BugFix] - preventing recursive plugin trigger launch takeover.
[BugFix] - eliminated (and fixed from previous install) the setting of the internet explorer user-agent string.


Version 2.09.01 - June 14th, 2008

[MinorFeature] Alias launched files are no longer added to history.
[Feature] Trying improved method to launch documents and shortcuts -- maybe will improve launching issues for that rare minority who have the launching problem.


Version 2.08.02 - June 14th, 2008

[Feature] $$# regular expression patterns are replaced with blank strings if they are not found in capture groups in pattern
[MinorFeature] Directory browsing now shows top directory in proper mixed case.
[BugFix] Using arrow keys and tab from directory browsing now always pops focus back to edit box.
[Feature] ShellExecute method changed -- hopefully this may fix failure to launch shortcuts for some people


Version 2.07.03 - June 13th, 2008

[Feature] Disabled skinning of all but main form -- necessary change for now to support some html view browser activex dialogs.
[BugFix] Fixed htmlviewurl to decode urls that use %20% and similar encoding strings.
[Feature] - Created a new subdir under FARR dir called MyLocalData\ which is now the recommended place for installed aliases to save data that should not be overwritten on updates (the TiddlyWiki aliases use this directory for example).


Version 2.07.01 - June 13th, 2008

[MinorFeature] When using the restartsearch special alias command, you should now add a \n at the end if you want it to simulate the pressing of enter after the search (useful especially for plugins triggers).
[BugFix] Fixed bug with triggering restartsearch alias launch strings from plugins or links.
[BugFix] Large clipboard contents (>1k) could cause FARR to crash if used with a hotkey that tries to use %cliptext%


Version 2.06.08 - June 12th, 2008

[MinorFeature] Improved plugin help pages.
[MinorFeature] Added commands and callbacks for plugins to work with embedded web browser.
[MinorFeature] Added ability to auto process "farr://" links in html shown via showhtml alias command (wont work with internet loaded pages).
[MinorFeature] Triggering a hotkey that has no forced searchtext while farr window is still on screen but not in front will now bring farr window to front without disturbing search edit contents and without reseting the output display.
[Feature] Mouse buttons for back,forward,refresh,stop now work properly in the embedded web browser.
[Feature] Disabled ActiveX loading in the embedded web browser for security purposes.  Unfortunately this prevents any flash pages from being displayed.  I will add an option to enable activex, and maybe even a mini whitelist feature for it.  We need to discuss what the safest security features are for the embedded web browser.
[BugFix] Attempting to fix DLL error on windows shutdown.
[BugFix] Attempting to fix secondary DLL error on windows shutdown due to some plugins.
[BugFix] farr:// links were sometimes being disabled due to incorrect security check.


Version 2.05.01 - June 9th, 2008

[MinorFeature] Directory browsing now lists files in alphabetical order without differential scoring.
[BugFix] Files named ".BLAH" where showing as "BLAH" in results without the leading period.
[BugFix] Max recursion limit in search directories was 0.


Version 2.04.03 - June 9th, 2008

[BugFix] Triggering an item in the "historys" command was closing FARR right away instead of showing past search in edit box.
[BugFix] Removed ugly space at beginning of item labels when number display is disabled.
[BugFix] Replacement of $$c could still cause recursive hang/crash.
[BugFix] The restartsearch special launch string was closing window prematurely (also affected the noresults special alias).
[Feature] The new release of FARR contains update links for most known plugins as of June 9th, 2008; they can now be installed from the updater.


Version 2.04.02 - June 8th, 2008

[MajorNewFeature] Added balloon messages and alert box popups to Plugin API.
[Minor Feature] When a in memo mode, the Home+End keys were not working as normal (to go to start and end of search edit text) and were instead being used to navigate the scrolled memo text.  Now you have to use Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End (and PgDn and PgUp) to scroll memo.
[MajorNewFeature] Added KeyPressed messages to Plugin API, so plugins can detect special key combos while displaying their results.
[MinorFeature] Minor tweaks to the options dialogs.
[MajorNewFeature] html/web view mode added.
[BugFix?] Fixed "launch all" shortcut? (Ctrl+Alt+Enter).
[MinorFeature] Typing rplugins now reloads/rescans both plugins and aliases.
[BugFix] Aliases using the $$c string to replace clipboard contents could cause recursive crash if clipboard text itself contained $$c.
[BugFix] Alias labels (when alias result is configured as LABEL | PROGRAMTOLAUNCH) were not replacing $$c and %cliptext%
[BugFix] Dragging and dropping an item in options tabs onto itself resulted in deletion of the item.
[MinorFeature] Ctrl+A selects full editbox text (you can also use Escape key).
[MinorFeature] FARR is now more suitable for portable use with regard to skin file location -- it will look in local Skin subfolder if the explicit path doesn't resolve to an existing file.
[MinorFeature] Using the special launch string paste you can now use \r,\n,\t to escape characters
[MinorFeature] Improved instructions for using the special noresults alias.
[BugFix] After doing explicit directory browsing, if you cleared search window the default results would show with full paths.
[MinorFeature] If hotkey is used to restore focus of FARR rather than un-minimize it, then the text will not be forced into editbox.
[MinorFeature] Added option to minimize FARR when its window loses focus.
[MinorFeature] Added option to disable the showing of any index numbers on results.
[MinorFeature] Selection of rows in slide mode now only highlights the text.
[Feature] You can now specify multiple programs to launch within one alias my separating them with ;;;


Version 2.00.144 - Oct 22nd, 2007

[bugfix] showmemo command now properly converts multiple \n when displaying in text memo results.
Added showfile command to show contents of a file into text memo results.
[bugfix] All keyword modifiers are now forced to lowercase since mixed case resulted in failure to match when searching.
You can now use Ctrl+PgUp, PgDn, ArrowUp, ArrowDn,Home,End to scroll result memo view.
[bugfix] Using dashes in search should work now as long as it isn't of the form [SPACE]-WORD which will be treated like a work to exclude from search.
[bugfix] Virtual folder replacements now intelligently handle \ directory separators, so you can write for example %FARRDIR%\scripts or %FARRDIR%scripts.  This bugfix also fixes the case where cpanel items were shown twice.
Added check-for-updates to plugin manager form.
Added option to stop search on regex match, and default stop search on exact alias name match to false.
[bugfix] alias files were sometimes getting extraneous fields saved in them.
Added option to disable the +action modifier result replacement, where when there is only 1 result and you use a +action modifier, the result shows the action modifier text instead of the normal result text.
A dosearch virtual launch string that is blank will now show history of past launched files.
[bugfix] Double quotes were being lost on url searching.


Version 2.00.143 - Oct 13th, 2007

On VISTA the installer doesn't offer to launch the program as it could run as administrative user.


Version 2.00.142 - Aug 19th, 2007

Found folders were not obeying the result path option.
Added a slight delay when triggering hotkey with the copytext option, to give more time for the copy to work.
Added command callable by plugins: "PasteClipboardToLastActiveWindow" -- works well with the KK clipboard plugin.
Disabled plugins are now completely unloaded (so no resource use if unchecked).
Added environmental paths %FARRDIR% and %CONFIGDIR%
Sped up search by removing outdated whitespace-removal search heuristic.
Fixed error where you were unable to delete user aliases and instead got an error about them being readonly.
Improved interaction with the updater on plugin updates.


Version 2.00.138 - July 25th, 2007

Improved searching for plugins (just return ENTRYTYPE_UNKNOWN instead of file, if its not a file being returned in results list.
Added special virtual launch string "showmemo" that will let an alias result display some text in the results area in memo mode.
Improved processing of # characters in search string.
Tried to improve clipboard capturing routine to eliminate a rare exception case.
Backup ini files (automatically made when using a new version upgrade) are now stored in a BackupIni subdirectory.


Version 2.00.137

Added option in hotkeys to pre-highlight search string.
Special searchword agroups now displays the alias file for each alias; selecting an alias now shows full info in statusbar.
You can now right-click and jump to the alias file of aliases in agroups.
[bugfix] Explore Here right context menu item was showing up even on urls.
[bugfix] The +sall option was not working on directory listings.
[bugfix] Trying to solve a slowdown problem with shortcuts to UNC paths.
[bugfix] # hash characters were being replaced in search strings.
The 'aplugins' special search string now shows all plugins not just first 9.
Added 'rplugins' search word to quickly reload all plugins (prompting first after unload), which is useful for plugin developers to give them an opportunity to copy over a new dll.
Delete key in results now removed an item from history (if it is in history).
Improved right-click pop-up menu (now shows directories for explore here, etc).
Icon no longer shown on main FARR window.
Modified default plugin scoring to not use custom user file pattern scoring.


Version 2.00.135 - July 20th, 2007

Cleaned up some of the options.
Added new option to set maximum window size for autosizing (useful for +sall).
Custom font settings are now applied to statusbar and column header.
Added new default Ctrl+Break hotkey for copying selected text to clipboard and launching FARR with search %cliptext% in searchbox, as a demo of the new hotkey system.


Version 2.00.134 - July 20th, 2007

Completion (tab or alt+right) now will fill in the 2nd item if the first lists the current directory in edit box.
Added more virtual folder names.
[bugfix] Autocomplete tab was adding extra spaces.
[bugfix] Scores for aliases were sometimes being reset to 0 on locales using comma for decimal separator.
[bugfix] Some aliase results had an .ico type label due to icon specification
Sped up display updating and responsiveness.
Sped up launching of FARR second-instance commands from commandline.
Improved autocomplete of shortcuts that link to "Installer{" style shortcuts.
Improved tab/autocomplete for aliases (no longer completes non alias/files/folder results)
Adding support for multiple matching action alias keyword modifiers.
[major feature] Totally new and flexible hotkey system.


Version 2.00.133 - July 17th, 2007

Disabled the new fade-in code for now as it was not working as well as hoped.


Version 2.00.132 - July 17th, 2007

Added commanline options (-show,-exit,-search "search string") to let you control the running version of farr by launching a new version.
Now detects an infinite recursion that can happen by a bad alias dosearch usage and reports it.
The goupdate string now closes FARR window while launching updater.
Set FARR alias files to use Legacy (not UTF-8) encoding by default when saving alias files; will solve issues with manually created alias files that use diacriticals.
Modified the fade-in code so it will be faster and less jumpy.


Version 2.00.131 - July 15th, 2007

More improvements of smooth refreshing.


Version 2.00.130 - July 14th, 2007

Trying some new smarter delayed refresh routines, should lead to smoother update of display and less hard flicker/resizing.
Added mouseover hints for more menus and options


Version 2.00.129 - July 13th, 2007

[bugfix] cursor was not being placed at end of line after an alias restartsearch.
[bugfix] right-click context menu for copying item path to clipboard was not removing custom \ICON stuff
[bugfix] alias results with urls were showing \ICON in results
Added feature to show plugin triggers when you type aplugins.
Ctrl+left/right now move between words.  Alt+left/right work as before, deleting last word and autocompleting.
Fixed updating of hotkeys when options form is closed.
Previously, including any \ directory components without an initial starting dir (like C:\) would trigger a long slow search starting at root of drives.  Now if no initial explicit directory is specified, it does a standard search of configured folders for files containing the directory paths specified.
Implemented small (500ms) delay between updating of results -- yields much faster directory browsing and somewhat faster display of results when there are lots of results.
Clipboard text is now used with $$c only when it is <128 characters.


Version 2.00.127 - July 11th, 2007

Modified it to work with new dcupdater to not cause the silly Vista UAC prompts.
[bugfix] The special restartsearch alias command was placing cursor in wrong place.
You can now use a \s at the end of your restartsearch line to add a space in editbox after replacement.
Corrected many of the mouse-over statusbar hints.


Version 2.00.126 - July 9th, 2007

Only one instance at a time is allowed to run, thanks to Florian Bömers OneInst component.
Added option to configure tab to not auto-complete (use Ctrl+Right to autocomplete in this case)
Display options now update right away when you adjust column options.
Added options to use ctrl/alt to insert digits in search edit box.
Directories with periods (.) in them were not displaying properly.
Autocomplete (tab) on alias now puts alias in search editbox.


Version 2.00.125 - July 7th, 2007

default alias folder icons are now not used if an alias result refers to a real program with an icon (but they will be used for non-program alias results).
special alias search commands should now strip off /ICON extra stuff in alias.
Added scrollbars to exclude subdirectory list in search directory dialog.
Added plugin callable function "setshowallmode" to switch results into +sall mode.
Double-clicking an alias that changes search (like an entry in agroups) now puts cursor back in edit box.
Started putting icons in right-click results context menu, moved system submenus to top.
[bugfix] When adding aliases via the right click results menu, they werent available until going into options dialog first.
[bugfix] When using action alias keywords (like "notepad +search"), custom icons were not being shown.
[bugfix] Results with UNC network paths (//) were causing FARR to pause and appear to hang for a few seconds.
Added +alias and -alias special search modifier keywords to show only or no alias matches to search


Version 2.00.123 - July 4th, 2007

[bugfix] custom fonts were not being enabled on initial start.
Fixed a bug that could crash farr when closing options.
Improved handling of plugins so that they aren't reloaded unless needed.


Version 2.00.122 - July 2nd, 2007

Added ability to customize the plugin richedit display font (used by fcalc for example)
Updated skin system.
Fixed bug where column sizes were shifting between runs.
Removed launch options like /ICON from statusbar display when selected a result.


Version 2.00.121 - July 1st, 2007

[bugfix] go button to visit plugin web pages was not working in plugin manager form.
Changed options for large icon mode -- now you have checkboxes for when to switch to small result mode, including switching whenever there are too many results for large mode (like when using alias lists and +sall modifier)
Added 'aplugins' special search to list installed plugins and versions.
Trying out new code to handle the ontop/non-ontop status management of farr window.
FARR now creates the file that the updater uses to locate it, so even if you install it someplace custom, the updater will find it.
Moved to reorganization of alias files by Hamradio (Carroll Dearstone), along with his wonderful icons for them.
You can now see changes immediately when modifying display options.


Version 2.00.118 - June 30, 2007

[bugfix] vista had messed up statusbar


Version 2.00.116 - June 30, 2007

Improved the File -> Create new alias file command and fixed crash that occurred when using it.
Added hints to some new options items, rearranged them slightly.
Added "visit forum" to help menus.


Version 2.00.115 - June 29, 2007

[bugfix] Result pop-up menu commands for adding results to aliases was not working.
Removed useless option "tab autocompletes" -- tab now always autocompletes when applicable.
Added option to not keep search history (good for paranoid people).
[bugfix] - was crashing when keep-launchhistory size was 0.
You can now create a special alias called noresults and if user hits enter when no results are shown, this alias will be triggered.  Useful if you want to do something like launch what they type directly (as if it was on path), or invoke another search program, etc.  Just use $$1 in the results.
If you use an alias action keyword now, and there is only one result in the results, the alias action will show in results.
Digit keys now work in the fcalc plugin and any other plugin which does not use results, even if you have the option set to launch using digit keys.
Added option to customize fonts and fontsizes used by FARR.
Added optional large number display in large icon (slide) mode.
[bugfix] resizing the icon toolbar to 0 size was making it impossible to resize later.
[bugfix] drag and resize of columns was malfunctioning.
Some installer shortcuts don't really refer to a filesystem location -- jumping to them now jumps to shortcut directory.
Added update checking integration with options.


Version 2.00.108 - June 12, 2007

Improved alpha-fading in effect
Added option to hide from taskbar or not
Installer is now named FindAndRunRobotSetup.exe, and will close any running version during install or uninstall.
FARR now appears quicker and does not miss initial keypresses.
Jump to Dir menu option now adds \ at the end of the dir so that you can see contents of the directory immediately, and fixed bug which was truncating results.


Version 2.00.104 - June 9, 2007

Added ability to exclude specific subdirectories (or subdirectory patterns) of search directories.
Fixed bug that was allowing plugins with no alias string to make results blank.
Improved FCalc plugin.
Attempt to fix weird bug where FARR was hanging or losing its icon on rare occasions.


Version 2.00.99 - June 6, 2007

Disabled alpha-fade by default on vista.
Added new option (enabled by default) to display history matches even when they are not in current search paths; this is a change from recent previous behavior.


Version 2.00.98 - June 4, 2007

Change options form font back to MS Sans Serif unless large font is detected.
Fixed bug in use of ConfigDir.ini file which can override location of config directory.
Added ability for aliases to explicitly invoke plugin dll commands, which allows plugins to offer lots of features and menus easily using the alias system.
Plugins can now set size of richedit results.
Rescanning for plugins now prompts user between unload + rescan, which can be useful for updating plugin dlls without exiting FARR.
Released new live-calculation plugin: FCalc


Version 2.00.97 - June 3, 2007

Added File menu items for creating new alias files.
Added subdirectory (recursive) search depth value for search dirs
Fixed bug where /ICON= tags were not being removed from url launches
Added %ALIASDIR% replacement variable for if you want to put exe helpers in alias directory and launch from there.
Regex replacement now takes place after /ICON= stripping and so clipboard or argument contents shouldnt fool it.
When using an alias as an alias action keyword, and only one result is available, it will be launched right after hitting enter (instead of first showing the one result and requiring two taps of enter key).
Tab key now autocompletes file names as well as folder names
Fixed bug where using modifier +keywords was disabling search of some search dirs


Version 2.00.94 - May 30, 2007

Major Change: Moving to external xml alias files.
Fixed bug where position of window was sometimes not being remembered.
Fixed minor bug where & character was not being displayed in statusbar.
Fixed bug where non-contiguous word search was broken after a partial alias match.
Added ability to specify custom icons in alias results (use /ICON=localfilename_from_aliasdir.ico).
Stripped arguments from alias display.
Added default icon display for alias files if alis file icon file found (should be same name and location as alias file but with .ico extension instead of .alias).


Version 2.00.84 - April 30, 2007

Added option to use large icons iff in non-directory listing mode.
Fixed bug where /STAYOPEN and similar alias result special keyword were hanging the program.
Fixed bug where past-launched items found through an explicit directory path were not being searched during non-explicit typing.


Version 2.00.82 - April 26, 2007

Added major new display mode (Slides mode with large icons).
Fixed statusbar size bug in windows Vista.
Improved default icon for Vista look.
Simplemode was not being set as default on new installs.
Initial skin file name was not displaying in drop down box in options.
Changed default initial skin to RoueGrey-SLIM.


Version 2.00.79 - April 15, 2007

Added special command goquit to exit program and added it to helpfarr alias.
Added Quit item to menu in options dialog.
Added alias contents modifiers /CLOSEAFTER and /STAYOPEN (see here).


Version 2.00.77 - April 10, 2007

Fixed bug where hitting tab would bring you into the result list but not highlight first result.


Version 2.00.76 - April 07, 2007

Fixed bug where hitting Enter on initial window display with history list showing wasn't working.
ATTEMPT to fix some window redrawing issues involving the option to keep the FARR window ontop (may not work, let's see how the tester reports are).
Fixed drag+drop in Alias add/edit form.
Tab now autocompletes partial aliases.
Fixed bug where aliases with $$1 replacements were trying to be launched when triggered, instead of autocompleting.


Version 2.00.71 - April 03, 2007

Improved interaction with plugins (statusbar updates, etc.)
Updated included FarrFox plugin to version 1.06.01 (now includes option to disable periodic rescanning, and manual rescan request "ff `")
Modified plugin api
Removed but that could slow down window display


Version 2.00.68 - March 29, 2007

Alias contents now have some replacement code applied to them so you can use "\filename" to make it refer to current drive, or %PROGRAMFILES% fields, etc.
Added %SYSTEMDIR% to virtual folder list.
Updated included FarrFox plugin to version 1.03.01 (search not just FireFox plugins but also Opera and IE bookmarks).


Version 2.00.66 - March 27, 2007

Added read-only checkbox to Alias items to mark them as protected built-in items that will be replaced on next update, and made FARR update these built in aliases on update.  Just make sure you don't MODIFY the contents of these built-in aliases as they will be overwritten on update.  HOWEVER, you can change score and disable them.  So if you want to modify a built-in one, just disable it and create another below it.
Added right-click option to duplicate alias.
Added special search phrase "historys" which will list all past searches to choose from, and "historyl" which lists past launched files.
Added ability to remove searches from list of past search history.
Added a lot more built-in default aliases.
Search directories are now left as virtual %MYDOCUMENTS% style, and resolved when FARR starts up, making it more suitable for use on portable drives.
Added more virtual folder strings.
Added parsing of relative directory paths in search folders list.
Added a helpfarr built-in alias to show a menu of special commands (help, options, toolbarconfig, show all aliases, show past history).


Version 2.00.62 - March 24, 2007

Fixed bug where the option to not close after launch was being ignored.
Added option (and made it default) to launch all shortcuts using the helper tool instead of trying to resolve the shortcut and launch program directly [useful if you have shortcuts which launch with compatibility options and administrator rights, etc.].
The agroups special keyword now shows more regex info when listing all known aliases.
Added a first-use message in the system tray about how to activate the program.
You can now drag+drop out urls from farr to browsers, etc.
Modified reporting of history matches to respect folder vs. file display options.
Modified reporting of history matches to respect current search folder modifiers.


Version 2.00.61 - March 16, 2007

Fixed bug in the copyclip virtual launch string.


Version 2.00.60 - March 14, 2007

Added special +sall modifier which says to show all matches and ignore the normal result limit.
Tried to add code to prevent a situation where you type very fast and hit enter before results are updated (may need improving).
Fixed bug where folder history items were being displayed inappropriately.


Version 2.00.59 - March 14, 2007

Added columns in options dialog for modifier keywords and regular expressions.
Added separate setting for # results to show when explicitly displaying directory contents.
Fixed bug where first word of search was not filtering out results when the "match against full path" option is set.
Fixed bug where '.' character (period) was not working as expected when searching for aliases with '.' in them.
Action aliases (search for a file and specify a regex +ALIASNAME somewhere) were not working; let me know if i've broken anything in the process of fixing this.


Version 2.00.58 - March 13, 2007

Fixed bug where first word was being ignored when search in a directory.
Aliases results with regular expression substitutions was not being displayed on exact alias matches without regex patterns (see
Added new optional Regex Alias Filter Patterns.
Fixed bug where non-regex aliases were not being shown.
Alias contents results are now shown in their original configured order if no extra search terms are specified.
Fixed bug where old values were showing in create new alias dialog.
Improved the ctrl+left last-word-delete feature.
Right-Alt key + # will no longer trigger launches, to behave well with non-english keyboards using right+alt as an extended shift key.
When you trigger a partial alias that has only one result, the result is triggered (launched).  In previous versions it simply auto-completed the alias which you then had trigger again.
Fixed bug that would cause program to hang when processing unc path (local network // paths) files in history or alias results.
Fixed annoyance where it was lowercasing some directory auto-completion results.
FARR will now show results from multiple aliases IFF they all match exactly.
You can now use the RUN alias to run programs on the path while specifying commandline arguments (just enclose argument string in double quotes).


Version 2.00.56 - February 25, 2007

Fixed bug on using alias action keywords.
Fixed bug which showed aliases when doing directory search and completion.


Version 2.00.55 - February 23, 2007

Partial alias matches now show a hint about their contents (and can be narrowed based on content)
Partial alias listings now show a count of # results inside them.


Version 2.00.54 - February 22, 2007

Lots of bugfixes regarding alias searches that were broken with plugin support addition.
Regular expression aliases now show hints on partial match.


Version 2.00.51 - February 20, 2007

Added new virtual launch command which when triggered from an alias will cause a new search to begin with a specific string.
Added ability to have a regular expression alias work as search templates and conduct an alternate search based on regex pattern.
You can now filter/score alias result lists by simply typing more words after the alias name (yay! very helpfull)
MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Plugin System added.
First test plugin released: FarrFox


Version 2.00.48 - February 8, 2007

Fixed initial display resizing for some startup alias settings.
Added new Addnote helper tool (add a note by typing "addnote"; view notes with "viewnotes")
Moved calc.exe to Helpers/ subdirectory.
Clipboard text is replaced after FARR captures it on launch.


Version 2.00.45 - February 6, 2007

Added option to force forms on top or not.
Trying to fix crash on alt+p (preferences) from edit box.
Escape to close options.
Fix bug on alt+left in edit box when there is a path with spaces, and now it now leaves the \ at end of last subdir


Version 2.00.44 - February 6, 2007

Added clipboard helper stuff.
Added display sound option.
Added fade-in option.
Smoother/Faster display of form because it is prepped at closing time now.


Version 2.00.42 - January 3, 2007

Added uninstaller shortcut to start menu (how on earth was this missing for so long!)
Added shortcut files to control panel to the Scripts directory (clever idea suggest a long time ago on DC forum and first seen implemented in Launchy developers)
Tab in results box now properly goes into the selected subdirectory and return edit to search box.
File/Folder names with - (hyphen) in them no longer confuse the keyword detection which now check for preceding space and no following space.
Updated dclagoa's latest robotDrop icon.


Version 2.00.41 - January 31, 2007

Fixed transparency not sticking.
Fixed resize form bug [thx Arjen]


Version 2.00.39 - January 29, 2007

Fixed column resizing bug.
Fixed extra space bug at end of columns when opening options.
You can now re-order columns.
General optimizations and speedups.
Added optional date (last modified) column.
Improved paste operations.
Added variable %lasthwnd% that can be passed on command line and contains the handle of last active window before farr was shown.
Fixed "search for all" function.
Hopefully fixed a delay that could occur during searching sometimes.
Another try at fixing z-ordering of dialogs.


Version 2.00.38 - January 22, 2007

Fixed drag+drop issues in options and main form.
Keyword modifiers now don't interfere with path completion.
Fixed bug where some paths were not showing results if the "check full paths for multiwords" option was checked.
Tweaked bonus points for word boundries on multiword search.
Added new heuristic "File vs. Folder Score Ratio"; set to > 100 to prefer files at top of results, set to <100 to prefer folders at top of results.
Option scoring changes mostly only have an effect now after the options form is closed.
Added new modifiers to show only folders (+\) or only files (+.), or use - to invert.
Improved descriptions of heuristics.
Changed Folder vs File Heuristic default to 90.


Version 2.00.36 - January 19, 2007

Completely replaced the internal result listview component to improve issues when hiding and resizing columns and for future optional view modes.
Added new skin browser combo box - now you can super easily step through and preview each skin file with a single keypress.
Fixed bug in using up+down arrows from results list and edit box.
No more flashy blinky editbox and toolbar during results form autosizing.
Added new icon from dclagoa, and improved other icons a bit.


Version 2.00.35 - January 17, 2007

Added new Simple Options mode, hides most of the complex options.
Added code to fit fonts properly even on Large Font installations of Windows (sorry if its hard to read).


Version 2.00.33 - January 16, 2007

Keyword modifiers at far left of directory path search string were disabling directory search
Ctrl+P in results list will now the original right-click properties menu for a file/folder (use CTRL+R for FARR context menu)
Added new alternate alias action system!


Version 2.00.32 - January 15, 2007

Bug fix - locales using , for floating point separation were zeroing out the scores when editing [thx hornsts]
Fixed bug in command to remove folder entries from launch history.
If search string ends in \ it now still matches against compatible folder names.
Activating a folder name with an exact match to search string now opens it.


Version 2.00.26 - January 14, 2007

Fixed bug in full path searching
Removed unnesc. start menu items and changed startup entry name.
Added help page summarizing hotkey shortcuts.
Added results hotkey Ctrl+R to bring up right-click results context menu.
Added "Export Formatted Alias Text" tool from options menu to make it easier to share aliases.


Version 2.00.25 - January 13, 2007

You can now set a hotkey for each alias; pressing it will bring up FARR with the alias results shown (i.e. as a menu)


Version 2.00.24 - January 13, 2007

Improved and clarified and took out of experimental stage the options for minimizing (or not) memory use on minimiztion.
Added option to allow multiword search to apply to full paths even without \ path separators


Version 2.00.23 - January 12, 2007

*ALL* words in a multiword search must be found or files will be rejected
Multiple words containing * wildcards now work (but aren't normally needed)
Changed behavior of search keyword modifiers; now if a modifier keyword is used, no entries with blank keyword modifiers will be included in the search.  Only if the entry contains * will it be used on a search with all keywords.  if you want to have an entry used both on blank search and on other keywords, use the keyword blank.
Changed the option regarding history score sorting; you can now choose to display launch history on a blank search sorted by last use without regard to scores.
New search history buffer (use Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down to scroll through).
Non-contiguous search words now prefer words found in serial order.
Directory searching without explicit paths now only matches keywords against file directory name.
File extensions are now included in search comparisons
Added ability to negate words to reject results containing them, just start word with -


Version 2.00.09 - January 7, 2007

Fixed bug where if form was closed while options are open, the options dialog wont show from tray.
Break key from options dialog now returns to main form.
Keyword modifiers are now implemented(!)
Multiple non-contiguous word search is now implemented (words separated by spaces will be found even if not contiguous)
Fixed bug where options dialogs were sometimes appearing below others [thx jgpaiva]


Version 2.00.08 - January 4, 2007

Fixed bug where ( and / stopped working
Updaed the included FBSL (Freestyle Basic Script Language) calc.exe utility for providing calculator functionality.
Reduced size of edit box and reverted to standard white background as per requests.
Fixed bug where \ characters were disrupting alias results.
Copy path to clipboard now copies the url location of .URL links.
Simplified some context-menu captions [thanks masu].
Added "JumpTo" context menu command to open file directory path in search edit box.
Added new field %cliptext% that you can use for replacement in alias launching.
Auto disable inappropriate context menu items on right-click.
Updated the add pattern context menu rules for directories.
Added ability to drag and drop files from outside farr onto farr (results, editbar, or tool panel).
Minor update of built in alias list.



Version 2.00.06 - December 22, 2006

Improved subtle appearance of forum in several respects.
Larger font for edit box.
Added new user-submitted icons and made tray icon user selectable.
Filled in missing hints for many options.
Improved menu icons.
Upgraded to support more skin files.
Hiding the status bar now works again.
Removed the option to put the edit box at top - didn't work well.
Tied history item scores are now properly sorted.
Added option to quickly disable adaptive history use scoring.
Changed behavior of right clicking on folders - now brings you back to edit box.
You can now use ctrl+right arrow to jump to file's directory in search edit box.
Added option to remove missing history items.
You can now type just the drive letter follow by forwardslash, without the ':', for example: d\ for instead of D:\
Minor tweaking of cursor/escape/tab key actions.
Added option for tab used as autocomplete or normal.
Added option to toggle column headers.
Added option to skin the results window or not.


Version 2.00.04 - December 20, 2006

Fixed bug where . was shown at end of filenames with no extensions and at end of directories, when result label option is on.
Default is now to show extension in result labels.
Added ability to go into and pop up out of directories while in the results panel using arrow keys LEFT and RIGHT.
Updated icon.
Tweaked dialogs a little to fix tab orders.
Changed default folder heuristic score so that lnk shortcuts normally score higher.
Fixed bug where backspace wasnt working right in search box, and ctrl+backspace.


Version 2.00.01 - December 19, 2006

Added directory searching.
Added ability to specify explicit paths in a search.
Added keyboard hotkeys (alt+arrows, alt+enter, alt+backspace) to aid directory searching.
Changed hotkey to launch all programs to be ctrl+alt+Enter (was ctrl+Enter)
If a directory is marked with a -9999 score in search Pattern Scoring tab, it will skipped from searching (useful to avoid searching entire subdirectories).
Added history execution incremental scoring, so the more an app is launched the higher it will rise in score to a max value (set in heuristics),
Fixed bug where random icons are being displayed on alias groups.
Added folder browse button to search pattern scoring entry dialog.
No more annoying beeps when you press certain keys (alt, escape, etc.)
When the digits are set to launch files directly, use the # character to escape the next digit
Incorporated a feature that can quickly reject badly scoring items for faster searching.



Version 1.13.02 - Oct 10, 2006

Fixed bug when activating FARR with "-standalone" commandline option, or showing via manual tray "restore from tray" menu item [thanks JanS].


Version 1.13.01 - Oct 08, 2006

Hitting hotkey to switch to farr when its already visible but not focused will bring it to focus and no longer reset the search [requested by lanux and jgpaiva -]
Improved startup speed and efficiency.


Version 1.11.01 - Oct 02, 2006

Added option to try to keep program in memory for faster wakeup.
Improved wakeup-search on alias, so it doesn't do further search in this case.
Improved custom explorer/browser links to work even when there are spaces in path.
Improved custom explorer/browser to allow custom launch strings with parameters.
Improved (hopefully) some odd focus issues when working with options.
Added Help item to tray menu.
Attempting to improve catching of first key when window not yet visible.


Version 1.10.04 - Sep 19, 2006

Fixed bug when . character was in alias name [thx lanux and bugtracker submitter].
Alt+P from farr edit box now shows options.
Confirmation is requested on deleting alias/scoring items.
Fixed bug where using digit keys to launch on non-standard keyboards could result in superfluous searching.
Added option to specify starting search text (useful for starting with an alias menu).
Changed default startup mode to tray based (use -standalone) to exit immediately after display.
Fixed bug in launching all results (Ctrl+Enter).
First attempt to improve some inefficiencies in launch display speed and focus grabbing.
Added experimental directory cacheing attempt (see General options) to reduce startup delay after long disuse.
Fixed bug where $$1 arguments in regex alias groups were being forced to lowercase [thx perlguy]
Fixed bug where custom file explorer was not being used to explore folders.


Version 1.09.05 - Mar 23, 2006

Fixed bug where it was not saving the license key file (thanks to everyone on the forum for reporting this).


Version 1.09.04 - Mar 06, 2006

Fixed bug that wasn't displaying all past history items on blank startup.
Only keeps history of real files launched in the past (not aliases).
Fixed bug when changing display options while skin activated


Version 1.09.02 - Mar 03, 2006


Added a bunch of default aliases for internet searching, pasting common expressions, and more.
Added the the FBSL calc exe and alias (thanks to the Freestyle Basic Script Language; see for more informaiton.
Fixed crashing bug with danish Jaws v6.0x screenreader (if anyone had any other odd shutdown crashes this might also fix)
Ctrl+Space option for launching added
Trying to remove the occasional "ding" sound on hitting enter to launch an application
Option to launch programs with numpad keys
All forms are skinned if skinning is enabled
A skin is now configured as default.
Options are saved on windows shutdown.
Options button now directly opens options form (configure toolbar from that menu)
Improved speed of startup and filechecking by limiting filechecking of initial history list.
Added random startup statusbar hints
Changed some of the default settings for new installations.



Version 1.07.21 - Oct 05, 2005

changing position of edit box/statusbar now tries to fix up skinning without requiring a restart.


Version 1.07.20 - Oct 05, 2005

statusbar now reports total search time after search finishes
options to disable statusbar
options to show editbox at bottom
startup statusbar text now always shows welcome.


Version 1.07.19 - Oct 04, 2005

mailto: containing spaces in subject fixed
trying to fix lanux window sizing bug


Version 1.07.18 - Oct 02, 2005

Preferences option in system tray icon.
Changed wording of system tray icon exit option.
CONTROL+Click of results now launches an app and STAYS open..
When autosize window option and clear window options are checked, main window is now shrunk before restoring to avoid flicker.


Version 1.07.17 - Oct 02, 2005

Autoshrink of window now reduced window size using a rapid timer to prevent flickering during incremental search.


Version 1.07.16 - Oct 02, 2005

You can now type 'agroups' in the search edit box to get a list of all available group aliases
Added new special command "alias" which can be used in a group alias entry to cause search to renew using the words following the alias.  Useful to let one alias group to trigger further searches.


Version 1.07.15 - Oct 02, 2005

Full skin selection plus ability to disable skinning
Setting transparency to 0 now changes window mode to non-transparent (better for capturing screenshots of it)
Reorganized some preference dialog pages.


Version 1.07.14 - Oct 02, 2005

when remove-duplicates option was enabled, shortcuts which differ only in arguments are now treated as non-duplicates
added auto-sizing window option (see config panel2 and disable "Blank search shows files from launch history" if you want smallest bar window on launch).
preliminary test of skinning


Version 1.07.13 - Sep 23, 2005

[bugfix] location path options were not working


Version 1.07.12 - Sep 23, 2005

added paste command (can be used with alias group to paste text to previous app)


Version 1.07.11 - Sep 21, 2005

Added import+export+paste of group aliases
You can add - at start of any item in an alias group to disable it
Reenbabled ins/del/edit keys in listviews


Version 1.07.10 - Sep 16, 2005

[feature] Added environment variables in dir paths for search %USERPROFILE%, %USERNAME%, %ALLUSERSPROFILE%, %MYDOCUMENTS%, %MYFAVORITES%
[bugfix] regex field replacement failed if two fields were directl adjacent, e.g. $$1$$2


Version 1.07.09 - Sep 10, 2005

[feature] you could now be able to launch files that are in system path without specifying directory
[bugfix] escaping digits \# was broken on last release
[bugfix] regular expressions were not being saved the first time you created a particular alias group.


Version 1.07.07 - Sep 08, 2005

Disabling launch with digits was also disableing all the alt,control modifiers (defeated the entire purpose!)


Version 1.07.03 - Sep 07, 2005

adding some special variable for alias commands:  %fardir% = find&run exe dir.


Version 1.07.02 - Sep 06, 2005

Hotkey now restores focus rather than minimizes if pressed while in another window.
Configuration backup files now saved.
Configuration safety save - prevents corruption of configuration files if system crashes during save.
Custom file explorer can be specified in options for launching folders (use \ at end of alias entry for folders).
Added option for lanching first result on enter no matter what.
You can now customize columns displayed in report view of results.
Fixes Alt+# hotkey (show f&r right-click menu).


Version 1.07.01

Full regular expression commands and arguments in alias groups
Manually specified alias result descriptions (see alias edit dialog)
Help file was sometimes not being shown when requested.


Version 1.06.02

Added hotkeys for Ctrl+# (show shell context menu), Alt+# (show f&r right-click menu), Ctrl+Alt+# (launch and stay open)


Version 1.06.01

Working directory (start in directory) of shortcuts was not being respected.
Stop on exact alias match option was ignored, was always stopping.
Alias results were not showing url contents properly
Alias urls were not being launched properly
Actual urls of shortcuts now shown in status bar when clicking on them
Alias results "location" column now shows group name
Unlimited alias group contents results now shown when an exact alias match is found.
Added custom browser configuration option for launching shortcuts.
Launched urls can now be added to history and scored appropriately.
Last version was improperly focusing results window on startup.


Version 1.05.24, August 29, 2005

added ability to drag files out of f&r window into other programs.
added ability to drag and drop url links as urls.
changed help/options button to icon toolbar
added user-configurable toolbar items (and right-click option to add app to it)


Version 1.05.23, August 27, 2005

fixed numerous minor form layout issues
added file browse button to alias form.
added properties menu item to right click
changed from default of startmenu\program files to startmenu\


Version 1.05.22, August 27, 2005

Added instructions about right-clicking in options tabs
Added normal shell context menu pop-up
Added "add to group" menu item for easy alias making
Added scrollbars to alias listbox
Added License key code
Added alt+space hotkey
bugfix - hotkeys weren't being set on startup
bugfix - horizontal scrollbar was being shown on start


Version 1.05.19, July 24, 2005

fixed bug with some win9x users where system shortcut hotkeys would be disabled
config options being broken up into multiple tabs
new options for custom hotkey and checkbox for pause/break key
new options for focus-retaining function (this may be improved later)
asks for confirmation before reseting all options from the menu
better default settings on first use
fixed messagebox bug where it was appearing under main window.


Verion 1.05.16, June 02, 2005

cleaned help file a bit

added info about running main executable with -tray commandline option

fixed a failure to identify some duplicate links

added browse for file+folder buttons from the config add/edit entry dialogs.

removed menus to load and save configuration files (not it always use the main FindAndRunRobot.ini file.

program tries to grab focus back whenever it loses it.

attempt to fix issue with launching SFN versions of apps (ie opera problem).

fixed bug where it kept re-activating the start-with-windows switch (bug also could cause tiny slowdown on startup)


Version 1.05.13, April 03, 2005

statusbar hint for "stop on exact alias match" was corrected; thanks mario_a from forum.


Version 1.05.12, Match 31, 2005

strange ms office shortcuts were not launching properly (thx Alex for pointing this out)


Version 1.05.11, Match 28, 2005

improved handling of .lnk files with arguments


Version 1.05.10, Match 28, 2005

bugfix: typo in options dialog

bugfix: popup menu in heueristics scoring tab should not have presented add/delete options

modification: installer corrected to display info and "Super Happy" removed from program name.


Version 1.05.09, Match 27, 2005

bugfix for error if launching an app while search still ongoing


Version 1.05.08, Match 26, 2005

selecting an item in results window stops search

stated adding scripts feature - more scripts to come


Version 1.05.07, March 25, 2005

Improved shortcut launching

Added new helper mini exe to circumvent weird windows ShellExecute delay on launching docs via ShellExecute()

Added code to not get confused by quick double hotkey activation that seems to occur from some apps (ms excel).

Alpha Blending options were causing complaints on win9x; this is now fixed, program works fine on win9x (though alpha blending has no effect of course).


Version 1.05.04, March 25. 2005

Cursor arrows in and out of search box works better now.

Pressing down arrow during search stops search and moves cursor into results view.

Fixed bug with scrollbars on long listviews.

Slightly improved icon.


Version 1.05.02, March 25. 2005

New window transparency control in options.

By default moves recent docs and desktop links to top of search list and enabled by default.

Added instrcutions in install to enable recent docs and move to top.


Version 1.05.01, March 25. 2005

fixed bug that could result in program trying to save changed options more than necesary

changed default launch history to 50 items

fixed (maybe) gray empty header on launch in details mode with no items

fixed bug causing flash of previous items when clear on restart is checked

double click now toggles view when using fast style launcher

fixed bug where on trigger you would see previous find list first before it resets

adding exclusion rules for apps now adds these rules to pattern match box not history box, and removes any existing entry from history launch.

some apparent "hanging" of the program was due to obscured windows, hopefully fixed now.

adding an exclusion now forces score to -9999 even if a prior rule exists


Version 1.04.08, Sep 26, 2003

Form now forces itself onto screen if it find itself offscreen.


Version 1.04.07, Aug 22, 2003

Fixed bug where settings were not being saved on windows shutdown.


Version 1.04.06, July 10, 2003

Added options to control whether to clear last search on reactivation.

Fixed bug from 1.04.05 that was disabling scoring.


Version 1.04.05, July 10, 2003

The option to show history now always shows top history in order of most recent execution, ignoring scores.

Aliases matches now only count if they match the leftmost input string.


Version 1.04.04, July 03, 2003

Added option to stop search when an exact alias match is found, and ctrl-enter to launch all found links, which together can be used to launch groups of applications.


Version 1.04.03, July 03, 2003

Added "copy target path to clipboard" to context menu, with ctrl-c shortcut.


Version 1.04.02, July 03, 2003

Slight bug was slowing down the user interface.


Version 1.04.01, July 03, 2003

Fixed an isidious bug that was leaking file handles (leaving them open), which could result in wasted memory usage.


Version 1.04.00, July 02, 2003

Major new option which allows you to select from two very different ways of configuring startup behavior.


Version 1.03.02, May 16, 2003

Programs are now launched with their working directories set to the program's location, which is nesc. for some apps.

Added text in pattern scoring dialog to remind user they can use -9999 to block a pattern from showing.


Version 1.03.01, May 15, 2003

Fixed a bug in the way shortcuts linking to same target app are handled - in prior versions it was possible for lower scoring duplicates to take the place of higher scoring ones.

New option for specifying whether low-scoring duplicates should be removed.

Moved to x.yy.zz version numbering.

You can now use \# to represent a digit in a filename even when you've got the "Digit Keys Launch Results" option checked.

Added right-click context menu item to 'remove this entry from launch history'.

Status bar now shows location of *linked* shortcut file, if main window shows shortcut path.

Added right-click context menu to 'add a rule to prevent this link from being found again'


Version 1.2b8, Aug 22, 2002

added WinConsole to related apps list


Version 1.2b7, April 25, 2002

when triggered program now grabs focus - nesc. on win2k to insure that the launched window does not lose focus because of some fluke

added ShellSearch to related apps list.


Version 1.2b6, March 29, 2002

when you click on a found file result, status bar now shows full filename.

major feature added - new tab for aliases - you can add custom aliases for a single file or for groups of files


Version 1.2b5, March 22, 2002

complete help file now provided

speedup in search routine


Version 1.2b4, March 20, 2002

minor feature added - new option in right-click on results to open explorer at *linked* file location (location pointed to by shortcut).

minor feature added - new option in right-click on results to perform a one-time search of ALL matching results (rather than just the top x)

minor feature added - the statusbar now shows hints for all controls as you drag the mouse over them.

bugfix - dbl-clicking on entry in history window caused crash.


Version 1.2b3, March 20, 2002

minor feature added - if a shortcut match is found, each pattern entry will get points if it matches either shortcut name or linked file name (so a shortcut pointing to an exe would get points for *.lnk and also *.exe).

minor feature added - function keys can now be used to select the item to launch (if you dont have these configured as hotkeys for other applications through OS global hotkeys).

feature added - from the File menu on Options dialog, you can now reset settings to defaults.

bugfix - duplicate file finder was completely rejecting non-shortcut files. oops.

bugfix - shortcuts to non-existent files were causing very long delays to resolve.

bugfix - disabling heuristic searches was not having any effect (they were always included in score).


Version 1.2b2, March 20, 2002

bugfix - percent match scores now work properly when you use explicit wildcards in your search string.


Version 1.2b1, March 20, 2002

feature added - now checks for duplicate references in shortcuts, etc. eliminates duplicate files shown.


Version 1.1, March 19, 2002

minor feature added - if you use wildcards in your search string, the pattern will be used explicitly for searching; previously all searches were treated as *searchstring*.


Version 1.0, March 18, 2002

First release



Thank You:

Brad Stowers for his ItemProp unit to display context menu easily
Only one instance at a time is allowed to run, thanks to Florian Bömers OneInst component.
Troel Jakobson for his wonderful components -