Html View Mode

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New in version 2.03 (June 2008 release), is a feature that embed's a mini web browser in FARR that can display arbitrary html content and automatically download web pages.  This is referred to as "html view mode".


Html view mode is currently rendered using the IE activex dll as an embedded web browser.  This means that it will use the version of the Internet Explorer engine installed on the user's pc, and can support displaying anything that can be displayed in a normal browser.  [In the future we may support an option to use the FireFox gecko engine].


While the html view mode in FARR can be used to display standard web pages, the intention is not to provide yet another web browser.  The main purpose of the html view is to allow custom plugins to have greater flexibility in the way they display information.


See the topic Special/Virtual Launch Strings for the launch strings that can be used in your aliases to display html or load a webpage in the internal html view.


Advanced use: If you create a file userstylesheet.css and place it in your MyLocalData directory (User\My Documents\DonationCoder\FindAndRunRobot\MyLocalData) it will be loaded automatically when displaying local html content (like that from a plugin).  In this way you can customize the style of htmlview mode.