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A Major New Feature with Version 2 of FARR is a powerful Plugin system.


Plugins are written as standard MS Windows DLLs, using any language that can create such DLLS (C,C++,Delphi,VB, etc.)


How do I Install a Plugin? Just move the entire Plugin directory that you unzip into the Plugins/ subdirectory of Find and Run Robot.  For example C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\MySamplePlugin. To uninstall a plugin just delete it from the Plugins/ subdirectory (you can also simply DISABLE it from FARR options).


What can Plugins Do? There are several things a Plugin can do:

It can provide additional files or urls that FARR will search and filter automatically.

It can do it's own search and filter and generate results.

It can takeover launching of some or all files/urls.

It can generate results that have no meaning except to the plugin, which the plugin will "launch"

It can generate results that only other plugins know how to handle.

It can adjust the scores of other results generated by FARR or other plugins.


How can I Configure a Plugin?  You can see the list of installed plugins from the Options dialog on the Plugins tab.  Here you can temporary enable or disable plugins, and find information about each installed plugin.  There are also some default options for each plugin that you can adjust.