Variable Replacements, Virtual Folder Names, Env Paths

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The following virtual folders are available for specification in the search folder list. Using them won't effect search speed and can keep your configuration valid even if you use a portable usb drive, etc.:


%FARRUSERDATADIR% - Defaults to the MyLocalData directory in FARR path which is the recommended place to store user settings and user-modifiable files that should not be overwritten on farr updates.  this can be customized by the user to be anyplace on drive.
%ALIASDIR% - When specifying alias commands you may occasionally want to refer to the home directory of the alias.
%PLUGINDIR% - Directory of currently triggered plugin.
%APPDRIVE% - Will be something like "C:" based on drive where findandrunrobot.exe was launched
%COMPUTERNAME% -- replaced with current computer name.


You can also use any windows Environmental variable which provides more replacements (see here), like %WINDIR%,%PATH%, etc.


Additionally the following variables can be retrieved and passed on the commandline by aliases (or queried by plugins):


%LASTHWND% - integer value referring to the last window handle that had focus before FARR was triggered.
%LASTURL% - last url navigated or set in internal web browser
%LASTURLSET% - last url explicitly set by alias/plugin in web browser
%CUSTOMFILEBROWSER% - user configured custom file browser string
%CUSTOMWEBBROWSER% - user configured custom web browser string
%MAXRESULTS% - current number of max results to show in results, based on search
%MAXRESULTSDEF% - option set by user for default max results to show in results
%MAXRESULTSEXT% - option set by user for extended max results to show in results
%LASTWEBERRORS% - blank if no web script errors since last web page load, or text of errors.
%SEARCHBOX% - contents of current search box as shown.
%SEARCHSTRING% - current search string; may differ from search box based on alias dosearch manipulations.
%CURRENTRESULT% - currently selected result; useful for creating hotkeys that use it, etc.; blank if nothing selected
%CURRENTRESULTNB% - same as above, but = first result if nothing selected
%ALIASPREFIX% - optional alias prefix configured by user (this is useful to plugin writers in particular who need to set the search box contents.
%FARRWINWIDTH% - width of farr window
%FARRWINHEIGHT% - height of farr window
%FARRWINLEFT% - left (X) coordinate of farr window
%FARRWINTOP% - top (Y) coordinate of farr window



You can also use relative directories in the search folder tab:


..\etc (up one directory)

\blah (on root directory of the program drive)