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 Is there a simple piece of software (AHK maybe) which will draw a horizontal bar on the screen, level with the cursor, so help reading long lines of text in large articles?
 The idea would be to slowly move the cursor down the screen as you read, with the horizontal bar also moving accordingly.

General Software Discussion / Re: Bartels Media paranoia
« on: February 13, 2010, 06:32 PM »
I often invest energy in trying to prove I'm right - the more so when I'm frustrated be cause no one can see MY "correct" point of view. BAD habit!
My partner sometimes points this out to me. Trying to prove I'm right comes at a cost of proving how I'm so wrong (albeit on another level, connected with humility and generosity of spirit maybe).
I like DC because I rarely see ego trump topic
I have had sympathy for both camps in this thread and am mighty pleased if ,truly, it becomes a learning experience for all of us (including me as observer, being reminded of my own faults)

Thank you very much Volodymyr for your generosity, and also Carl for your work putting all these things together. And Donationcoder ...for just being Donationcoder.
I had a project in mind and AllMyNotes will be ideal for it, so again, thanks and much appreciated.

Living Room / Re: Simple problem, is there a simple answer?
« on: December 24, 2009, 05:30 AM »
thanks for those suggestions...I'm sitting on the steps outside a library which is closed for xmas to get access, with my eeepc. Boxing day, I'll be back, INSIDE, to try out some of those options. At the moment, I've removed from starting up everything I think is non-essential. Process explorer, on-line scan sound like the options to try next when I can.
Again, thanks, and have a joyful and peaceful Christmas.

Living Room / Simple problem, is there a simple answer?
« on: December 23, 2009, 04:52 AM »
When I startup win xp, clicking (left or right) items in the taskbar or system tray has no effect. Pressing C-A-Delete will then allow normal clicking on the taskbar and system tray.
 This behaviour may recur later, with a similar fix.
 Apart from latest firefox update, no software installed immediately before the behaviour appeared, about 4 days ago, when I was holidaying in Vietnam (could that be a relevant factor??????)
 My first thought, rationally or otherwise was virus/malware/??? - my school, who own this computer and insist on McAfee have, in their wisdom, somehow disallowed scan on demand, so I can't easily scan for a problem.
 Maybe it's something else, but I can't see any "unusual" processes running from the task manager (to my untrained eye that is)
Thanks for any help

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