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I'm a lowly maths teacher, so take my ideas with a grain of salt, but...
If I wanted my ESL students to read and COMPREHEND a text, I would sort out some vocab problems first. It would make the actual task much simpler if a lot of the vocab discussion/explanation happened up front so interruptions to the narrative were lessened.
 In my maths classes as well, I like to have the vocab sorted out early, so it doesn't get in the way of explaining the maths concepts.
 So, returning to word lists, it's useful to make them from a text and use them in different ways all centering on learning vocab.

General Software Discussion / Re: Add tabbed documents to MS Office
« on: August 29, 2009, 03:45 AM »
I re-installd it, with the idea of disabling it in word... but word seemed to start ok, so I opened a 2nd tab. THEN my display started to get faint lines in it, which got worse and worse as I watched.
Eventally system froze (couldn't kill word) and when I rebooted, it seemed like the computer wanted to change graphics modes, or was cycling thru settings.
 Now I'm in an endless start from last good configuration cycle which never works as the display is completely stuffed.
 Maybe coincidental, maybe not.

General Software Discussion / Re: Add tabbed documents to MS Office
« on: August 27, 2009, 08:22 PM »
I read a warning that it didn't always work, but tried it anyway. On my computer, I find that the area occupied by the ribbon simply disappears with this add on. (thats in word, didn't bother checking excel as I don't want word screwed up)

I have THREE to-do list softwares that work really well for me.
My system is:
1. Select a to-do lister (I have 3 favourites)
2. Populate, and admire the aesthetics.
3. Set to start with windows, remove autostart for any others.
4. Admire the list for about a week or until ennui sets in.
5. Change to new to-do software, set up new to-do list.
6. Admire aesthetics
6. Set to auto start, remove autostart for any others.

The beauty of this system is I actually have to remember stuff to do as I only seem to be able to take in an overall impression of the window and what has to be done doesn't quite register.

Now I'm thinking of it, that's very similar to my note taking efforts ... except I've about 6 repositories for data that needs remembering, and it takes ages to find something Ive noted.
I think I'll add "sort out note-taking" to my next to-do list.


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