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This may not be to your taste, but it's free and works fine with a ppc ...BladeWiki found at


FWIW, a link to an OO / Softmaker Office comparison landed in my inbox this morning.
Its at Infoworld

No, I'm not stalking you Dave! I think you should have a look at Kingsoft Office as a MS powerpoint replacement on top of the word replacement.
And no, I'm not a Kingsoft salesperson.. I just thought it's a very good office suite replacement.

I have a teacher that doesn't like all the bells and whistles of Word 2003.  Is there a free replacement that just does basic word processing?  Perhaps AbiWord or something like that?

What "bells and whistles" do you mean? Or do you mean a light on resources, relatively small hard drive footprint? I ask because Kingsoft had a very nice free Office replacement which worked very well. Most of the time I prefer using it to either Office 2003 or 2007, which I get (legitimately) free from school

Crop quickly and efficiently - most definitely.
Most of the time tho, when I want or need to crop an image, I have a specific proportion in mind (eg 16:9 or 4:3). It would be very useful to have a drop down list so the cropping is constrained by the proportion selected.

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