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There is one more option, At Stackoverflow, one post suggests using Batch programming in powershell together with a CSV file containing pairs of the strings (searched string - replaced string):

Here is another version of it, with some visual examples:

At StackExchange, there is a similar question:

The software recommended here are

1. FindInFile (FiF) for CudaText editor

2. Advanced Find and Replace


I am not 100% sure though, if they are talking about replacing multiple strings with respective other multiple strings or by only one string.

I find myself using CHS for a number of things. For example, transferring clips of texts from PDFs, E-Mails and Websites together with information about the date accessed, URL (if applicable), Window Titles, etc.

Given that the CHS database now serves as a central repository for many of the clips I use for research etc., I was wondering if it would be possible to annotate/highlight the contents of individual clips and to tag them. This would make the constant copying and pasting the clips to individual programs less necessary and would make CHS the go to App for managing  text and images from multiple sources in the form of a qualitative data database. It might also help against the annotations and codes being tied up in individual files and provide a central means to store and access snippets, programming codes, qualitative research codes, and annotations.

I will be interested in what Mouser and the others think about this and if anyone has similar solutions they are using.

Hi Shades,

Thanks for adding to the discussions. I have skwire, wraith808, and you to thank for introducing me to MarkDown in another thread here. :-)

The Word add-in for mediawiki looks interesting for getting some sort of Wiki features in Word. The other suggestion are interesting too, but most of these are concerned with connecting Word to Wikipedia.

Wow! A 13 Year old topic and I find it relevant even today. I know I should perhaps start a new topic, but all I want to do here is ask Armando if he ever found a solution. :)

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