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I have now tried "Power Favorites" and LinkMan. Both are nice tools but somehow don't manage to give me the comfortable feeling I had with powermarks. At least regarding LinkMan, which I still have on my PC, three things that frustrate me most are

1. No Automatic Suggestions while entering Tags. Here PowerMarks always used to suggest previously entered Tags, as one typed.

2. Folder Structure, instead of simple tag based structure. I guess, in LinkMan, one can choose to hide the folder pane. I personally, would like to see a folder panel, showing a tag based virtual folder structure, like in the not taking freeware WikidPad (

3. Duplicates & Marking the same site again: Both "Power Favorites", as well as LinkMan offer Duplicate Deletion. But PowerMarks simply did not have any duplicates. When one bookmarked a site which already existed in the database, PowerMarks very nicely opened the edit box for the preexisting bookmark, allowing one to make modifications if one wants to. This is much more flexible than a notice telling you that you already have that site bookmarked, and whether you would still like to mark it again (This, I guess is because of the hardcoded folder based approach).

I am sure that both LinkMan and Power Favorites will improve on their already impressive list of features, and hope that they incorporate features such as those mentioned above to approach the power and simplicity of powermarks. That will gain them many a customers like me, who are still crying over the demise of their favorite PowerMarks. :-)

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« on: July 16, 2008, 11:29 AM »
I also never used my bookmarks, mainly because the bookmark managers made it difficult to use them in the first place. Click here - then click there - then search. Aaaarrrrrrgggggghhhh!!!!

It was only after I found (the now sadly off-the-shelf) PowerMarks that I started using Bookmarks in earnest. This actually did increase my productivity quite a lot. Now, I am back to square one, I save bookmarks, almost never to use them again :-(

I used LinkStash for a long time, but gave it up after realizing that I just am not able to make use of the folder based structure. Then I shifted to PowerMarks and the simplicity, + power + tag based structure made me fall in love with it.

However now that PowerMarks will not be updated, and will never have a portable version. I am once again on the lookout for an alternative.

miTaggedMarks came the closest, with a powermarks import utility, and a portable version, but is much more troublesome to use than PowerMarks, especially when it comes to entering tags.

The new LinkStash 2 is much better with a good tag & search system, but I do not understand why it does not allow one to update the existing bookmark, if one tries to enter a pre-existing address again, instead of giving a very inflexible "duplicated bookmark" warning.

"Portable Bookmarks" looks nice but does not have the possibility to enter longer description/notes as is the case with the above two programs.

I do wish that someone revives PowerMarks or that LinkStash lets one simply update existing bookmarks instead of shouting about duplication.

Since years, I am quite happy with the shareware "Better File Rename" which is very well integrated with windows explorer.  I have not yet tried their latest version 5.0, though. I think I will also give BRU and renamer a try.

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