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You can say RtvReco is old indeed. It is from 2002, so 18 years. Its website hasn't been updated since 2003 either. Wouldn't try this anymore on Windows 10.

I, too, was (slightly) wondering about the age of the program. Have taken it out of my list of things to try now. :-)

I got a similar error yesterday. The database is OK and working as usual after a reboot.

Thanks Shades. I am downloading PTFB Trial and check how that works out. While searching for it, I also came across this old software, which I will also give a try:

Thanks for the suggestion regarding AutoIt, ferretau. Unfortunately, it will some time before I can get on with it. Learning to script is high on my agenda, because of the various advantages it offers to my digital productivity, and also to finally try out creating small programs for personal productivity, which I can hopefully one day share back at DonationCoder. Unfortunately, owing to my regular tasks at work, which is not programming related, I have few opportunities to get down to it. But when I do, AutoIt and AHK are high on my list, right after VBA, which I am requiring more and more at my job, because of the many Excel sheets I need to work with.

Thank you for suggesting Winautomation, flamerz. I will download a trial version and give it a spin. Does anyone have any experience with less costly and similar alternatives to Winautomation?

Can the users of this forum suggest a minimal programming Windows automation solution, which will allow one to perform multiple file opening, clicking, and saving functions.

E.g.: Periodically open CCleaner -> Click Tools - Click "Save to a text file" -> go to a particular folder (create, if non - existent) -> Save as CCleaner Installed App on <computer name> - <current date & time ->.txt.

Thank you for your suggestions.

HAutomating Windows - Fast, easy to use, minimal programming required - solution

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