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Information from

As soon as you identify the software that’s causing the error, contact its developer and share the below instructions with them:

Information for developers:
If your application interacts with the Windows clipboard using OLE technology, this indicates that somewhere your source code calls of the IDataObject interface. This interface contains the GetData method, which can result in the described Excel error when it tries to receive clipboard content in CF_METAFILEPICT format.

How to fix:
Skip the GetData call if the requested format is CF_METAFILEPICT.

Hi Mouser,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I got caught up in a project and had turned off CHS for a few days.

Today I tried out the different combinations you suggested:

Rejecting CF_METAFILEPICT resulted in the excel error "The picture is too large and will be truncated", every time I copied the entire (even blank) excel worksheet:


Then I tried rejecting CF_ENHMETAFILE. The error remained, every time I copied the entire (even blank) excel worksheet:


After this, I rejected both CF_METAFILEPICT and  CF_ENHMETAFILE. Same error, every time I copied the entire (even blank) excel worksheet:


I unintentionally changed the settings to store CF_METAFILEPICTand reject  CF_ENHMETAFILE. The same error occured once. But when I tried copying again, there was no error. Interesting this is happening everytime now. The error turns up once and then I am able to copy as usual, with this setting:


Looking for other similar errors or references to the two clipbard formats and excel, I came across these two webpages: (Not related to the error, but interesting as to my untrained eye, this looks similar to the Blob entry in CHS) (Similar error with these two clipboard formats. No resolution posted)

Thanks :-)

Hmmm! Is there any troubleshooting routine that I can follow, which can give you the most important information about what might be causing this error. At the moment, it seems that I am the only one having this issue.

Hi Mouser,

Thanks to your earlier explanations, I played around with the capture settings a bit, and the problem seems to be gone for now.


After disabling the "Capture other formats" checkbox under "Main Capture Options" in CHS, I am not getting the error anymore. I still don't know why the error disappeared earlier, but am happy for now. :-)

Hi Mouser,

The error is not limited to any specific Excel File. The fastest way to reproduce the error is to select the entire worksheet in any excel file (including blank ones) by clicking on the top left corner and then copying using Ctrl+C, while CHS is running. I am using Excel 2016. If you can't reproduce the error this way, then the problem might somehow lie with my PC configuration.

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