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Latest insider build has a spellchecker (US English only), a few glitches still being sorted.

This is good news. I look forward to trying it out.


2. clone the old drive to it using EASUS, AOMEI, etc partitioning software,

Thanks for the step by step walkthrough. I follow the same process, except the software I use and which has not failed me in the last 4-5 years is the freeware version of Macrium Reflect.

Latest Update:

After the changes made in my last post, "The picture is too large and will be truncated" error was occurring once every-time I restarted and copied something from excel. Since a couple of weeks that no longer is the case. I am not receiving any error at all and everything is functioning fine. In case there is any change in this pattern, I will report back here.

Thanks to the discussions here, I have tried Obsidian and it really does seem to do a lot of things that I want including internal wiki-linking. Has anybody managed to integrate/use a spellchecker with it. The Obsidian forum posts about a spellchecker offer aspell as a solution, but with Linux/Unix. Not much about a Windows solution there.

How to never lose another memory again:

I am getting more and more reliant on Mouser's excellent "Clipboard Help+Spell" for a lot of note taking. I just copy what I want into the clipboard, may it be text notes, images, webpages, or references. The text notes can be modified using the inbuilt editor. All I am missing there are tags, highlighters, and comments/annotations. But even without these, because of the constant use of clipboard memory, it has automatically become my go to notes keeper.

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