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I don't think I'd change my versioning system if I was already using Mercurial, unless I was going to work with people using Git (which means: a lot of programmers). If I was free to choose though, I'd probably choose Git again.  :)  I like it and SmartGit/Hg makes it a breeze to use. But that's not answering your question.

Since I haven't been looking for comparisons in the last couple years, I googled a bit and the trend is definitely gitty. Probably because of GitHub, but there are also other technical (and historical) reasons that are probably not that meaningful anymore these days, from a usability perspective (i.e. reasons that don't translate into real technical advantages -- Mercurial and Git constantly improve and play "catch up"). If anything, Git seems here to stay, and Mercurial doesn't seem to be gaining much popularity, despite its facebook adoption.

Anyway, I could post many links, but I didn't find any long, interesting, in depth, technical or "sociological" comparison. I'm Curious if anyone will find anything great from late 2014 or 2015.

I guess the question is now mostly "what do you need for that specific job". Are you dissatisfied with Mercurial?

[...] on the clipboard tab you can also increase the frequency of automatic clipboard chain re-establishment.

I've set the frequency to 1 min. Anything I should worry about? It doesn't seem to have any adverse effect (CPU is at 0%, memory is stable... clipboard works well.)

In any case : haven't lost one clip today!  8)

Good luck gt13013! I found that I need to combine a few engines to get the best results. Repeating myself, but using a combination of Archivarius, DTSearch and Everything (when only file names are involved.) AFAICT, Archivarius and DTSearch don't miss any files -- unless their format isn't supported. Plus, they can index bigger files than X1 can.

Thanks mouser. Downloaded and installed : seems to work well and I find that the new options are well and clearly implemented. Will keep you posted.
(CHS is a really complete clipboard management/enhancer!)

Thanks Tomos. Yes, windows 8.1.  I must say I've always found the clipboard chain with any clipboard manager and any windows version to be kind of fragile... But it could be linked to Windows 8.1 underlying clipboard system. No idea.
That said, I can't really go back to anything else and it wouldn't be worth it just... for the clipboard.

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