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I'll have to be more vigilant. It could be one of my own scripts in InfoQube. What can mess the clipboard chain?

Yes, but it seems that the period is too long or something..?

Thanks mouser!

Hi mouser,
this is something I so frequently have to do (re-establish clipboard chain) that a shortcut key would be extremely useful.
Thanks for considering adding this to the UI!
Take care

Biggest problem I have with it is the unwieldy - at least for me - tagging system.  When I store something, it'll have multiple tags.  However, I'm unable to search on combined tags.  That means that my tag input is increased significantly.  Example would be
  • Donation
  • Coder
  • Donation Coder
That 3rd tag should not be necessary, but it is, as far as I can tell.  Should be able to search/limit, for instance, Donation + Coder without having created the Donation Coder tag.

Slightly off-topic, but maybe worth sharing:

That's why I find that the best way to manage tags in any DB (or anywhere, in fact) is to use
1- standard text fields
2- an OSwide (so to speak) system that's managed through a separate application -- a text expander/script application, like AHK.

I've been using AHK to manage my tags for years now, and I use these tags everywhere : from PDFs comments to filenames, to InfoQube's fields (as many here know, IQ is what I've chosen to manage most of my data for years -- won't develop on that.). After 8 years using this system, I know it works well...

when using standard text fields, search operations like "Donation + Coder" are easy. If the tag system is well thought out, it's also easy to make mass modification to specific tags (using search and replace tools)

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