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Thanks for the info! Looks interesting.

I don't use Archivarius, but it is most likely more than enough just for finding text in a large number of files.

dtSearch is probably more flexible, with advanced indexing and search options and an index manager that lets you define multiple indexes according to how your data is stored, combine multiple indexes into libraries and search across them.  In addition to boolean searches, it allows for word stemming, phonics and fuzzy searches, and can use a thesaurus to include synonyms in searches.  It also displays pdf files using a reader plug-in and can even highlight found words inside pdfs if you use the Adobe Reader plug-in.

Archivarius allows multiple indexes too, with various configurations, etc.


If your file type is supported, dtSearch is generally better for detailed or complex search as it supports regex.

That said, Archivarius has its strengths too (e.g. more supported file types, treatment of hyphens etc. is more intuitive or elegant, etc.) and I use it to double check certain things when I'm not sure dtSearch is getting everything it should.

Comparing the features list is a must.

Find And Run Robot / Re: Black tray menu
« on: October 20, 2015, 10:37 PM »
That was it, mouser. It had to do with the skin option.

Actually, the "use fancy skinned display" option was checked, but somewhere along the way, the skin in the drop down got unselected (it was empty).

When I reselected a skin (slenderFarr), the tray menu appeared normally again.  :up:

Find And Run Robot / Re: Black tray menu
« on: October 15, 2015, 11:47 AM »
FARR is the only application with a problematic tray menu.

If it's only FARR with this problem, maybe the skin you have set for farr or custom colors?
check the "Advanced Visuals" option in far and uncheck any custom stuff.

Thanks, I'll try that and report.

especially concerning the Ctrl+Shift+arrows (left-right) for selecting. Thanks!

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