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Find And Run Robot / Black tray menu
« on: October 14, 2015, 11:59 AM »
Hi mouser,

The tray menu here has been black for a long time. Years, probably. It seems like I'm the only one (?), but I wonder why. Driver issues, maybe, but on my computer, FARR is the only application with a problematic tray menu.

Screenshot - 2015-10-14 , 12_53_37.png

When I hover over the menu, the various entries appear/disappear.
The menu is still usable.

Seems good to me.
For "Morphology" I have English and French.
For the encoding, it's similar to your screenshots, bit with event less checked options.
All inheritance settings are checked.

I really wonder why accented letters are causing problems in your case.

I have made the test explained here :

And it is a complete failure for Archivarius. Here is the updated spreadsheet with Archivarius results:

My conclusion: it seems that Archivarius is not suitable for people who use accented characters
Or perhaps I have missed something ?

Don't know what to say except that I mostly speak French and hence use accented characters. Archivarius has always performed quick and found almost everything I need.

Maybe you haven't set up the encoding or morphology properly in the program settings?

My own Stats

Files : 494 870
Words : 11 395 416
Size of files : 192.54 GB
Size of text : 21.79 GB
Size of index : 8.55 GB

DT Search:
Files : 68 226
Words:  8 554 465
Data size (size of text) : 3.8 GB
Size of Index: 2.6 GB

Both have big indexes, but Archivarius doesn't seem outrageously huge here. It's actually smaller than DTSearch, proportionally speaking. I can't compare with X1 as it's long gone because of severe problems described earlier. I can't use a "desktop search " software that imposes strange limits on the document length it will index. I don't know if those limits still exist, but they've been there for quite a while.

[Edit : you'll notice that here the Archivarius index is about 22.5 times smaller than the file size, but only 2.55 times smaller than the actual text size. If the numbers you gave are only an estimate, the estimate might be off the mark, unless the text size is about the same as the file size (4110 GB) you gave.]

I found that for most day to day code work, it's pretty straight forward (committing stuff, creating branches, merging branches, rebasing, stashing, squashing, blaming, etc.). Especially with a nice gui. But then, I didn't use the more advanced functions that much.

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