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Find And Run Robot / Stalls for 3-4 sec
« on: December 15, 2005, 11:23 PM »

I'm an avid user of F&R Robot. Great software.

I realized today that when search in the "recent" folder is enabled, it slows things down -- it could also be a because of specific file in the recent folder or something else, I Don't know.

More specifically, when I wanted to start the calculator and used the down arrow to immediately select the calculator, F&RR froze for about 3-4 sec. and then resumed. Like I said, the "recent" folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Recent) did it... when I removed it, it was okay. Putting it back (in the "Search Folder" area) recaused the problem.

Thought I'd share that...
P.S. :Not that many files in the recent folder (around 30). I've got a P4 1.8Ghz, 512mb ram.

Best Dialog Extender / Re: Opinions wanted
« on: November 27, 2005, 02:08 PM »
FileBox uses a bit too much RAM, I find (usually around 10mb -- compared to dm2, for instance, which uses between 1 and 3mb). In my case (pentium IV, 512mb RAM with shared video mem) it's a bit too much for such a tool. The lighter, the better. Off course, it has to be stable and efficient. DM2 works well for now (doesn't work with MS word save or open windows, though... but it's okay because it's the least annoying one), and seems to be stable... Lots of options. Which key features are lacking? I'm curious...

Best Dialog Extender / Re: Opinions wanted
« on: November 27, 2005, 11:32 AM »
Interesting subject. The only software of that kind I've tried (and still using) is OpenWide. Not that I like it that much but when I first found it I thought it was very useful (just to get the &?%#*&!  "save" or "open" windows bigger!) I will try the other one, now that I have a list. (P.S. : compared to the others, OpenWide seems to be kinda thin... But might satisfy users with very very basic needs -- It's very stable (never crashed once) and does what it's supposed to do -- not on 100% windows though).

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