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Living Room / Re: Top 10 Signs Recursion May Be a Problem In Your Life
« on: December 20, 2007, 02:05 AM »
0. When cutting stuff into smaller pieces you cut it in half, cut each piece in half, cut each new piece in half ....

damn, i'm doing this already, no kidding :D
makes for nice, even-sized pieces :D

A little question about OTR. Though it works really good in MSN (turns out Adium packs OTR by default in the package), I am curious about the privacy scope in the IRC. Can it be used when talking in the public chat of the channel or does it only works when I am having a private IRC conversation, with, say, Ralf Maximus? (shameless plug for Ralf to join us at #donationcoder sometime. That, and being the last poster :P)

AFAIK OTR only works for 2 parties. I'm not 100% sure, tho.

There is a similar problem with key-agreement using DH1080 for mircryption/fish.
The 'simple' solution is:
- generate a long and random password for the public channel and set it
- perform DH1080 key agreement with each party that wants to talk encrypted in the channel
- exchange the channel password of the so secured private 1on1 chat
- manually set received channel password

i was planning on incorporating code to automatically perform this rather simple task in mircryption/xchat but haven't found the time to do it yet.

for instance, meet in person and exchange keys in a safe/secure environment.

For GnuPG/PGP it should be enough to exchange the fingerprint, of the key, because said fingerprint (e.g. 0986 736D 468B 5D28 7C6A  811D D609 3240 38BA B1B4) is much shorter than a key

of course, but only in person or over a secure channel ;-)
if you can mitm key exchange, you can mitm fingerprint exchange :D

Yes, but what I was talking about is what housetier mentioned: if the other part doesn't use the plugin, you can't encrypt the information you're sending as well. Practically all my friends use WLM, except one who uses aMSN, and another who uses Adium (when he's on the Mac, anyway), and WLM is not exactly the privacy champion, more the opposite <_<

I use Miranda for everything, so no problem there :)

if they value privacy, they will switch to a client that allows more security.

there is also OTR support for adium.

Hmmm, can we get Microsoft to use encryption in Windows Live Messenger? (That would be the only way to have encrypted communications with ALL my contacts in MSN).

use pidgin
i use pidgin for all my IM contacts, specifically: icq, aim, yahoo, msn, jabber
should work also with miranda, or, if you like it non-free: trillian

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