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The meeting is over!
Only one other guy was on board: urlwolf. Nevertheless we had a great 5 hours of talking about everything from coding, privacy and encryption, psychology, web services, and various other topics.

There will be definitely another meetup, probably in February.
housetier said he'll organize this and urlwolf is interested in coming again.
I won't make it but I'll join the next time I'll be in Berlin (probably end of May).

If there are any DCers near Stuttgart, now is the time to speak up!
I'm heading back home for Stuttgart tomorrow and if there's interest and people we can meet up at a bar, have a couple of drinks and just chat.

mouser asked for pictures and here they are!
As you can see, there's plenty of room on board the c-base space station for bigger meetups.

ltr: urlwolf, housetier, gjehle

Maybe I'll add that to my New Year's Resolution list: Take some classes so Ich kann mit Deutsch vertraut noch einmal erhalten.

(I hope that wasn't too incorrect! ;D)

please make it stop @_@
your confusing the hell out of me lol
I've been living here six years and still couldnt tell you should it be
Ich kann mit Deutsch vertraut noch einmal erhalten
Ich kann noch einmal mit Deutsch vertraut erhalten
Ich kann vertraut mit Deutsch noch einmal erhalten
or something different again :p (in other words I'm impressed)

post (in german language) about the meetup at c-base' weblog:

i'll take and post pictures for sure.
everyone, if you're in the area, or by chance currently visiting for 25c3 in Berlin anyway, just drop by c-base!
it'll be fun, there's beer!

i'll be there, hell, i'm already there :D

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