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Living Room / Re: Wiki Democracy
« on: October 01, 2007, 11:52 AM »
from a idealistic and naive point of view i want to see this happening
on the other hand, being a mix of pessimist and realist i'm not so sure...

then again.. seeing what's happening here in germany i so want the ability to contribute more directly and not have total morons and lobbyists  decide what's good for the 'stupid people'



CRTDBG is a rather blunt tool ;-) pretty much telling me: you leak / you don't leak
and I'm not sure it works cross-dll / cross-language

anyways, thanks for the info

thanks for the reply mouser,
since i'm not the GUI-type but usually a linux-only user (except for prostitution work related stuff) this shouldn't pose a problem.
i found AQTime myself after some searching and i have to say it looks quite nice.
turns out... there's no real memory leak after all :( *curses at image acquisition drivers*

Hey there fellow DC'ers
I'm sitting at work here right now, having to deal with a _very_ nasty problem that totally smashes my system's heap, slowly, very slowly... (to the point of no return other than rebooting)
The application is an especially nasty accumulation of C/C++/Managed C++/C# code.
So it got everything, from malloc to new to gcnew.. garbage collected items, and items that need manual disposal.
Everything split up in half a ton of DLL files.

I already found this thread here and was wondering if any of you could recommend any other tools (preferably free software, but if it's payware, whatever, as long as it does the job) to do leak testing, memory profiling.

linux-based valgrind is pretty awesome for this, but well, linux.
i'd need something similar for win2k and xp.

i know leaks are a very common problem to any non-trivial program, so i assume most of you have already had to deal with this problem.
please share your knowledge :D

try hydrogen from
there's also a windows and mac osx version in the download section
and here's the best part: it's totally free

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