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Just a quick reminder to all those not checking the forum on a regular basis.
Mark down the meeting date in your calendars! :D

See you in Berlin!  :drinksmiley:

Living Room / Re: Anti-Necrospamming
« on: March 29, 2009, 01:33 PM »
1) i agree with justice, after a certain amount of time a thread is dead it could require a captcha to revive it
2) reviving threads could be limited to people who already contributed to DC, eg have more than 10 or 20 regular posts.
in the case where a spammer just signed up he wont be able to revive, and if they're spamming on new threads their accounts get deleted anyway.

Living Room / 2009/May/31 - DC/IOSx02 - DC Meetup Berlin, Germany
« on: March 29, 2009, 09:25 AM »

hello fellow DCers,
today I have the distinct honor to announce:

DC/IOSx02 - Donationcoder Meetup / In Outer Space - the 2nd installment

location: c-base - space station below berlin
rungestrasse 20, 10179 berlin, germany
datetime: 2009/May/31 / 5pm / open end

when we met last time right after the annual chaos communication congress 25C3 early january this year it was a small yet awesome meetup.
so awesome in fact, we agreed to do it again!

as last time already the event will be held on board c-base, the space station buried below berlin.
c-base, conveniently located in berlin's city center, can be reached by subway via stops S+U jannowitzbruecke or U heinrich-heine-strasse.

we still don't believe in agendas, so this is an open discussion / hangout / boozing / lounge / nerd event.
if you're in the area (there happens to be a certain 'it security congress' at the same time) please drop by and join us for some bottles of club-mate and/or brewskies.

for questions of any kind please contact me or housetier.
if you're planning to attend, please let us know so we get a rough idea of what to expect.

okay, this might tie into the issues with UTF we had before and it's (afaik) not an issue with mircryption per se.
we already have a workaround for utf8 in the code for the xchat plugin.
it looks like someone is sending you UTF8 data while you don't expect it (using ISO charset).
to be honest, i don't see any simple way to fix this right now.
my tip: try using UTF8 and educate others to do the same

(...) (tested with xchat 2.8.6 on an ubuntu 8.10 32bit system).
The xchat version is a pre compiled package from the ubuntu (linux) backports (Version: 2.8.6-2ubuntu1).

gee, stupid me.
I should open my eyes a bit more ;-)

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