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ok, this might sound a bit confusing, let me elaborate.
mouser suggested i post it in here (original:

  • windows XP / 2000
  • touch-screen display (for windows this is just a simple mouse)
  • 2 applications (A and OSK)
    A: random application with GUI
    OSK: on-screen-keyboard

the idea:
  • monitor A's GUI
  • launch/unhide OSK as soon as focus is given to an edit control (usually needs keyboard input)
  • if edit control looses focus (or OSK has no more GUI-clicking going on, aka timeout) close/hide OSK

  • make this work global for all running apps
  • make it only work for a list of applications
  • make types of controls that trigger the OSK configurable
  • support for arbitrary OSK apps (windows' own, 3rd party)

is there any OSK app out there that already does it?
i couldn't find any.

thats a nice idea.. wouldn't this be a good coding snack -- a program that detects when you are in an editbox or other edit control and launches a configured application when you are?

post it in the coding snacks request section, this seems like something right up skrommel (or some other ahk coder) alley.

good idea!
doing that right now

coding snack idea:

Glowcode my meet your needs. It has worked well for me over the years.

i tried that one, and it worked reasonably well :)

Glowcode was one of the ones i was trying to remember the name of  :up:

yup, found that one too, but that's quite an investment ;-)

the main thing here is, that if i focus a control that needs keyboard input (textbox, etc) the on-screen-keyboard should pop up automatically.
i've found a couple of virtual keyboards already, but none have this feature

Hey fellow DCers,

I was wondering if there is any on-screen-keyboard solution that automatically pops up the moment an edit control gets focus.
Any recommendations?

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