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Hi Marek

If you need the output parsed to CSV then this is perfect. I love this utility

What you need is a little AHK and XML2CSV.
XML2CSV can be found here
Its a command line xml parser.

We could create a 'dropzone' or scan a folder in AHK. The output can then be saved in same/sub folder in CSV format with only the specified tags.

Let me know if you want this done in AHK or you want to do this in Python.
Should be less then 50 lines in ahk
(send a altered example to email if you want)


Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Very simple timeclock utility
« on: January 25, 2008, 05:09 AM »
New update to Titlelog v1.0.47.03

+ summary view is now a two pane display
left is application, right is all titles logged for that application

+ summary view sorts to most used

+ error check in detail view when updating search

Screenshot shows
Notepad++ used for 1hr 3 minutes today
Each 'window title' in right pane and time on each

Screenshot - 25_01_2008 , 9_51_08 PM.png

There have been some requests for how to track time spent on a project.
Label each project with a unique identifying tag. You should then be able to do a filter on that tag over a range of dates, and Titlelog will return the amount of time on the project.
ie  design a web page for Bill, every file that you save on bills project should have a unique number and look like 'Bill web page P6592.html'  'Bill P6592.xsl' 'Bill P6592.doc'
as long as the Application lists the filename in the title, you now have a record of how much time is spent on that project, and you can perform multiple searches for P6592 and you will be presented with a breakdowns of your time.

Next update will mainly be trying to improve speed and optimize.

All feedback of all type is well received.

Post New Requests Here / Looking for a group 'notice board'
« on: January 22, 2008, 03:53 AM »
I have searched google for a few days and have come up empty.

I am on the look out for a group notice board that does the following
- Is used on a network (although web based would be very good)
- Allows me to post a notice that is allocated to 'xyz' in the group. select by tickbox
- when 'xyz' has ticked that they have read this notice, the message is auto deleted.

bonus points for
- history that it has been read
- replies, or added content
- needs to be very simple

typical eg
- Bill rang and said 'thanks for all your hard work'
- There is a lunch at 'The Railyard' be there at
- Reports due on friday, dont be late.

I currently use 'Stickies' to send messages between PC's but it does not match above, (but is sensational software)

closest match so far has been 'Pink Notes Plus' that turned up in a google search.
It is a 'sticky notes' application that allows acknowledge of note sent.

I really dont want to use all the might and power of M$ and outlook to have invitations and acceptances. just a simple 'have you read this' style notice board.


Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Very simple timeclock utility
« on: January 08, 2008, 07:36 AM »
Hi all.

A few more additions.

+ should now be able to load 'from' and 'to' dates in Summary and Detail views.
+ changed tray menu, now has 'explore log folder'
+ all log's now saved as CSV files (was txt)
+ filter saves as csv extension by default
+ made height/width larger. (will work on auto-resizing listview control)

- open in notepad, see above due to date spans.

needs more testing, as early days.

At some point I'm going to have a go at playing with it in Excel.  I'll post about it.

before playing in excel, you should try the filters in the detail view. I would be surprised if they did not achieve most objectives.
When you have the right filter, use the 'save current list' button to save the filtered items.
What I am pleased about is that it should/will filter over a date range.

This alone will give the user a handy productivity tool.

this is super - you can see how long you've spent at each programme
even better now, you can see how long for a date range.
And in detail view, filter down to one particular item.

Large Screen shot of Detail view, filtered to Firefox with Donation in title, Status bar show how much time spent over three days.



Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Very simple timeclock utility
« on: January 07, 2008, 05:56 AM »
Hi all.

There are a number of things I want to change/update here. I think I will add it as my GTD of 2007

thanks for the good words, but sometimes I need a massive push.
I tend to start a lot of things, get them to about 90%, then do something else.
Overall, I am very easily distracted.   (beer, women, sport, butterflies, etc )

So what is in v01.02.23

I was never happy with the way the text was written to the file so that has been tidied up.

Fixed writing log to file
Fixed idletimeout over the top of canned messages, (thanks Armando)
Added a Summary Log
Added "" to text file
Added filters in detail view.
Added Save in filter view, ie save the results as a CSV file. (suleika)

Screen shots show same log, unfiltered, and filtered.
and the status bar with summary

If I dont get distracted to much next step is to allow filtering over selected multiple days.
ooh, look, a butterfly...........


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