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Just a quick update because I wanted to have this out at the beginning of this week, and as far as GOE 2007 , it is in the same basket as GTD2006.

- 'HTML generate'   menu item to generate HTML code. (completed) [now broken, grrr....]
- 'BBC generate'  menu item to generate HTML code. (30%) [see HTML  ]
- 'Normalisation' of weighting, allows ANY numbers of weighting to be added. (0%)  [completed]
- 'file dropdown list' allows quick loading of saved  (50%) [completed]
- 'save checking' before exit check saved status. (0%)  [completed]

- 'add a comments box to each rating for user notes' [completed]
- 'trying different data save formats, ie csv, txt, ini, custom, Grrrrr..   ' [testing]

hehe, in judgment and decision making, this is the 'normative' way of making decisions. What is surprising is that human decisions never correspond to what a model like this (with weights etc) predicts.

i.e., fill the form for any real decision. Take your time picking your weights. Better yet, do it for a past decision. Then, compare what the weighting model says with what you actually picked. Chances are, the two things are not the same :)

By the way, does ahk have a 'spreadsheet-like' component? Maybe that'd be more convenient than the current grid of textboxes...

Good job!

Hi Urlwolf

Evaluweight certainly provokes the mind in your own decision making. Because evaluweight is on paper it takes away the emotion factor in the decision.

ahk does not have a real spreadsheet-like component, it does have a listview, but then in-cell editing becomes difficult.

the next release will have a small 'notes' button next to each cell allowing the user to jot down some comments. so I will need to stay with the grid of edit boxes.
Screenshot - 11_12_2007 , 10_27_52 AM.png

Any chance that you worked in Broadmeadows Victoria in the 90's  ?

Hi Rob,  Newcastle and Sydney all my life. 

real job requires my attention, post new version as soon as I fix broken bits.


Hi all.

This has stirred up a lot more interest then I first anticipated, and I originally thought it was fun and a bit of a novelty toy.
After seeing this mentioned in a few blogs I had better clean 'Evaluweight' up a bit and add a few items. So here is what is planned.

- 'HTML generate'   menu item to generate HTML code. (completed)
- 'BBC generate'  menu item to generate HTML code. (30%)
- 'Normalisation' of weighting, allows ANY numbers of weighting to be added. (0%)
- 'file dropdown list' allows quick loading of saved  (50%)
- 'save checking' before exit check saved status. (0%)

see what I can do after the weekend. ( i have to work )


GOE 2007 Challenge Downloads / Evaluweight - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry
« on: December 04, 2007, 05:36 AM »
Having trouble justifying a decision,
Stop procrastinating and start using Evaluweight !

This started out as a little fun and bit of effort to scam mouser of one of the legendary Cody Mugs.
In the end it is a interesting insight into how we come to a conclusion.


Each decision you make, is a 100 percent commitment. Therefore, that decision can be broken down into categories,
and each category represents a part of that 100 percent commitment.
So "evaluweight" lays this all out in a nice and easy grid format.
Simply give each category/feature a percentage mark of how it would impact your total commitment.
Now add the product that you want to compare, and in each category, mark that product out of 10 on how it meets your expectation.

Evaluweight will produce a score at the bottom of each row.

The screenshots will enlighten a little more.

Some notes
- This is a very basic script designed to con mouser into giving me a Cody mug.
- This is a very basic script that could be improved
- This is a very basic script that provokes the mind
- It is a standalone script, no installer, portable. (AHK source provided)
- Saving is very basic, it saves to the same directory as the file.
- Data is saved in a small csv text file.
- Can be used in making or justifying any decision.

More on the thought process
After using this for a few projects I was surprised to find that Money is not the major influence in a purchasing decision. If the product does not do what I want, I really dont care how much it costs. So rarely was money more then 20% of the factor, mostly around 10 and sometimes less then 5.

Suggestions, Critics, Applause and Rock Throwing all accepted.

The files
A Zip with the four examples above
The AHK Source file


General Software Discussion / Re: Money Management Software
« on: November 13, 2007, 03:29 AM »
Quickbooks for Free

I use MYOB myself, so I have no idea if this is bad/good/great.

The link was posted somewhere the other day, i just bookmarked it.


Living Room / Re: When you make your 100'th Post
« on: November 08, 2007, 01:38 AM »
100 , still feel insignificant compared to others, but my first pin.   :D


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