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Living Room / How many countries represented here on DC ?
« on: September 09, 2008, 04:27 AM »

DC is a truly a international site.
Each reply should list their resident Nation in nice bold letters on the first Line, nothing else.
If your country is already replied for, please do not post again, this way we should see just how many Countries are represented here at DC.

Remember, we need to try and avoid duplicate nominations

(of course a moderator could probably run a query, but where is the fun in that)

General Software Discussion / Re: What's the best image-"framer"?
« on: September 07, 2008, 04:52 PM »
Hi Curt

There are some differences between Free,Home and Pro in Helicon Filter. But having used Pro for a while now I could not remember what they where.
The frames do change with the option of adding shapes etc, and this is a lot more then I thought.  :(

Good news is the 'apply to folder' is in the free.

As I said in the review, sometimes you have to dig and poke around this application to find some extras.
There is a menu option that allows you to switch between 'simple' and 'expert' mode.  (free and paid)
So whilst in trial you can play with either modes.
HF simple.png   HF Expert.png

The ball overlapping in the frame is a little distracting, so here is another, all done in simple mode
Framed with 'unfocussed strong'
Familieturens volleyball_hf_simplemode.jpg


Hi Tomos

found a table so here is Free Vs Home Vs Pro

Ultraexplorer freevpro.png

General Software Discussion / Re: What's the best image-"framer"?
« on: September 07, 2008, 01:54 AM »
Check out helicon filter

Create a frame, (and lots of other adjustments)
apply to folder, (create new images in subfolder, never alter the original)

Performed on 192 images raw format 10mb per picture = 15mins
Performed on 81 images jpg format 1600x1200 = 3mins

read my review at

Warning.   Large photo 750k, added color, reduce noise, added sharpen, ADDED FRAME
Familieturens volleyball_hf.jpg

Mini-Reviews by Members / Mini Review - Helicon Filter - photo editor
« on: September 07, 2008, 01:23 AM »
App NameHelicon Filter
App URLHeliconsoft
App Version Reviewed4.88
Test System Specsxphome, 2.33Ghz Duo, 2gb Ram
Supported OSesCompatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Vista x64.
Support Methodsforum, email
Upgrade PolicyNumber of options, 1year, lifetime see web site
Trial Version Available?30 day trial, reverts to free version
Pricing SchemeFree version, Pro $75(plugin&multiprocessor),  Home $60, v4xx options, 1year option
Reviewer Donation Link Donate to Brett, the Review Writer
Relationship btwn. Reviewer and Product REVIEWER: No relationship with Helicon other then a registered Pro user

Helicon Filter is a complete image editing solution for the digital photographer.
Pro Version used in review, but there is only minor difference for most users.
HF 1.png

Who is this app designed for:
Originally I thought this was a fantastic easy to use program for the average photo taker that wants to perform some improvements to their photo's.
But after using for a while you will find that there are some unique and Power user options, tools that Photoshop find difficult if not impossible are a breeze in Helicon Filter.

The Good
Fast, Fast, Fast.  If you need to improve some photos quickly, turn out some work that is presentable, this is it. Make some adjustments, save the adjustments and apply them to other images or batch process a whole folder.

Simple, even your mother could use this. (my mum could not use Photoshop)

Powerful, there are some features that are unique, but you have to poke around to find them (especially in Pro)
Easy frame tool, reduce noise by colour, side by side comparisons, noise and sharpening maps, blur/sharpen brush, eyedropper white balance, Image stacking HDR, etc.

The needs improvement section
Programmers probably take for granted what a new user does not understand, the tutorial/help section is good, but you need to read it over and over.
Some buttons and sliders are available, and you will need to dig to learn what they perform.
No layers or masks.

Why I think you should use this product
Cant afford Photoshop, PSP, etc. The free version has more then enough, and the Pro version adds a few power tools.

How does it compare to similar apps
It is hard to compare because Helicon Focus Filter uses a different approach.
I originally found Helicon Filter in a post here at DC. Since then I have become a fan of its simplistic design and layout, its ability to perform some very powerful features, and its editing workflow.
So how does it differ from other photo editors, best put by other comments elsewhere on the web.
Helicon Filter is Task based, and other editors are Tool based.
Photoshop might have 100's of tools, but does not lead you in what to use first or how.
Helicon Filter lays out a series of tasks, with tools for each task.
The advantage is that your workflow becomes fast. I have both PS elements 6 and Helicon Filter (also Lightroom2) and if time is a factor, I reach for Helicon Filter.

Quick example (reduced size 800w 100%jpg)
I was happy with the original photos composition, but the photo feels flat and washed out.
Sanddune original.jpg
A quick run along the tabs adjusting
contrast, highlights, shadows for sand highlights
Dull and Bright colors, add some richness.
reduce a little noise
Sharpening, heaps of edge sharpening
Add a frame for presentation
(workflow time from start to finish, around 4mins)
Sanddune edited.jpg

I still use PS elements and Lightroom, just not very much.
This is not a full replacement for high end photo editing as it does not support layers or masks.
But if you have never used Layers or masks, then Helicon Filter will be more then you will ever need.
(The pro version has a PS plugin )
and if you need speed, its stunning.

Overall, free version is great, that great I paid for the Pro.

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