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Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Create your own Tool Tips
« on: June 05, 2006, 07:45 AM »
Often I am required to remind a client how to do a certian task in some software, they only use the software once every few months so forget the operation.
The steps are usually fairly simple, but it would be great if I could install my own custom made Tooltip prompts.

I played with Autohotkey a little, and got this to work, but as a over age learner, I am sure it could be better.(script available if required)

The basic format I had was to have a small 3 button GUI bottom right of screen, 'Prev,Hide,Next'

The txt file was similar to
x, y, text
200,150,Enter your name here....
454,190,Now press the button that says 'OK'
454,190,Drop down the arrow and select 'Blue'
600,290,Press the 'Connect' Button

pressing 'next' button reads the line in text file and displays the appropriate tooltip on the screen at the x-y location.

Being tooltips, the user should be able to still input all of there commands, whilst your own custom made prompts help them each step.
I had to edit the text file seperate from the script, but this was not a problem, just neater if the it were self contained.

The uses for your own tooltips would be endless, and it can work with any application.
I have a few extra wishes to add, but maybe later.


PS. I am sure some of you here have a relative that is always bugging you on 'how do I do this again'. Just think, with 'ToolTipPrompt.exe' you could solve this.  :D

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Notes Snippet organizer
« on: March 22, 2006, 06:00 PM »
Its always amusing to reread your own posts the day after, and think, I could/should of been a little clearer.
Because I am familiar with ToDoList, I just assume everyone is.  :-[

ToDoList greatest strength is in its preferences.
To configure as a research-snippet-note taker.

Open Tools > Preferences > User Interface >
'Only show editing controls for visible coumns' checked

Open Tools > Preferences > User Interface > Tasklist.
In column visibility, only turn on 'Priority' 'Creation Date' 'Category' 'File Reference' (turn off every thing else)
'Titles' and 'Comments' are always on.

You now have a very clean interface that allows you to
-Search Titles and Comments
-Sort by Title, creation Date, Priority(rating), Category
-Filter by Priority or Category
-Attach a File link to HTML-PDF-DOC etc (for reference)
-Tree order

The preferences and customisation is huge, but allows maximum flexibility.
Showing different fields is just a start.

PS. I have written a AHK scipt that allows me to Cut and Paste to a choosen Todolist via the command line.
When browsing. shortcut 'Win-C' creates a new 'title' with all all Highlighted Text-URL-Time date- added to ToDoList Comments. very quick.


Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Notes Snippet organizer
« on: March 22, 2006, 03:04 AM »
Mini review


Found only at Codeproject and Abstractspoon.

Main Features
- free
- Html Links, clickable (Josh)
- Text (Josh)
- Categories (Josh)
- Searchable, all (Josh)
- hierchal tree style view (Josh)
- Attach a file link (app103)
- Rolled my own command line that makes a Stickie from a ToDoList task (m_s)
- Format is XML, so I/O is flexible but under stength. Ical, Ganntproject others coming. (kfitting)
- Filters (kfitting)
- Allocated to, for grouping tasks other then tree node (Kfitting)
- Link to Task, for grouping tasks other then tree node (Kfitting)
- clean drawing interface (kfitting)
- Drag and drop task (skywalker)
- Sort order of any field, numeric and alpha (skywalka)

My comments
- Active developement
- 22 different fields
- Multiple Lists
- preferences that make it total customisable
- Plugins via tools
- no registry changes, run from thumb drive
- basic multi user
- encryption

My experience
- Tried them all, this one changed my life from chaos to nearly organised, a big statement.!!

Ask me questions, happy to help, although I am not connected in any way.
If I get time soon I will right a full review for the forum.

Note : Graphics can consume huge amounts of space, at your own risk there, but ToDoList can do it.

Hope this helps someone.

You should probably try 'ToDoList'
Turn on the Position ID in preferences, use the Cntl-up Cntl-Down to move your tasks up and down in order.

-Created Date
-Start Dtae
-Due Date
-Comments rtf text area
Actually you can turn On/Off 22 different fields

All can be sorted

Free to use


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