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General Software Discussion / Re: Lazy guy query: taggable file mgr
« on: September 05, 2008, 04:44 PM »
For those that are as lazy as Jimdoria and Myself
Ultraexplorer is a filemanager mentioned at DC a few times and has a 'DropStack' window.

from help file
Adds a temporary drag drop staging area for file manipulation. Simply drag folders or files to the stack from UltraExplorer or Windows Explorer then drag the block of files to another window or Windows Explorer. To clear the stack simply press the Clear button.

and one of the Options
Auto Remove on Right Drag Only: Only removes the files from the DropStack Window if the user uses the right mouse button to do the drag. If the left button is used the files remain in the DropStack.

Screenshot showing DropStack

Mouse based, but I am lazy and did not look hard for KB shortcuts.


Don't dismiss a favorite among some DC users.  (non associated, but a fan)


In the perfect world, it would have the following features:
  • Drag and drop a document into the window and a new row is created
  • Ability to quickly and simply move the rows up and down or assign projects (or have a simple text interface like Todopaper)
  • Ability to rename the files inside the organiser without renaming the target file
  • Be free or relatively cheap
  • Be small and portable

Drag and Drop -
- multiple files to the comments area creates a shortcut.  (Activate link by holding down 'Ctrl' whilst Left Mouse click.
- a single file to the file Link Field (adds a icon in the task list)

Move Up and Down
- by holding down 'Ctrl' and uses arrow keys Up, Down and also Left Right

Ability to rename the files inside the organiser without renaming the target file
- ?
Free -
- freeware, but donations can be made, so in the DC tradition......

Small and Portable
- Happily runs on portable drives, but relative file links between machines might be troublesome

Screenshot one shows Mockup with multiple shortcuts in comments window
Screenshot two shows shortcut in FileLink



Living Room / Re: DC Forum Members -- Tell Us About Your Website
« on: July 16, 2008, 04:48 AM »
Hi Curt, thanks for the feedback, and uncanny in your thoughts.
GiveAwayOfTheDay had a screensaver maker  'Wondershare slideshow builder' (I grabbed it)
so i am going to make available in a screensaver a few categories.
will probably make all shots avail in different size/configs as well for anyone for wallpaper.

My web site is at

it is built with CMSmadesimple, a CMS that is great for anyone wanting a easy to use web site.
I have setup a couple for others, ie Soccer club, Racing car driver, Golf club,

Photography is a hobby and i am getting more passionate about it as i age. (canon 350d/400d)
must go google 'Image Compressor 2008' now, many thanks Curt

btw.  I edit my photo's with 'Helicon Filter' , software mentioned here at DC, and I am in the middle of a mini review for.
Its quick, simple, and outputs a presentable image in seconds.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Very simple timeclock utility
« on: June 28, 2008, 06:34 PM »
My work will ease off a lot over the next couple of weeks, so I should get time to do some more work on this,
Vixay, really appreciate your input, will incorporate your suggestions.
Will, can add your options no problems (i think)

I am building a new PC, so slowly adding and growing to my new shiny animal.


Hi Knightindustries

AHK is known to sometimes trip Antivirus software, there are numerous reports of false alarms.

If there is ever a concern for anybody, they can download the source and check in a text editor.
Install AHK on the required machine to run the souce direct, or compile using the AHK compiler. All very beginner level.

On a 'evaluweight' front. I have been having nightmares on the best format to save the data files in, but will now concentrate on CSV.


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