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Best Of 2006
Best of the Web 2006
Our Favorite Gadgets

Cool website:

mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 07_05_PM , Aug 16 2006_thumb.png
A site full of usb things, gadgedts and useful stuff, including $15 usb mp3 player, a nice usb2-to-sata hard drive thingy, and more..


Top 10 Strangest Watches

Watches can be used for just about everything these days, from watching TV to learning Japanese, we’ve selected ten of the strangest (or coolest) for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?


10 coolest alarm clocks


10 most annoying clocks


The interactive alarm clock with a unique personality goes by the name, Nooby. To see what time the alarm is set you simply ask him and he reads the current alarm setting and assures you it’ll go off. When your favorite time of the morning comes around, he’ll beep and say, “Rise and shine, it’s time to get up!”. When you go back to sleep and don’t turn the alarm off right away, he’ll beep again, but this time he gets nasty, “Take your fingers out of your ears!”. To put an end to this harassing wake up call, you simply ring the clock’s blue neck. If he senses that you are angry, he’ll get grumpy and ignore you.Price:$29.95

Build your own shirt folding machine

Build your own shirt folding machine:


OhMiBod - Another computer sex gadget for women

imply plug OhMiBod into your iPod® or any music player and it automatically vibrates to the rhythm and intensity of the music. Let your body feel the vibrations as you get down with your favorite tunes. The combination of listening and feeling your music quickly transports you to a place where music, mind and body come together to create an unbeatable sexual experience.

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Frigits Deluxe: Fun and addictive marble madness for your fridge!

Screenshot - 11_14_2006 , 10_22_38 AM_thumb.png
Trying to think of a nice Christmas gift for a kid besides software, here's an idea for you!

If you're old enough to remember the classic game of Mousetrap you'll undoubtedly recall its crazily addictive, cartoon-esque maze of chutes, funnels, tunnels and ramps with great affection. Watching a marble meander through a series of improbable obstacles was strangely mesmerizing. And it's just one of the reasons why we think Frigits Deluxe is going to be equally popular. This ingenious, fridge-based plaything has won every toy award going, and is as addictive as it is simple.

Frigits Deluxe Essentially, Frigits Deluxe consists of several marbles and a series of colorful magnetic funnels, tunnels, catapults, spinners and sheer drops that stick to the side of your fridge...


Cool Parent Gadget - Hipseat Baby Carrier

Screenshot - 10_9_2006 , 4_57_44 PM_thumb.png
The Hipseat baby carrier has been developed to allow adults to carry their children naturally on their hip without the usual strains on the back. Specifically designed to address one of the root causes of adult back pain, the seat provides a firm shelf for the child to sit on and supports their increasingly heavy weight from underneath.

Simple but clever.
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What's Your Favorite Gadget? Here's mine: A Seltzer Maker

I'll bet we have some real gadget lovers here..
On my last trip home to New York City you can imagine my surprise when I saw this in my father's kitchen!

I love making juice drinks and chocolate drinks with seltzer; much less sweet and chemically than soda!

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A pentop computer to help with homework...

Screenshot - 9_28_2006 , 5_51_30 PM_thumb.png
I wish I had owned one of these when I was doing homework - particularly French!

Help them get unstuck with the Fly Pentop Computer, an intereactive homework tutor that actually reads what your kids write and gives them step by step guidance so they can "get it" on their own.

Cool Gadgets: Projection Clocks and Weather Equipment

Screenshot - 9_9_2006 , 4_16_06 PM_thumb.png
Self-setting projection clocks and weather equipment from Oregon Scientific

Projection Clocks: http://www2.oregonsc...wse.asp?cid=1&scid=2
Home Weather Equipment: http://www2.oregonsc...op/default.asp?cid=2

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Sensual Massager for Women that comes with Programmable Software(!)

mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 12_09_PM , Jul 14 2006_thumb.png
Je Joue Sensual Massager

Je Joue is a brand new concept in pleasure that promises to have you all aquiver.

The first intimate massager to be inspired by the techniques of foreplay - Je Joue is more creative than the most talented lover!

It quivers, glides and swirls over your most delicately sensitive areas in patterns of infinite variation for a truly thrilling experience.

We've called these patterns Grooves, and your handset comes with 10 of our finest.

The beauty of Je Joue is that it lets you create your own Grooves or customise the ones we've created for you.

Once you discover the moves that really do it for you, you can save them to create a treasure chest of your own personal favourites. Then combine them to create uniquely personal Grooves that really hit the spot.

For the adventurous software connoisseur woman in your life (which could be yourself), this might be the perfect gift..

For the adventurous software connoisseur woman in your life (which could be yourself), this might be the perfect gift..

Read more about how to write and share "programs"

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Amazing driving flying watersurfing remote controlled toy

the video of this thing is amazing, and it's in stores now?  this has to be the gift to get your kids.

mycaps Screenshot - 002 , 04_29_PM , Jul 12 2006_thumb.png

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